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Discussion 2

Industrial revolution impacted the American society in various ways. Industrialization brought some changes in the society that existed for centuries. Industries required more workforce and people started migrating towards cities where industries were established. Such migration changed did not only force Americans to change various provisions of immigration laws, but also it changed the American society in many ways. Workers were force to work relentlessly in the factories for many hours in harsh conditions. Their condition was not only sporadic, but they also risked their lives while working in these factories. Workers chose to work in various areas that were not traditionally their domain. Every worker, whether he was a skilled carpenter, miner or a farmer, was merely a labour in these factories (McGeehan and Gall).

Discussion 4

There are many theories on why United States entered into World War I. One of the fundamental reasons was economic reason. Americans considered this war as an opportunity of expanding their reach in different parts of the world. Their main intention was to find raw material as well as new markets for their products. Americans were also promised by British to provide various facilities in respect of using sea routes. Military expansions were other reasons. Germany was making significant moves that irritated Americans and they decided to rein Germans. Remaining isolated in a fast changing world was not possible for Americans for a long time and they decided to enter into the World War I (McGeehan and Gall).

Discussion 5

The great economic depression occurred in the history of United States was caused due to several domestic as well as international reasons; however, the two major causes of great depression are: crash of stock market in year 1929 and poor economic policy of America with Europe. On ‘Black Tuesday’ stock market crashed significantly, which resulted in loss of billions dollars of investors. This event reduced purchasing and investment across the board. Economic policies formed by the government were also not trade friendly. Formation of ‘Smoot-Hawley Tariff’ by the government adversely impacted the trade and business. High tax charged on the imports reduced trade activities of the America with foreign nations. Roosevelt criticized policies formed by Hoover, because economic policies were unable to boost trade activities and domestic consumption of goods. Reduced consumption decreased the demand and further decreased the production of goods.

Discussion 9

Globalization concept begin in 1990s reduced the trade barrier and dissolved national boundaries existing between foreign nations. Globalization policies were praised and adopted by majority of the countries across globe because globalization helped developing countries in bringing more jobs to their states. Companies and consumers of developed nations also got benefited by the cheap labour and cost effective products or services provided by developing nations. Overall globalization facilitated the development of both developed and developing economies. Some experts criticize globalization because they believe that globalization take away the jobs from developed nations to developing nations. They claim that products or services offered by developing nations are not of good quality. However, despite of criticism globalization offers variety of economic & cultural benefits to America. It facilitates the transfer of culture and traditions across the nations. Globalization offers consumers wide variety of products at very competitive prices.

Work Cited

McGeehan, ‎J., and Gall, M. . Let's Review: U.S. History and Government. New York: Barron's Educational Series, 2007.

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