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Please explain your ethical framework, i.e., the process by which you analyze ethical issues, i.e., how, where and why do you draw your moral dotted line.
I analyze ethical issues by first identifying the problem. I identify the moral issues in that particular case. Secondly, I identify the facts and try to understand what happened. Third, I identify the conceptual issues found in the case. Fourth, I identify all the parties involved, in this case, from those who did the action to those who will be affected by the outcome.
After I have identified the ethical issue, I try to find the best follow-up action in response to the ethical issue in 1 above. I gather all the views of the theories of the case and weigh them. I then research other facts that I may have excluded or misunderstood that are important to determine the judgment of the case.
The third step includes formulating an ethical explanation. I identify the moral principle that is applicable in egoism, respect or any other. I then identify the ethical explanation that fits this case.

In this step, I put all the explanations according to their importance.

Here, I chose the most suitable argument with the strongest ethical foundation. Similarly, I look at my option from a critic’s point of view and come up with the best argument to use against them.

Please apply your ethical framework outlined above to the following hypothetical facts fact pattern
Business managers should be able to identify ethical issues within their organizations, for instance: Are the employees stealing money from the company? Or are they using the company’s time to do personal things? They can do this by understanding the meaning of business ethics that is they should be able to know examples of personal activities. All managers should know the moral aspect of any situation, and whether it is wrong or right. In the example above, using company’s time to do personal things is wrong and business managers should refrain their employees from doing that. Managers and employees should understand business ethics for the own benefit and that of the organization. All businesses should have code of ethics to avoid the gray areas, and importantly follow these ethics to set a good example for their employees. There should be a book that contains code of ethics that illustrates activities that are personal which should be done after working hours.

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