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Part 1: Healthcare Organization
There are many healthcare organizations in the United States. They are dedicated when it comes to promoting the patient care as well as sharing the evidence through scientific research. We chose the American Medical Association as the specific healthcare organization that provides extensive healthcare promotion. Otherwise known as AMA, this healthcare organization is the largest medical association in the Unites States, which compose of physicians – both doctor of medicine and doctor of osteopathic medicine. It also includes medical students in the country (AMA).
However, just like other organizations, the American Medical Association has also its performance evaluation process. This approach will help the management in ensuring that employees are doing their tasks appropriately and effectively. Without the performance evaluation process, growth and development within the organization’s employees may not be feasible. Within this chosen organization, physicians are mostly the ones that are being evaluated. AMA’s evaluation process encompasses various principles, which are regarded as crucial for being a member of such organization. The principles cover addressing the conflict of interest, physician’s advocacy for both patients and profession, and the hospital’s medical staff relation (AMA). This process is part of the assessment as to how the hospital and their physicians interact with patients and other staff.
It is recommended for AMA to improve their evaluation process by making it equal among all staff, including newly hired physicians and senior medical consultants. In that way, there will be a fair evaluation of each person’s performance. It is also recommended that extensive evaluation of physician-patient relation must be included so as to assess the practitioner’s sincerity and integrity in terms of attending to his or her roles as physicians.

The Essence of Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) otherwise called Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have the difference to reform the healthcare system from paper based industry that turn to profitable clinical information to help provider to transfer degree of excellence of care to their patients. The Technology of Health Information for the Clinical Health Economic which was 2009 Act, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act was part of it otherwise called “Stimulus Package.” It was signed to law with clearly precise purpose of providers to adopt the EMR systems like physicians and hospitals (Menachemi & Collum, 2011).

Do We Need EMR?

The other definition of EMR explained as the electronic record longitudinal generated in formation of patient’s health by more than one encounters in any settings of care delivery. Inclusive in their given information are the notes of progress, medication, demographic, problems, vital signs, laboratory data, post medical history, radiology reports, and immunizations of the patients. Some of the fundamental advantage connected with EMR includes the ability to make access easily towards the computerized records and eliminates the poor penmanship, which tormented the historical chart. More potential ability are included in EMR systems, but three precise special purpose holding a great promise in making good quality of care and diminish the costs of the systems level of healthcare. They are the Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Health Information Exchange (HIE) and the tools for Clinical Decision Support (CDS). These and other capacities of EMR systems are required in the criteria of “meaningful use” set forth in 2009 Act. The system of CDS is one that helps the provider to make direct decision in record with patient care. Some of the function regarding the systems of CDS includes giving the most latest facts about a drug, an alarm for drug interactions, and cross-examining the allergy of patients to a medication, these are the special issues about the patient that are flogged in the computer. Much more systems of CDS are used, one can anticipate such medical errors to ward off, and then the patients can receive much efficient and safe care. The kind of system about CPOE provides to place the order to the computer instead of doing it on paper. Like for drugs there is the radiology, physical therapy, and laboratory test, doing this in computer eliminates medical errors dangerously caused by the physician’s poor penmanship. This process also makes more productive without waste because pharmacy and some nursing staff do not need to collect the information missing from incomplete order or to seek clarification about it. Serious mistakes of medication can be lessen as much as 55% when use alone through CPOE according to previous studies. CPOE system particularly use when linked to CDS system, can get a result of effective and improved efficiency of care (Menachemi & Collum, 2011).

Advantages of EMR

The benefits of EMR regarding the clinical, social and organizational outcomes, considered quality of care, a lessening in medical error and increased value in measures of patient-level that represent the suitable care. The social outcome includes the best ability to achieve the improvement regarding the health of the population and conducting a research. Lastly the organizational outcome have considered such as operational and financial performances as much as gratification among clinicians and patients who use EMR (Gescienceprize.org).

Advantage to the Patients

With medical practice there are plenty of advantages of EMR for patient care and that includes the fewer error found within important personal health records. Also included are the improving treatment and diagnosis. The decision making and faster care responses from the medical professional assigned to the patient. The safety of EMR in duration of diagnosis for the patient and the safety of their health records is one of the primary elements that the EMR companies intended for their software system. The information about EMR is participating with a medical practice to diminish the unrequired errors transcribed by hand. The problem of patients misplaced or lost files are also eliminated. These advantages of EMR help increase the safety of health related to the patients and their welfare. This fact about personal security is also essential to meeting the patients concern about their privacy (Micro MD).

Advantages for Medical Providers

Understanding medical records can remove the need for repetitious and not compulsory tests, EMR systems are gathering test results from all kinds of sources, and prevent the need for those fulfilled tests already. The no mistakes medical information are available right away, all data stored in EMR system is less disposed to errors and can recover easily and fast when the patient needs it. Medical Records are made by the EMR systems, it is available anytime and anywhere, medical personnel for physicians and emergency can approach medical records of the patients from anywhere as long as they use smart handheld devices. This approach to patient records made feasible treatment anywhere the medical provider or the patients may be. Data that are gathered can be filtered, sorted and analyzed. EMR systems also allow the doctors to ask for diagnostic test and examine the result on line (gescienceprize.org).
Both the patients and the medical provider usually have reservation about Electronic Medical Records. The Physicians are hesitant to have their prognoses, chart and notes in full view of everyone who are privileged to see their factual information by their patients and other medical practitioners. The incorrect information can register to the system, and the virtual reality that any electronic system can be attempted by hackers, which the patients have no little concern at all. The patients’ only fear is that any data base containing private or secret medical information could be subjected to corruption or abuse. Medical Doctors are involved with their patients that those with access to their records may explore as a mission to find evidence of professional failure or damage. Through some who argue in favor of EMR have a vision that every public hospital are going to participate in EMR by 2015. As the IT system is becoming necessity, the EMR will surely grow popularly, and this application of IT will have great advantages toward both the patients and the medical providers.
For Practitioners and Medical providers, there are many benefits of the implementation of EMR Systems, such as without the requirements of increased space the EMR can build up with practice. A system can be connected with the eRx or the Physician Electronic Prescription Systems. Digital records don’t need great storage space unlike manual patient records do. Also patient’s data can transfer instantly from every department or every provider (gescieneprize.org).


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