Good Example Of Research Paper On Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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Published: 2021/03/19

I took the test at “My Personality Test” ( and according to the results my personality type is INTJ, which they explain as being driven by my own original ideas to achieve improvements. While I’m not really how accurate that sentence describes me, when I consider each element separately, I think that INTJ is a very accurate description of my personality. First, “I” stands for introversion which the test describes as being independent, thoughtful and inwardly focused. I agree with this explanation. I am a rather reserved and private person who doesn’t particularly like being the center of attention and prefers to think points through in my mind before taking action. “N” stands for intuition, which is described as being theoretical, innovative and forward thinking. Again, I agree with this description. I am more focused on big picture rather than worrying about the small details. I have also been told often that my ideas are a bit abstract. The “T” stands for thinking which is described as being analytical, rational and objective. Of all the elements, I think that this is the most accurate. I value fairness and justice, enjoy pointing out the flaws in other people’s arguments and make my decisions with logical reasoning. That is why it is sometimes hard for me to order quickly at a restaurant. Finally, the “J” stands for judging which is described as organized, determined and dedicated. Next to “T,” this is the next most accurate description. I like to have clear step-by-step instructions, such as the one given for this assignment; and I like to plan out my day and my activities so that I can feel in control of my life. I probably make five lists a day of things to do or buy or finish.
Personally, from what I learned in taking the test, it seems like the INTJ is a very effective personality type with many strengths. In consideration of each element separately and together with my own experiences, I think that three tops strengths for INTJs would be problem-solving, decision-making and open-mindedness. Problem-solving and decision-making are strengths in a work or organization environment they add to the effective of the company or team. Open-mindedness is strength because it will allow the INTJ to continuously learn and develop by taking into consideration points of view different from his own. On the other hand, I think the top three weaknesses for INTJs would be perfectionism, detachment, and interpersonal skills. Perfectionism is a weakness if it leads to inflexibility in thought or action. Detachment is a weakness if it is perceived as being cold and uncaring. Lack of interpersonal skills is a weakness because it limits the chance of working with and communicating with others when especially when teamwork is an important part of the activity.
The Myers-Briggs test is valuable for employers and organizations because it helps human resource and personnel departments understand how employees will interact with their colleagues. Furthermore, it will help determine what work employees are most suitable for or which departments are the most appropriate for an employee to work in. Clinicians can also use the test as a means of crafting the most effective treatment for a patient. For instance, if the patient is identified as an INTJ, like me; treatments and interventions that requiring more outgoing and crowd-based activity would most likely not be effective because INTJs don’t like to be the center of attention.
In summary, this was a very interesting exercise in which I learned much about myself. If the test was accurate and I am indeed an INTJ, two of the most interesting points I learned, or perhaps already knew, was that being alone does not have to mean being lonely. I also learned that my enjoyment of learning about so many different topics is not wasteful as in “jack of all trades; master of none.” Rather, if done with purpose can be extremely beneficial in putting theory to action.


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