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Management at Arnold Palmer Hospital

Video Summary
Arnold Palmer Hospital wanted to provide hotel-type hospitality to their patients that were different from the original institutional type of environment they provided. Karl Hodges, VP Business Development stated that such hospitality does have a greater impact on an individual’s recovery and happiness. It necessitated the construction of a new hospital for women and children that would accommodate more patients provide better patient experience and still remain cost effective in operation. They involved all parties affected by the project that included patients, workers, and the community, in a research. They made teams from all departments after understanding all the activities that will be involved in the project. In addition, they rounded up all the groups and came up with an executive board that presided over the entire project and made sure all issues are seen into. They used Ms. Project, software designed to aid project managers in planning, designation of resources for specific tasks, taking note of progress and controlling the budgets.
They applied competitive differentiation as a means to counter competition from related hospitals in the region. They designed their rooms to offer unique and quality features that aimed at improving the hospitality I the hospital. Cathie Brazell; Administrator of Obstetrics stated that they planned three typical types of rooms meant for different parties after taking advice from the individuals and getting their best specification of features to place In each room. In each room, they had provided space for the patient, family members and friends plus the caretakers’ space. They put artwork in the wall and custom build furniture according to the preferences of the parties.
Such inclusions were focused on enhancing the experience of the patients. It in turn makes their service attractive to the particular market involved (mothers and children) and thus gives them an upper hand in the market. Firms have contrasting resource and services provisions that a help them stay competitive in their field and also enable them to rich new sectors of the market.


Project is a series of related tasks that are directed towards a significant outcome. Project management techniques are essential especially for ventures that in which are large; involve lots of capital and people and also whose outcomes are likely to vary. Hence such projects require proper planning and organization of resources for the best result.
Project managers head projects. They ensure that activities are completed in proper sequence and on time, it comes in on budget, quality goals are achieved, and members get the motivation, direction and information to do their jobs appropriately. Work breakdown structure is needed to depict how the activities are going to be orderly conducted. It is structured such that the project is placed first; major tasks follow then activities in each primary functions are made to come later giving priority to bigger activities.
Critique Operations management deals with the coherence of the operation in progress and growth of any business strategic goals. Operations managers do almost the same kind of job that the project managers do. None the less they are more involved since they address issues such as; ensuring that resources are available at the right moment, deal with labor constraints and making aggregate decisions. The Arnold Palmer project used operations management techniques in their project management. After structuring the entire venture down from the project to all the activities, they made groups in every department that would cater for specific tasks. This crucial technique organizes the whole firm right from the word go and makes them focus on goals they had in mind Use of efficient and quality management tools such as the use of projects managing software was included in the plan of the project. In this case, it was the Ms. Project software. Without such, as Professor Barry Render, from the video states it would be very hard for projects and operational managers to stay on top of all the conflicting series of activities involved. Such well-detailed software is essential. During their research, they included all the parties that would be affected by the project, another technique of operational management. Nonetheless, they failed to apply the constant, frequent assessment technique. It involves project members meeting after a while and assessing their progress. I believe the project would have taken lesser number of months if they applied this technique. Operation management techniques are used globally and in many different types of environments. They are mainly involved in capital intensive and labor intensive projects. Arnold Palmer Hospital project sets a good example of the effectiveness of such techniques in any project. They are; cost and time effective they help in remaining organized throughout the projects and also ensure the best results are achieved.

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