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“Is the pious being loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is being loved by the gods?”
Socrates tries to elaborate the error in Euthyphro definition on piety, he further continues to stress on the human understanding of pious. Because what is lovable is majorly defined by human, then something pious dose not men that it is something loved by all gods. Even though the priests’ definition of piety is that it is something that all the gods’ love, however it is very important to realize that the gods also have different taste and not all will support the something. For example the quantity of a substance can be easily determined. When it comes to a disagreement on the quantity of a commodity, it can easily be resolved as the determinant of the solution is counting the substance to know the exact number. However what is good or bad is dependent on a person’s perception about it which is usually different. The gods also differ in what they think is good or bad. Some gods may differ with other gods on whether something can be classified as pious or impious. As a result of the difference in what is loved by the gods it is very hard to determine if something is pious or impious.
“The most important thing is not life, but the good life and the good life, and the beautiful life, and the just life are the same, does that still hold, or not?”
Plato describes Socrates asking his friend Crito the value of life. Socrates considers life as not worth living up to if people are not in consistence with their soul. This quote further explains that the kind of life a person requires is the good life, the beautiful life, or the just life. All the three types of life seems to be equal provided the person is comfortable with the kind of life he or she is living. The important thing in life is determined with what somebody feels. However simpler or complicated a person lives his life the bottom line is whether he or she is happy with it. Most people value life of wealth, power and prestige forgetting that power courses damage to our soul. In this world of today, a good life is living our own life and not being concerned with what people say all that matter is that the life our living is consistence with our soul.

“A man who really fights for justice must lead a private, not a public life ”

Apology tries to tell us that being the person who makes the judgment about others, by prosecuting those who break the law to bring peace and order in the society should not live a public life. This is because a public life will need the desire to have honor and have a good reputation, however when this are acquired a person will not be in a position to offer justice. The need for a private life will enable good understanding of the case without any influence from the society hence offering justice. This is because as the person entrusted with the order of the community should lead as a good example to the community. This will enable the trust the community has on them not to fade and the judgment made by them to be respected by the community in general.
“The same causes which make him a churchman in London would have made him a Buddhist or a Confucian in Peking”
The library of thought and discussion explains that most of the things we do in our lives are always as a result of the influence of other people. It is true to find that going to church was not as a result of your own decision but was due to the influence of others. Somebody does not make the decision to go to church but decides to go to church because the family is going to church. This essence of a person relying on others opinion to make a decision has majorly influence the person confident. People are now days not sure of the decision they make, whether the decision they make is right or wrong unless they get someone’s view on the choice to make. There are some choices in this world that same to be the same. This is because the choice made by other people was as a result of the influence of the same people who influence you to make the same choice. This is what brings the similarity in the choices made in various parts of the world. It also tries to explain to us that there are certain things in a man that will never change no matter which place of this earth he goes or lives.
“He who lets the world, or his own portion of it, choose his plan of life for him, has no need of any other faculty than ape-like imitation”
The library of thought and discussion explains that a person should not let the decision that controls his wellbeing in this earth to be controlled by others. A person should always sit down and decide for himself what he or she wants in this world and uses the decision he makes to drive his life forward. If a person follows what is driven by the world he lives in then there is no difference between him and the animals. Man should always make use of his intelligence as that is what makes him different from other animals. A person should be always keen to observe, learn from experience to make a good decision that will drive his life forward.

“Man needs no capacity, but that of surrendering himself to the will of god ”

Calvinistic makes us understand that for man to get redemption, he must be ready to surrender the earthly things and wants. This is through killing his human nature and giving himself to god. For the well-being of man in the world, he should dedicate him or herself to god. This dedication is through doing the will of god. This is by having an end to the earthly desire like power, wealth, infidelity, theft, murder and many more that will not only make them to be involve in the sin against humanity but also against the gods. This theft, murder, infidelity, need for power and wealth are human nature and unless they are killed is when man can dedicate himself to the gods. This humanity of man is what drives them to sin. When the humanity in man is killed, no laws will be broken as the respect for man will prevail and peace will be brought in to the world.
“The means of development which the individual loses by being prevented from gratifying his inclinations to the injury of others, are chiefly obtained at the expense of the development of other people”
The library of thought and decision elaborates that when a person’s downfall comes as a result of being prevented from causing harm to others is possibly that his rise in wealth or development was as a result of causing harm to others. In this quote, we get to learn that most people get their wealth by suppressing others. These may be through land grabbing and throwing the poor in the cold. They end up investing lots of money in such grabbed lands. When the time for justice to the poor comes, when they are to be given back their land by the law, the structure built in such lands are destroyed and the land grabber ends up counting his losses of millions of shillings.
“So they fled from the reproaches of men, abiding with life and limb the ‘brunt of battle’ and, in a small moment of life, the climax of their lives, a culmination of glory, not of fear, were swept away from us”
Pericles praises the role played by the solders at war to ease the sorrow of the families who lost their loved one who took part during the war and at the same time to encourage patriotism among the Athenians. Main aim is to try and unite the Athenians and make them believe that they are stronger than their enemies and by explaining the sacrifice linked with war. By claiming that death in a war field is the climax of a solders life, Pericles communicates that solders are very happy to die in war for the sake of their country with honor and glory. Apart from Pericles praise on the solders that died on war trying to protect their country he also motivates the solders of Athenians to always be ready to fight for their country. Because Athenians do not have a standing army as that of Sparta, it is important to verbally motivate Athenians to become patriots to their country. Athenians strongly believe in natural courage unlike the Spartans who believe in programmed courage that it plants in their young stars through military training that is sponsored by state. The Athenians believe that they are invincible and the strongest army is what led to their lose in war. This is a clear indication that on how arrogance make people not to realize their own limitation.
“ In which case the principle can be extended indefinitely, until in all spheres of life human beings decide just how far God’s commandments may conveniently be observed”
Utopia clearly says that there are some laws that are practiced by human but are not recommended in the Ten Commandments. It is practically witnessed that after somebody has been judged and sentenced to be hanged to death. The executers take the initiative of hanging the person to death. This contradicts one of the Ten Commandments that do not allow the killing. Does this mean there are some special cases when the commandments of the Lord should be or should not be adhered to and other cases when it should be followed to the latter? This should be clearly stated by the religious leaders. The law should also adhere to the Ten Commandments to stop the confusion that it is creating. People should be determined in taking part in practices that will contribute to the development of the nation. They should be focused in investing in food production instead of investing on war.
“But human beings have entered into an idiotic conspiracy to call some things enjoyable which are naturally nothing of the kind -- as though facts were as easily changed as definitions”
This quote explained how people who cherish private property seek pleasures which are not pleasurable naturally. He utilizes this material to explain to the readers the real pleasure enjoyed by Utopians. In a society that is private centered, most of the people take pleasure by showing off the accumulation of money, possession and competitions that they become better than the others when they defeat them. It is explained that such pleasure are empty pleasure because of one reason, a person cannot be better than the others. And the other thing is that a pleasure that is considered as real should be able to nourish a person’s body and mind. Craving for illusionary to outdo others dose not add any value to a person but just corrupts the subject mind of a person. However, pleasure that is referred as real by Utopians is one that adds value to a person’s physical and mental health. Physical pleasure includes drinking, eating and maintaining the person’s body function, while on the other side mental pleasure includes contemplating the truth and understanding something. These pleasures are real and natural because they contribute in adding value to both human body and mind.


The abolishment of private property will reduce the number of theft cases experienced in the region. People involve themselves in stealing because they have nothing to do yet they are to eat and provide for their children. This lack of work to do is caused by the very few rich people in the area who have big land but have left them dormant. Abolishment of such private land ownership will make the land available for every body and people will find work to do hence reducing the theft cases experienced in the region. Immorality will also reduce as women are involved into prostitution to provide for their children. If they are involved in activities that will provide food for them and their children then the rate of immorality will automatically fall. This is through taking the resources from the few rich people who do not utilize them and availing them to people to utilize them. The abolishment of private property will also reduce the powers held by the few people. This is because if everybody can provide for they then there will be nobody to reorganize the power of the wealthy people. These wealthy people are always seen to be powerful because they own most of the resources and for somebody to access their wealth, they will have to bow down for the wealth people to enable them to be employed by the wealthy and have something for their families. This is to mean, the poor will have to be exploited by the reach for them to be paid. The abolishment of private property will lead to equal opportunity to resources and people will only harvests from their hard work. Abolishment of private property will also eliminate the exploitation on the poor persons to make their wealth. This is so as everybody will have an opportunity to make his or her own wealth without being exploited by the other. The abolishment of privatization will solve the major problem the world is facing today of lack of employment for the youths. Even though privatization will reduce crime to a given extent, the major part of crime will never be solved. This is to mean that not all criminals are involved to criminal act because of lack of employment, or hunger. However some may be into criminal act to feed their families, some because of the financial problems they are facing. For those people who steal because they are starving, they can stop stealing if they are employed which is only possible through abolishing of privatization so that the poor can also access the wealth. For criminals that are just there to break the law, firm penalties should be introduced to them. The abolishment of private property will provide a competitive environment. This is because the private sectors face no competition and always have what they want because they are the one controlling the market. They are mainly involved in the mismanagement of the land which leads to low production of the food staffs therefore contributing to the suffering of the poor people. Private sectors are only concerned with what benefits them and they do not care about the society in general.
Private property being property and resources that belongs to somebody, it provides room for the wastages. Rich people are known to be in a position to provide basic commodity comfortably for them self. Because of the extra cash they have, they believe in spending money to treat themselves on the earthly pleasure. However, the pleasure they claim is not actually a natural pleasure but an illusionary pleasure. In general, illusionary pleasure is a pleasure that is unreal. This is to mean that it has no value addition to a person’s health. Majorly it contributes in destroying the health of a person. This is because; natural pleasure is something that should not cause any harm to your body or to the people around you it should always help in improving a person’s health. The only thing that private properties do is to encourage people to look for reputation and supremacy. The need for reputation and supremacy makes the private people to pursue empty forms of pleasure such as luxurious jewel and clothes. The fact is that pursues of things like jewel, luxury and clothing will no add any value to a person’s health. Conversely the luxury the rich claim causes harm to their bodied. The use of drugs such as cocaine, cigarettes and alcohol is some of the substances related to pleasure however they are of great danger to their body. Alcohol contributes to liver related dieses, cigars contributes to lungs related diseases and cocaine contributed to diseases related to heart. This is the reason why it is claimed that private property crates illusionary pleasure. The abolishment of private property will make everybody accountable for every sent they spend and most people will only be focused in prioritizing the basic needs instead of the pleasure things. The claimed leisure endangers the life of the poor as they admire the rich. When they give into the activities of the rich, they end up spending all the little money they have toiled for on buying alcohol, and at the long run neglecting their family responsibility. This leads to the suffering of both the wife and the children. The funny thing why people are involved in such pleasure is not to add any value to their life but to try and forget some evil thing they have done during the day in the name of having pleasure. However the pleasure they have and the drugs they use seem to take them in an illusionary world. Even though the problems they are having still exist, the drugs they use creates some confusion in them as it makes them feel as if all the problems they were having have been solve. When the drug effects feds away, the persons comes back from the illusionary world and finds his problems still the same. It is important for a person to find a solution to his problems instead of being involved into such pleasure as a way of solving his or her problems. In general, illusionary pleasure is pleasure that is unreal. This is to mean that it has no value addition to a person’s health. Majorly it contributes in destroying the health of a person.
Utopian natural pleasures are better mainly because they do not affect the life of a person or the people living around them. His pleasure is majorly determined in adding value on the life of a person and teaches good morals to the society. Natural pleasure also encourages saving of resources as they require very little capital as compared to the known pleasure which risks life and contributes to wastage of wealth and loss of responsibility. Natural pleasure enables the person to be in a position to understand his or her problem and come up with the possible solution to the problems. Natural pleasure entails eating and drinking to help in developing a healthy body. The developed healthy body will enable a person to work hard and think critically as compared to those who have an illusionary pleasure.

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