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Free-for-service plan is a medical insurance policy that allows the holder to make independence and unlimited decision on the health care. In this system, the doctors and the hospital are paid for the services they perform. The basic principle of free-for-service plan is that there are no limits on the decision that are made. For example, the doctors may order as many tests as they wish. In this program, the holder pays for the service, then issues a claim to the insurance company. For the service that are covered by the policy, the holder receives reimbursement. This insurance plan allows the policy holder to pay only for the specific service they need. The management care plan supervises the financial of the medical care given to the members. They are concerned with cost-effective methods for saving money. The basic principle of the management care plan is to ensure there is appropriate utilization of resources and provision of cost-effective medical services.
The difference between the managed care and the free-for-service plan is limitation of choice and decision. In the free-for –service plan there are no limits on the choices and the decision that are made. In medical care plan, there is a reduction of cost which leads to the limitation of choice. This means that the members are provided with a limited list of tests to which can be performed. Even the doctors usually have limited list of the medicine to choose. Another difference between the free-for service plan and the managed care plan is that the free-for-service plan has higher deductions than the managed plan. The similarity between the free-for-service plan and the managed care plan is that they are both medical insurance cover. Another similarity of their principle is that they both make the primary care physician be the core of the health care services.
For an employer to help in controlling the health care costs, they should consider doing the following. They should educate their employees on how to make wiser healthcare choices, they should promote health and wellness program; they should evaluate provider network option to save premiums. In addition, an employer should evaluate the plans and cost sharing options they are currently offering their employees. This will provide a competitive advantage when recruiting and adding new talent from the employee. Talent retention and recruitment have a positive impact on a business organization. Recruitment increases the talent in an organization hence increasing the output. Retention involves keeping talent on the board by use of different ways such as increasing work challenges and compensation of the workers. Talent retention and recruitment increase skills to the workforce leading to increasing production.
Except the family and medical leave act, the remaining legally benefits were conceived decades of years ago. There are changes in the business environment that has led to the provision of various benefit by different organization which are more cost effective. In the society, there are various medical insurance programs offering better services and providing more benefits to the members. These health insurance program help in a reduction of the health care costs by making the correct healthcare decision for their employee. For example, the existence of health organization such as health maintain ace organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and also the point of service (POS). These organization provides benefits by ensuring that the members have their health care played before when they visit a doctor.


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