Good What Is Corporate Social Responsibility? Essay Example

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a type of corporate self-regulation incorporated into the business model. The CSR policy operates as a self-administrative system that entails the business monitoring as well as ensuring its active conformity with the spirit of the law, moral values, and national or international standards.

Discuss the Three Elements of Social Responsibility

There are three essential elements of responsibility are market actions, externally mandated actions, and voluntary actions. For the corporation to be socially responsible, it has to fulfill its duties in each of its actions. The market action refers to the responses to competitive market force. These kinds of actions have always been dominated.

When Discussing CSR, There Is Always A Cost Associated With It. What Is the Relationship between Financial Performance andCSR?

Companies should be responsible and regularly take account of their financial and social performance. The social reporting is made up of social impacts, financial reports, beverifiablewhich are audited and inspected by independent parties. Unlike subjectivity of corporation’s social performance, perhaps it may appear that financial performance can be evaluated more objectively. However, there are various methods of measuring profitability.The study affirms that the statistical technique allows connection in individual studies to be evaluated. It is argued that the entire connection between financial and social performance was “moderately positive,” increasing to “highly positive" for some mixtures of performance measures. Corporates that made to the annual list magazines of Business Ethics of 100top corporate in four consecutive years were not profitable compared to the direct competition.
It is conclusively noted that socially responsible behavior interjects to advance financial performance for some companies, though the evidence that it does so widely for various companies is vulnerable. But if it were stronger, there would be a bit need for non-governmental organization to force a Corporate Social responsibility agenda on hesitant companies
What Are The Factors That Influence Managerial Ethics? Why The Example Of Company Leaders Is Considered Perhaps The Strongest Influence On Integrity In A Corporate Culture?

The main factors that influence managerial ethics are strategies and policies, leadership, and organization culture.

The company's leadership may be the strongest influence on integrity. Leaders set formal rules as well as setting up a good example to reinforce or discourage certain behaviors. An exemplary character is a strong tool accessible by all managers; the executives mostly use it.

Strategies and policies

The key role of managers is to formulate firm competitive policies that allow a company to fulfill its strategic goals without entertaining ethical cooperation. In companies with weakening businesses, managers face a greater challenge in attaining their performance targets and perhaps feel some pressure to cooperate with ethical standards.

Corporate Culture

These are set of norms, values formal rules, rituals and physical artifacts that are in the company. Physical artifacts are deep and powerful. They advance as company’s scope with recurrent stresses in the competitive surroundings. Behavior and attitude that resolve problems and bring success are strengthened and permanently become part of the culture.

 Discuss how Chouinard has implemented CSR.

Patagonia philosophy perfectly affirms the furthest a business can get in a precise direction is on the long-run sustainability alongside good citizenship. YvonChouinard is an inspirational example of the far one can go in a single direction, in the quest of building his grand life adventure. This includes diverse audience, from outside audiences to the die-hard conservationist to the business school graduate. From the beginning, Chouinard has cooperated with the environment that regulates its business. The clear sense of Patagonia’s pledge CRS is illustrated through its mission statement. Describing it as the company that manufactures the best products that do not cause unnecessary harm and further use business to motivate and applying the way out to the environmental crisis.
Explain deontological ethics and then apply to the David Geffen case. The idea surrounding deontological ethics is that actions are either wrong or right in themselves individualistically of any outcome.
According to David Geffen case, it discussed the ethical standpoint of the consequentialism, whereby it can allow violation of ethical rule if the consequence leads result to the greatest good. One of the barriers is that practically calls for self-interested reasons. The calculation of the “greatest good” has often been a topic of expediency. The other problem is that decisions are to be reached for the good of the community; effective thinking may allow the condensation of individual or marginal group rights.

Discuss some practical suggestions for making ethical decisions. What strategy does Lockheed Martin use?

Lockheed Martin has formulated a strong strategy that highlights the company's milestone. The strategy used is by providing next generation technology today, exploring new technologies, and expanding international partnerships, Lockheed Martin applies scientific knowledge together with the technical expertise in addressing the world’s most difficult challenges.The company is an international security and the aerospace firm employing nealry113,000 people. It actively takes part in development, research, design, integration, research, and manufacture together with the sustainment of advanced technology systems, service and products.

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