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Importance of parents:

Parents play an important role in raising the child. Parents are the head of the family and are responsible for fulfilling the needs of their children. Basically family is defined as the relationship of blood, marriage or affection. In this relation, members of the family cooperate with each other in many aspects e.g. economically etc (Seccombe, n.d, p.2). Both struggle hard enough to earn and always try to complete the wishes and daily life needs of the child. Somehow some children are raised by the single parent i.e. mother or father due to some of the reasons.
In addition, raising child alone is a difficult task. In modern times, due to increase in inflation rate, this difficulty in rising the child increases (Pearson, n.d, n.p). Moreover, there are many other serious problems that single parents have to face. Lives of children that grew up under the shadow of single parent are different from those who grew up under the care of mother and father. Single parent care affects the lives of the children indirectly and as a result cause in some serious threats to the parents that are difficult to handle.
Hence in this paper, we will discuss about the effects of single parent home children. Further, we will elaborate the effects on the children if the single parent is mother or father and whether the raised child is a boy or a girl. Moreover, some children have attachment with mother and some have with father, so in this paper, we will deal with the issues of the children from which they have to suffer. Moreover, in this paper, we will discuss about the issues that the children face in socializing themselves. Furthermore, we will try to sort out the question that how single parent home children perform in the school or in the working place!

Difficulties that single parent face:

Although there are several difficulties that single parent have to face while taking care of the child. We will talk about some of them in our paper. First one is the financial issue. Although parents always want to fulfill the desire of the children but somehow due to financial issues, they have to say no to the wishes of their child (Pearson, n.d, n.p). As a result parents do part time jobs so that they could buy and fulfill the wishes of their child and hence it creates a gap which makes the child alone and make them feel single and separate from others.
Second major issue is the parenting quality. Parents might suffer from such issues as they do struggle in earning more to fulfill the desires of their children so it might b possible that they miss some of the school functions which make the children feel like alone. Moreover, it might be possible that you will over react on little faults of the children which will be due to the tensions that single parents have to handle lonely (Pearson, n.d, n.p). Hence nourishing children lonely create more gap and have serious bad effects on the children.
In addition, some more issues involve self esteem and recovering of children from divorced environment i.e. if mother and father are separated due to the divorce. Self esteem is the problem that children always face in the single parent home. It is possible that children will always feel responsible for such situation and single parent will not be able to recover the children from such alarming situation (Pearson, n.d, n.p). Hence in such a crucial situation, it is difficult for children to grow like without any fear from the social circle.

Effect on child if the parent is mother:

Although children are more sensitive at small age and have more feelings with whom they are attached. When due to some reasons in the family, parents have to get separate which cause in different issues that arise and children have to face. If the parent is father, then it will be easy for him to deal with the financial issues and hence father can keep the child little bit satisfied by keeping child’s wishes fulfilled.
On the other hand, if the parent is mother then it becomes difficult for her to struggle against the financial issues and hence there appear many other problems. Going through the research it has been studied that the children nourished under the shadow of single parent face issues of the delinquency. Furthermore, the independent variable in the issue was divorce as discussed in the studies, due to which such problems arises in the lives of the children. In addition, dependent variable was delinquency (Price & Kunz, 2003, p.111).
Moreover, Thornberry (1999) further argued and makes the discussion much simpler by giving their view about the children that are raised under the single parent. He argued that it delinquency rate is not depending on the independent variable i.e. divorce or any other reason (n.p). Whatever the reason is there behind the raising of children under the shadow of single parent, children become delinquent.
Moreover, the argument is also supported by the studies of the Wright and Wright (1994) in which they argued that further that although single parent child becomes more delinquent. But this delinquency ratio is more if the single parent is mother and hence there is high statistical risk of delinquency if the child is nourished with mother as child’s single parent (p.10).

How single parent children perform in school:

There are many different issues that single parent have to face. After taking care of a child alone, there also raises the question that what are the impacts of the single parents on the life of their child! Hence moving on, we will deal with this question and will try to sort out through different researches the impacts of the single parents on the academic life of children.
Moving on, it has been seen in our daily life that the children who are intelligent and are the toppers of their class suddenly get low marks due to some family reasons. No doubt, family reasons directly affect the brains of the children and hence it causes the major failure in the lives of the children (Coley, 1998, p.220).
Moreover, Coley (1998) argued that the affection and kindness that real parents give is different from the affection and care of the others. If the single parent is mother, then the child will feel lonely as by seeing other children’s father. In addition, the affection that single parent child will get through the biological father make them feel happier and satisfied as compared to the other men. In a research it is also discussed that the behavior of the teacher also changes if the child is the single parent child. In supporting the argument, reason behind the change in behavior of the teachers can be that the single parent child feels alone as parent will be busy in solving the financial issues of the child so that child can get whatever he or she wishes (p.224). Hence due to no contact with the teachers of the academic institute, children will start fall down in their studies.
In addition, this issue is different with the difference in the gender. Coley (1998) argued that the change in behavior of the teachers of the school is different with the gender. If the child is a girl then the teacher acts differently as compared to the boy. Moreover, if the single child is white then there will be different behavior of the teachers of the institute. Hence girls and black children are affected more as compared to the boys and white children in the family relations and in the academic life if they have mother as their only single parent (p.227).

Social Issue that single parent children face:

Although there are many issues that single parent children have to face but here in our research paper, we will talk about the issue that children face in socializing themselves. Social circle is essential for the children to live in. Social life of the child is much better if the child is grown up in the shadow of mother and father. But if the single parent is father, then the social life of the child really affected as father will be busy in the work place to earn for the children (Ermisch & Francesconi, 2001, n.p). Moreover, if the children are black, then they will face the racism in the social circle. The absence of their father will make such children closer to the juvenile delinquency and other bad habits. Hence social circle of the child will be affected and children will feel themselves alone in the social life (Ermisch & Francesconi, 2001, n.p).

Latch key kids and their issues:

Moving on, in our proceeding part of the paper, there is a discussion about the latch key kids. Single parent children have to face different issues and all such issues make them latch key kids. Latch key is actually the term given to the children who are alone at their home and their mother or father is at work all day to earn for their children (Brown & Newnam, 1989, n.p). Furthermore, if the single parent is father, he has to go out to earn so that he can fulfill the desires of the children. The following graph shows the stats of the earning issues that single parent have to face.

Source: (Families and communities, 2015, n.p)

The above graph shows the stats of the different family types in which it is shown that single parent family has more financial issues due to which there appears a cash flow problem at least once in the 12 months duration (Families and communities, 2015, n.p). Hence due to such financial reasons single parent have to go out and children found themselves a latch key kid when they come back home from their schools.
Moreover, latch key kids are less socialize and are not aware of the trends of the life. Due to this, such children become duller and the social life around them moves far away from them. Moreover, single parent home children become latch key kids and hence they face different other issues such as physical and sexual abuse (Brown & Newnam, 1989, n.p). Hence this serious issue makes feel those children alone due to which single parent home children fall in different mental diseases such as depression etc. in a nutshell, it can be concluded that if the single parent is busy all day in earning and have no time for the children, it makes the children a latch key kid and isolate them from the social life around them which is very essential for the child to live in.
In a nutshell, the above all discussion in the paper can be concluded that there are various effects on the lives of the parent’s whom are taking care of the children and also on the children. As far we have studied in the paper about the importance of the parents. Parents are the important person in the life because they build the structure of the life from the childhood. Moreover, we discussed about the issues that single parent face in the nourishing of the children. Some of them were financial issues and parenting quality threats. Furthermore, if the single parent is mother, there are more chances of the children to suffer from the juvenile delinquency and other serious abusive threats.
In addition, single parent children become duller in the studies and hence single parent care affects the children at academic level too. Also, they have no social circle as such children are afraid of the surrounding because they always find themselves alone in the difficult situation and at the end such children prefer to live in isolation.
In addition, we also discussed about the latch key kids. In the above paper, latch key kids are defined as the children who are alone always whenever they return from their home. Hence such children become more near to sexual abuse and other threats which can really harm their future life.


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