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An Analysis of Gross Human Rights Violations

The era of terrorism, both home and abroad, has not only spurned a pervasive fear throughout the world, but it has also resulted in horrific racial profiling and terrible abuse of those suspected of terrorist activities and detained. One of the most infamous prisons known for these human rights violations is Abu Ghraib Prison in central Iraq. Much of what was going on at this prison was unknown to the global population, that is, until the publication of “ARTICLE 15-6 INVESTIGATION OF THE 800th MILITARY POLICE BRIGADE.” The release of this document created an outcry in defense of human rights and for good reason. The atrocities discovered within the document are sickening at times, and nearly unbelievable at others. The bottom line is clear, however: the behavior of the officers and the treatment of the detainees were in terrible violation of basic human rights, and with this knowledge, the treatment of prisoners in times of war must be considered and revised.
The 2004 Taguba Report, or “ARTICLE 15-6 INVESTIGATION OF THE 800th MILITARY POLICE BRIGADE,” presents the findings after a necessary investigation into the treatment of detainees in the Abu Ghraib Prison. The investigation was triggered by “recent reports of suspected detainee abuse in Iraq,” according to the Taguba Report (6). These concerns arose in January 2003, and the investigation began the following January, 2004. The investigation could not have come sooner because the findings are horrifying.
Besides the awful physical and psychological abuse of the detainees, there was also gross negligence on the parts of the officers, the commanding officer, and the institution that allowed for all of it to happen. However, the most emotionally gut-wrenching evidence of human rights violations was simply the treatment of the detainees. Oftentimes there is the excuse that uses of torture are acceptable when acquiring information that could stop terrorist acts and save lives. This is often the justification. This point can be contended, although it is more pressing to acknowledge the fact that the report specifically states that at Abu Ghraib Prison, “Currently, there are a large number of Iraqi criminals held at Abu Ghraib (BCCF). These are not believed to be international terrorists or members of Al Qaida, Anser Al Islam, Taliban, and other international terrorist organizations” (8). So the argument for national security is moot. This is all the more reason to condemn the abuses that the detainees suffered at the hands of negligent and often sadistic officers.
Without getting too graphic, the abuses suffered by the detainees are self-explanatory. However, just to emphasize the human rights violations, the first five basic human rights are as follows: 1.) Humans are born free and equal. 2.) Rights and freedoms are granted to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, etc. 3.) Right to life, liberty, and security. 4.) No one shall be enslaved. 5.) No one should be tortured or experience inhuman or degrading treatment (“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”). The Taguba report goes into more detail than this, but in the report every single one of these rights is violated. Torture is often mentioned in the report, specifically having to do with nakedness and physical violence, both inhuman and degrading. The detention is a form of enslavement, and with that there is no right to life, liberty, and especially security. These abuses were specifically aimed at a particular ethnic group with violates the second human right. The detention of humans negates their freedom and equality. The descriptive details need not be mentioned here, but they are horrific and can be found in the report (16-18), some resulting in the deaths of detainees, others resulted in prolonged psychological abuse and the effects from that.
Furthermore, the negligence of the agencies that carried out the abuses or passively allowed them is pervasive and sickening. Not only were the prisons incredibly overpopulated, but there were not enough guards to properly care for the prisoners (25). In fact, the report states, “Abu Ghraib (BCCF) normally housed between 6000 and 7000 detainees, yet it was operated by only one battalion. In contrast, the HVD Facility maintains only about 100 detainees, and is also run by an entire battalion” (37). The comparison is stunning. In addition to there not being enough guards to care for the prisoners, there is a striking lack of training logged (43). Not only was Abu Ghraib Prison understaffed, but the proper training of those few guards that took post was nonexistent. This is partially responsible for the horrific abuses, but the actions can never be excused.
The conclusion of the Taguba Report states, “Several US Army Soldiers have committed egregious acts and grave breaches of international law at Abu Ghraib/BCCF and Camp Bucca, Iraq” (50). This is a massive understatement. The actions are unforgiveable, and the only way to recover from such a stain on the U.S. military is to reprimand those responsible and to overhaul the system in order for national security and the observance of basic human rights to coexist. After looking at a report like this it almost seems impossible, but it is a necessity.

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