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The world population is increasing drastically in the last decades, and the natural resources are becoming relatively scarcer in time. This situation is placing a huge stress on the food production, and some producers prefer producing more without caring food security for satisfying the needs of the increasing world population. However, this approach is causing another problem that might endanger the social health.
Food security is a social problem because there are social groups believing in caring food security and some other social groups claiming that the food production to satisfy the increasing world population without caring the food security.
The first group believes that the humankind has to follow the law of nature and do not try to develop unnatural ways to cope with some problems. This approach might shorten the life duration of people; however, living a short life is natural according to them.
In economics, the Malthusian theoretical approach is an important example of this approach. According to the Malthusian theory, when the conditions are relatively better, then the population increases, and while the conditions get deteriorated because of a high population, and then the population starts decreasing because of some sickness stemming from the scarcity of the natural resources.
The second group believes that it is relatively better to use artificial ways not caring the food security to satisfy the increasing world population. Artificial methods might cause some health problems; however, not producing enough food for everybody might be relatively a bigger problem for the humankind.
In the developed countries, the society is relatively more sensitive to the food security while, in the developing and the less-developed countries, people are relatively less sensitive to it. Thus, there might be a relation between the level of economic development and the sensitivity for the food security.
The politicians mainly care about collecting votes from people to be on the power. Therefore, depending on the preferences of the people, the politicians develop an approach to the food security. For instance, in the less-developed countries, the people are more interested in the abundance of the food and not the quality of the food. Therefore, the politicians in these countries are relatively more interested in making promises to produce or bring more food to their people.
The media follows a different way while determining its actions. Mainly, the media organizations can generate high income by criticizing. In the last decades, more people were becoming sensitive to the food security; therefore, to attract these people to their news, the media organizations use the food security issues in their news relatively more frequently.
Also, there exists an explicit or implicit caste system in each community. Some fewer lucky people receive the large share from the national income while the rest of the population receives a smaller share. In another word, each society has an elite group and a group with relatively lower income. The elite groups are mainly more interested in consuming relatively healthier food during the low-income group even cannot think of food security because of their limited income.
Consequently, the approaches developed by the different income groups in the society, the media organizations, the politicians, and the other agents in the country determine a general approach to the food security. Considering that the world is relatively more globalized in the modern age, we might claim that the people all around the world are relatively more sensitive to the food security. However, being sensitive to the food security does not mean that everybody can afford the relatively healthier and more natural or organic food.


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