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Founded in 1886 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson is a medical equipment and pharmaceutical Company. Headquartered in New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson earned revenue of $74.33 billion in 2013, and its net income as reported in 2013 was $16.323 billion. The company operates in 57 countries and sells products in 175 countries. It has 126,500 employees worldwide. Some of the well-reputed brands of Johnson & Johnson include Tylenol, Band-Aid, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, and Acuvue contact lenses.

Slide 3: Main Components of Corporate Social Responsibility

Economic Responsibility
A company needs to be primarily concerned about making profit. If they are unable to generate profit, then employees will lose jobs and the company will be unable to do any good to the society. Therefore, before trying to become a good corporate citizen, a company should try to remain profitable.

Legal Responsibilities

A company is also responsible for running its operation by following the laws of the land. It should follow security, labor, environmental and criminal laws while operating in a country.

Slide 4: Main Components of Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical Responsibility
Economic and Legal probably are the main two obligations of a company. However, once a company meets these basic responsibilities, it should also implement ethical standards. Ethical responsibility is not binding on an organization, but many companies implement ethical codes because they feel that it is the right thing to. Being environmental friendly, refusing to do business with unethical countries, and paying fair wages are some of the examples.

Philanthropic Responsibilities

Once a company fulfills all its other responsibilities, it can undertake philanthropic responsibilities. These types of activities are mainly focused on serving the society. Donation for charitable causes is one example of philanthropic responsibility.

Slide 5: J&J: Credo

Credo is the written value structure of J&J
Credo puts the needs as well as well-being of the people J&J serve first.
Credo of J&J was created long before the concept of corporate social responsibility came into existence.
Credo is the moral compass and value driver for the company.
Credo talks about serving the community
J&J believes that it has responsibility towards the employees, both men and women working for the company throughout the world, and it also believes that it is responsible to the communities in which it operates.

Slide 6: J&J: Social Responsibility Strategy

J&J has a multi-pronged approach towards its social responsibility
Its employee programs focus mainly on improving the mental and physical health of the employees. This in turn improves the internal health of the company.

Corporate Giving programs primarily focus on three major areas;

Saving and improving the lives of women and children.
Preventing and reducing the risks of chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes and obesity in vulnerable populations.
Strengthening the healthcare workforce by training doctors, nurses and others working to keep communities healthy.
These corporate giving programs help J&J improve the environment in which it operates.
Improving the lives of doctors and nurses. This social responsibility helps improve the life of one of the major stakeholders for J&J business.

Slide 7: J&J’s Employee Responsibility

Motto of J&J for the Employees
“When you feel best, you do your best”
Employee Programs
Mental well-being
Employee assistance program is designed to give employees access to counseling, assessment, training and intervention. These services are available electronically, via toll free number or an onsite EAP.
Resiliency training and energy management programs provide assistance to the employees on how to handle stress. This program is designed to teach employees how to maximize personal energy, connect emotionally, energize physically, and focus mentally.

Slide 8: J&J: Employee Responsibility

Employee Programs
Healthy People
Promotes awareness about physical and mental health.
Workplace safety
J&J runs special toxicology, industrial hygiene and occupational health program for the workers who work directly with potential hazardous chemicals in its pharmaceutical plants.

Slide 9: J&J: Employee Responsibility

Employee Programs
Fleet safety
HIV/AIDS initiative
Healthy Work Environment
CEO Cancer prevention program
Slide 10: J&J Philanthropic Responsibility
Projects in which J&J makes monetary contribution
Regular Contributor in the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia.
Partnered with Freedom from Hunger and Microcredit Summit in India to provide small corpus to women and holds sessions on the role of women in poverty eradication process, food security and access to healthcare for family.

Slide 11: J&J Philanthropic Responsibility

Projects in which J&J makes monetary contribution
Holds a global Fund for Women’s Online Media Project.
One of the 28 partners of Global Motherhood that helps new moms, pregnant women and small kids.
Helping the African farmers through partnership with Kickstart International.
Providing farmers with high quality farming tools at affordable prices.
Slide 12: J&J Philanthropic Responsibility
Projects in which J&J makes monetary contribution
Donates regularly to a neonatal resuscitation program in China that helped save more than 90,000 babies in the last 5 years.
In underdeveloped countries such as Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Tanzania, J&J partners with Water Credit to provide a large percentage of people an access to clean water.

Slide 13: J&J Philanthropic Responsibility

Projects in which J&J makes monetary contribution
Every day around the world 800 pregnant women die due to childbirth complications such as infection and the lack of access to a skilled birth attendant or midwife. J&J spends almost $30 million every year for midwife development program in partnership with the United Nations.

Slide 14: J&J: Main Social Initiative

“Strengthening the Health Care Workforce“ is one of the main social initiatives and J&J spends millions of dollars for this initiative.
It works with the United Nations to identify countries where there is a huge gap between healthcare demand and supply of medical care practitioners such as nurse and doctors.
J&J provides scholarships in those countries for students of nursing and midwifery who cannot afford to go to medical school due to financial constraint.

Slide 15: J&J: Main Social Initiative

J&J has a dedicated team for trauma management. These people visit different countries and train the surgeons on advance trauma care during and after surgery. Especially, J&J was able to reduce the number of death in the trauma related surgery in some of the West African country through this program.

J&J is working with NGOs to increase health literacy in the developing and developed countries.

Slide 16: Potential Consequences of a Chosen Corporate Social Responsibility
J&J is touching many lives directly and indirectly.
CSR employee initiatives help employees cope with work-life balance and stress.
Social responsibility initiatives help create a safer and healthier tomorrow.
Social responsibilities also create a sustainable growth network for the company.
Some companies beef up their CSR initiatives to shadow their wrong doing. J&J has also increased its CSR initiatives suddenly in 2010-11. Many believe that it was because J&J wanted to improve its corporate image after its Risperdal marketing campaign and Tylenol recalls in the first decade of the 21st century.

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