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When we grow up we all understand that school plays a very important role in our lives, but unfortunately sometimes it happens so that school appears to be not appreciated, as well as many students and their parents do not fully understand how much it is important for child’s future. School yesterday and today and tomorrow assigned a very important and responsible role in the formation and education of the younger generation and each individual separately. Schools are concerned about shaping each separate child’s individuality, because when we come to school we are still babies, but in the end, when we graduate from school we appear to be a fully formed personality. As we can see the majority of questions concerning school and school education are rather controversial, and it is very hard to find an absolutely right answer to the most important among them. Bich Minh Nguyen and Lynda Barry are two successful adults who have achieved big success in their lives. Both of them have written beautiful articles concerning the problems about school education. Even though that in some ways their school experience was different, in some ways it was quite similar, and my mission is two compare these two articles in order to figure out what place did school take in regard to forming of these two such successful individuals. It is very important to figure out how both negative and positive school experiences affect the future of undergraduates, and whether it is possible to use the negative experience in school for achieving success in life.
Bich Minh Nguyen’s article is named «The Good Immigrant Student,» and Lynda Barry’s article is named «The Sanctuary of School.» Before each essay we can see a chapeau that tells us about each author’s background, and is called to make our attitude towards this articles as much serious as it is possible. What actually works, as the chapeaus clearly show that both Bich Minh Nguyen and Lynda Barry have plenty of honors and awards, and their each of the personalities for sure deserve to be a role model for everyone who wants to succeed in life. Lynda Barry’s article «The Sanctuary of School,» and Bich Minh Nguyen’s article «The Good Immigrant Student» are aimed to show what a significant role their public schools took in forming their successful future. Even though, their experiences were very different, including their experience while being an undergraduate in a school. Both of the autobiographical essays have very similar beginnings. They start with showing all the smallest details of that youth period where the authors are transformed in order to talk about the issues they want to present. Both of the beginnings of the articles did well to describe all the atmosphere and challenges of the authors’ childhood in detail. They both talk much about the families where Bich Minh Nguyen and Lynda Barry were growing up. This is what Bich Minh Nguyen says in her article in regard to describe her family: «There was my Latina stepmother and her daughter, Christina; my father, sister, grandmother, and I, refugees from Saigon; and my half-brother born a year after we moved to the house on Ravanna Street.» Lynda Barry was more engaged in describing her feellings and emotions, underlining the beautiful aspects of her memories: «The sun wasn't quite up yet but my anxiety was so fierce that I just got depressed, walked quietly across the kitchen and let myself out the back door.»
The story of Lynda Barry starts with describing the situation that appeared to take place in her family when she and her brother were small children: «It was winter and my parents were fighting all night. They were short on money and long on relatives who kept «temporarily» moving into our house because they had nowhere else to go.» In the very beginning of Bich Minh Nguyen’s autobiographical essay it is also described what was her family like, she describes relationship with her stepmother: «She would make us lunch or give us baths». Both of the authors tell us about the problems that they have experienced in that age. Lynda Barry was a child of broken parents, and all her family was broken. She tells about the fact that neither her family nor her relatives ever took care of her and her brother: «The high levels of frustration, depression and anger in my house made my brother and me invisible.». Her article describes how her school became a safe heaven for her, and how it helped her to normalize her hard life with her broken family. She tells us about the teacher from Room 2 who was a teacher of paint class, and as a result we can see the teacher’s role in forming the successful future of the author. In the case of Bich Minh Nguyen the family was all-good, even though her family was multicultural and also experienced some minor difficulties. She tells us about her different experiences as a student of bilingual education class, as a student of a regular school, and as a student of school for honored children. Bich Minh Nguyen describes the facts of racial discrimination in the school she studied, and in general, in the society of those days she used to live in.
The articles show what an important role do schools play in influencing undergraduates. On her example, Bich Minh Nguyen who was Vietnamese, and appeared to be a victim of racial discrimination shows us how her negative school experience influenced her and motivated to become a successful person. With all her efforts she was doing her best to be seen by the teacher: «I was an insufferably good student, with perfect Palmer cursive and the highest possible scores in every subject.» She was doing her best, to receive teacher’s recognition, however she was failing no matter how hard she tried. However her efforts benefited her as she was transferred to the school for talented and gifted kids, and this was the beginning of her beautiful and successful career. Lynda Barry’s «The Sanctuary of School» deals with the problem of family values, and the lack of family’s attention to a child. «We were children with sound turned off» says Lynda, and school was the place that made her to turn the sound on. She shows us how school, and good teachers may help the children who are facing issues with their families. Her example shows that the school and responsible teachers, who are really professionals in what they are doing, may substitute the role of family in raising a child.
While comparing these two articles I have clearly understood that every school plays a significant role in shaping the individuality of every child. The impact of every teacher will influence child’s future. However, I have also understood that things do depend on your own motivation. Autobiographical articles of Lynda Barry and Bich Minh Nguyen show how much this conclusion is true.

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