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Emirates Airline founded in 1985 is an aviation company, which is Global Emirates’ Group subsidiary. It is based in United Arab Emirates, having headquarters in Dubai, and is famous for providing air transportation services globally (Emirates, 2014). Emirates airline is known by its flexibility, and increased efficiency, which has made United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai a major hub for trade, business, sports, and culture. The mission of the company is to deliver high quality service, and to become an innovative and well-liked airline. The vision of Emirates Airline is to promote an effective fleet, and maintain market leadership through innovation and creative marketing ideas. Further, the Company is based on the Islamic and traditional values. The major goal of the company is quality and not the quantity. The company has, however, achieved a prominent status in the airline industry, and is considered as a top international airline because of its effectual organizational culture in which all the employees are encouraged to work in collaboration with each other.
The organizational culture of Emirates Airline is based on the adaptability and flexibility, so the culture is clan-oriented and adhocracy-oriented. In the clan-oriented culture, the focus is on nurturing, working together, and mentoring, so that all employees work in association with each other in the form of a family. The adhocracy-oriented cultures are, however, entrepreneur as well as dynamic; they emphasize of innovation, taking risks, and doing the things before others (Madhukar, 2009). Further, the Emirates Airline is ensuring fair competition and transparent policy in order to conduct business in an effective manner. The company is making efforts to maintain its competitive position via leadership styles and leaders. The leaders of Emirates Airline have adopted democratic leadership style in order to influence the thin king and behavior of employees in a positive manner. Democratic leadership helps the leaders in assisting and supporting the employees so that they can effectively achieve their goal. The company has successfully gained effective and competent organizational behavior
Emirates Airline is encouraging diversity in the workplace. The company has successfully maintained strong positive culture in terms of the same goal, the employees of the company work in order to achieve the common goal and objective, so that team work can be promoted. Working in the form of teams, helps the employees to focus of on the requirements and needs of whole organization for sustaining the competitive advantage (Williams, 2010). Additionally, the actions of the employees are more coordinated and harmonized with the organizational culture when they work together. Working together helps the employees and managers to become increasingly involved in the combined efforts for enhancing the quality of the company’s products and services at all the levels (Cooper, 1998). It, however, comprises of the chain reactions where the combined goals of the company help in improving the services, minimizing the total cost of the firm, and increasing the satisfaction of the customers. So, the organizational culture exerts positive influence on the organizational behavior that helps the groups to work in an effective manner.
The organizational culture of Emirates Airline indicates positive culture, in a way, that the differences in the nationalities, and cultures of employees help in making the workplace more dynamic and productive, it increases working by enhancing the efficiency of teams. Further, the positive culture and diversity helps in increasing the quality of the quality of the products, making the employees confident, and increasing the sense of self-worth and self-esteem in the employees. In terms of the organizational behavior, the company has successfully achieved competitive position and effectual management. The managers of the company are capable of considering the ethical matters; they are effectually following the rules and regulations. The leaders of Emirates Airline consider that the ethics facilitate them with the basic for thinking and deciding about the moral and immoral, good and bad action. The management of the company has successfully developed ethical viewpoints, standards, and moral values.
Further, being an esteemed organization in the global market, the company has been succeeded in formulating an effective human resource approach in order to select and recruit the best employees that meet the needs and requirements of the company. The company is also seeking to recruit those employees who have capability of adhering to the needs the company, community, society, and environment. Furthermore, the functioning of Emirates Airline is flexible; the employees are qualified, highly skilled, and motivated. Moreover, the leaders of Emirates Airline aim on promoting the organizational behavior, which serve as an operative model for the other companies that are operating in the airline industry. In order to ensure valuable organizational behavior, the management of Emirates Airline ensures that the company adheres to the needs of employees, internal and the external environment. The informal and the formal communication policies of the company help in designing the culture and structure of the organization that is driven by the diverse forces of the employees, which greatly help in emphasizing the organizational culture (Kachru, 2009). The organizational culture, design, and structure of Emirates Airline are, however, driven by its mission, vision, and the values. The values of the company can be considered by analyzing the service excellence, safety, innovation, people, and financial strength.
For achieving excellence in the service, the company focuses on delivering high quality products and services consistently in order to secure the loyalty and enthusiasm of the customers. For ensuring safety, the company is adopting safety practices and following adequate safety standards in order to protect the employees, customers, and the assets of the company. For the company, safety is the top most personal responsibility. Moreover, the company focuses on recruiting skilled and high caliber people so that they can help in improving the business by working in an environment that promotes teamwork, commitment, and devotion to the ongoing success and development of the company. The company is ensuring innovation through its people, who are helping the company to be a market leader, and provide those products and services that help in achieving innovative developments successfully with profitability. The company has successfully adopted vertical integration strategy in order to effectively perform its major operations in the business structure.
Further, the company has ensured ensured proper communication within and outside the company. The company emphasizes on the internal integration among the employees, and external integration with the government, customers, suppliers, and competitors of the company. The company emphasizes on retaining and awarding high performers for ensuring clan culture within the company. Stakeholders are integral part of the company as they are associated with the overall success of the company (Brown, Bessant, and Lamming, 2013). Emirates Airline gives great importance to its stakeholders so that it can facilitate the customers with the superior services. It also helps the company in achieving customer satisfaction, and ultimately financial strength of the company can be increased.
The company, however, ensures that the employees have encouraging, motivating, and enjoyable work environment in order to provide service with care, affection, and unforgettable experience to the customers. Additionally, the company puts extraordinary efforts for making strong relationships with the communities in which it is operating for securing long term rewards for the organization. The company makes efforts for improving the relations with the suppliers so that competitive edge can be maintained in the supplier market. The success of the Emirates Airline can be described in terms of the continuity and strength of the management team. According to the company’s Annual Report (2013), the leadership team of the company consists of 285 years of excellence for properly managing the affairs of the company.
Moreover, change is a reality of life, and the resistance is an unavoidable factor as it is associated with change. Emirates Airline has promoted a culture of change in order to readily adopt the contemporary changes in the business environment. The company is recognized for managing and adopting the change in the organization in highly effective and innovative manner. The company has promoted a culture of learning and reinforcement so that employees learn from their experience, and they can be further trained and educated for getting more experience. The company believes on the culture of motivation and award so that the employees work with dedication in order to achieve the strategic objective of the company.
The company ensures proper decision making in the organization, and the leaders consider the opinion of their employees in the decision making process. The company is, however, managing friendly culture, which is enabling the employees of Emirates Airline to maintain good relations with the customers. The management of the customer relationship helps in the overall success of the company. The company has been successful in implementing as well as in developing an effectual corporate culture that can be considered by being accountable for the productive environment.
Further, the company is effectively improving its services with the help of the effective strategies for creating highly seasoned, skilled, and professional management so that leadership position can be attained in the aviation industry. The improvement in services is essential because continuous progress and development helps the company in facing the challenges of the modern era of emerging needs.


In a nutshell, Emirates Airline has effectively maintained clan-oriented and adhocracy-oriented culture by ensuring rewards, proper assistance, team work, proper communication, decision making, and friendly environment within the organization. The company has continuously focused on creativity and innovation by facilitating the employees to work in a competitive environment. Further, the company is highly mechanistic and vertically integrated. It considers superior treatment with the employees and customer and environmentalism. The company is hierarchical, and has an advantage of getting innovative ideas as well as feedback from the supervisors, managers, and employees so that the customers can be served effectively and in an ethical manner. The company should focus on training the employees in all fields so that they can be motivated in a better way, and good relation can be maintained between the leaders and employees.


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