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It is sometimes assumed that Egypt economy does not depend on the tourist industry. However, this is a big mistake, because Egypt is very reliant on tourists. The Egyptian economy is highly dependent on tourism because Egypt is a tourist country, and millions of people come to Egypt to visit from other countries throughout the year (, 2015). One of the nation’s main attractions is the Red Sea resort city of Sharm El Sheikh (, 2015).
Firstly, tourism is an essential part of the Egyptian economy (, 2015). Egypt could not function without tourist money, and this is very clear when looking at why people choose to come and stay in Egypt (, 2015). The city lost the equivalent of millions of dollars in tourism revenue, specifically since the revolution, which has caused the tourism revenue to decline significantly. People lost faith in the stability of the country, but many people still have chosen to go to Egypt to experience the culture and history there (, 2015). Also the tourism has been declined since the revolution against the president Hosni Mubarak in (the Cairo post 2011). In instance, in 2010 more than 14.730 million holidaymakers visited Egypt, comparing to 9.5 million tourists last year (eturbonews 2014).
Secondly, despite Egypt’s calming down since the start of revolution, tourism has not even neared the level it was at before 2011 (The Cairo post 2011). However, whether or not Egypt specifically the “Sharm El Sheikh” is known the most crowded country, yet in 2011 the revolution has kept many tourists away. Nevertheless, continued distributions in the Egypt will not allow tourism to resume.
In conclusion, Egypt red sea resort city of Sharm elsheikh is known one of the best tourist places in the entire world. However, this is an invalid thought that was in the past, before the revolution against the president Hosni Mubarak. In my opinion, tourism, and the jobs revenue it brings to Egypt will not advance unless the situation in Egypt calms down.
The situation in Egypt may be tense, but the resorts that have been build have been designed to ensure that people from all over the world continue to come to Egypt to see the sights and experience the history of the country (, 2015). The city of Sharm El Sheikh is particularly special, because it is located in the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. This means that the weather in the area is perfect for tourists, and people enjoy coming to this location to experience the weather and the sights nearly all year long (Marriot Resorts, 2015). There is so much to see in this region that many hotels and resorts have set up their companies here (, 2015).
The Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea resort city has many different resorts to choose from, and each resort has its own special offer. No two resorts in this region are the same, and this is an important marketing tactic for the resorts. These resorts understand that they must offer something unique to the tourist to get the tourist to use their resort instead of the many others that they have the option to use (Marriot Resorts, 2015).
Because this resort city is situated on the Red Sea Riviera, it is a destination for people who are interested in a beach holiday. As a result, most of the resorts have maximized their investment in beach holidaymakers, rather than other kinds like businesspeople and so forth (, 2015). There are natural and historical wonders to see in this region, and the Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea Resort City does its best to maximize the tourist interest in the region and the country as a whole (, 2015).
One of the things that lures tourists to this particular area is the fact that it is a resort city at the end of the day. Cairo has been seen as something of a more dangerous urban center since the problems with the revolution broke out, but Sharm El Sheikh is a much more relaxed, much less urban center (, 2015). This is very important, especially for western tourists who are interested in seeing and experiencing the area, but are a little frightened that they may have negative experiences in Cairo or other major urban centers in the Middle East (, 2015).
There are also a number of important natural sights that can be seen in this region. The Red Sea is teeming with life, and the snorkeling and swimming in the water is excellent for people of all ages and swim levels; for this reason, many people choose to bring their children to this type of beach. There is minimal surf, if any, and the region is incredibly safe. This region has helped maintain Egypt’s tourist economy in the years since the problems that Egypt experienced with the revolution, and is likely to continue to support the Egyptian economy in the near future.
There are many things that can be seen in the Red Sea Riviera. It is a beautiful place to visit, and it is considered one of the natural wonders of the region, because of the many different things that can be seen (, 2015). There is beautiful snorkeling and diving in regions like the Ras Muhammad Natural Park, a protected reef area that is designed to be a special place for people to go and see the beauty of the Red Sea (, 2015). There are also places like the Crusaders’ Citadel on Pharaoh’s Island, which was a place that was built during the Crusades (, 2015). There are so many things to see in this region it is difficult to narrow down a list of the best things to see, but the important thing to understand is that the region offers something distinctly different from the urban areas of Cairo (, 2015).
When many people think of Egypt, they think of sand and desert, not of beautiful beaches and peaceful scenery, but Sharm El Sheikh proves that there are many different things to see and do in Egypt. The Egyptian government has done its best to ensure that there are protections in place for these regions, because the tourist economy is so precious to the overall success of the Egyptian economy as a whole (, 2015). Visiting these places in the Red Sea is also excellent for people of many different cultures, because the region is so central and so easy to access from places like Europe and Asia alike (, 2015). This is why the Egyptian government has worked so hard to maintain the region and its beauty(, 2015).


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