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In this paper, we will discuss about the different cultural aspects of the country, Australia. Cultural aspects include the army operational environment values such as political, infrastructure, social, economical and many other values. In the paper, we will discuss only three of the cultural values, their impact in the country’s growing status, which include the overview of the three different values such as political values, economical and infrastructure.

There are numerous countries in the modern era that are present in the globe. Some countries are advanced and some of them are advancing towards modernity. All countries have some culture that depicts their living lifestyles. Culture can be defined as “Culture is more than just arts. It is the embodiment of values, traditions, expressions and ultimately hopes and it manifests in and through different mediums and across a very vide landscape” (Seares 13). Hence in this paper we will discuss about the cultural values of Australia while implementing the army operational environment.

Brief introduction about Australia

Before talking about the Australian culture, it is necessary to mention here about the brief study of Australia. Australia is located in the continent Oceania which is situated between the Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, its capital is Canberra and its population is 19,913, 144 (Australia - Culture, Customs and Etiquette n.p). In Australia, people of different religions live and some of them are Anglican 26.1%, Roman Catholic 26%, Christian 24%, non Christian 11% and others 12.6%. Language that is mostly preferred to speak is English which is used as primary language. Although along with English speakers there are many others who speak other languages. But according to the survey, only two third of these languages survive (Australia - Culture, Customs and Etiquette n.p).
Furthermore, initial population of Australia was Aborigines and people of British and Irish descent. Population increased in Australia after the World War 2 and people from Europe migrated there especially from Greece, Italy, Germany and Turkey. This migration at heavy level was the response of the Australian policies which is attracting the immigrants till now (Australia - Culture, Customs and Etiquette n.p). Hence Australia had a progressing start and still now people are moving towards Australia for several purposes.

Culture of Australia:

As we have discussed in the paper about the population of the Australia so it can be said that Australia is the multi-cultural society as there are people living in the country having different backgrounds, traditions and cultures. There are some of the typical Australian values mentioned in the different reports. Some of them are named here in the research paper.
First is equality of men and women on every basis. Second is the respect for all minorities and majorities. Individuals having different religions are also respected in the same manner as people of religions with majority. Third value is the freedom of the speech, secular government and democracy. At the end, rule of law is the final typical value of the Australian culture (Australian Culture n.p). Hence Australia has typical values that provide freedom to minorities to live with ease in the country.
Furthermore, before proceeding to discuss about the operational environment, it is necessary to know about the operational environment and the basic different between operational and other environments. The other environment is strategic environment which is the global. In this type of environment, president of the country can employ all the elements of the national power. On the other hand, operational environment is applied to the specific operations (Operational Environments to 2028 n.p). Hence operational environment is not global; while further moving on about discussing cultural values, distinction will be clearer.

Political culture:

Moving on to the further discussion, politics of any country play an important role and always considered as the major pillar in the progress of the country. Under the implementation of the operational environment, political variable of the cultural values includes the centers of political power, type of government, and the political groups which are more influential in the politics of the state. Moreover, international relations of the country are also described in the operational environment (Operational Environments to 2028 55). Hence in the proceeding part, we will elaborate the elements that we named above in the above paragraph.
First of all, talking about the type of government, in Australia right now, the ruling government is democratic. However, politics of the Australia is named as brutal politics in the democratic governments of the world. The political condition of the country is not much sustainable as in the six years duration; four leaders came and became president. Moreover, liberal party of the country has faced the higher slow destruction rate which shows that the liberal parties are more successful in the country as compared to the others (Bryant n.p).
In addition, Australia is the country that has not faced recession time for the last 22 years which depicts the strong political background of the country. In spite of having four different leaders in the six years duration, Australia is still considered as one of the strongest country economically (Bryant n.p). Hence it shows that in spite of enjoying the successful economical conditions in the country, politicians are letting them in the resilient conditions otherwise success would not be possible.

Economic values:

Australia is succeeding day by day and in the modern times it has a name in the list of successful counties of the world. Australia’s economic strength is also making it strong as country is becoming the best option for the foreigners to study there. Moreover, country’s major reason behind the increase in the economy is the agricultural farms. In a report, Australia’s agricultural land was studied which was notes to 59.7% of the total area of the country. Out of all, only 20% of the total area of the country is the area allocated for the people (Sinden, Jones and Hester 1). Hence it depicts that the agriculture has a strong impact in the economy of the country.
Furthermore, weeds also play an important role in the economy of the country. Although weeds and other plants are not declared as legal by the government and the territory as weeds are stated as noxious by the state and the territory government. However, weeds are the most growing species of the plants in Australia. In a report, it is stated that over 2700 plant species have been enlisted in the name of weeds. Hence these weeds which are not banned play their role in the economy; however, some of the weeds also destroy the economic state of the country. From the analysis done in report, the following table was fetched which shows the percentage of growing in the country.
On the other hand, the largest industry that is also contributing in the economy of the country is the mining. Australia is earning more than 60% of the total from the mining and 6.5 % of the total GDP. Moreover, Australia is also the largest producer of the alumina and bauxite. Both these are used in the production of the aluminum. Furthermore, Australia is the second largest producer of lead and zinc (COUNTRY OVERVIEW n.p). Hence Australia is very rich in resources and have large ratio of earning by exporting these products to the world.


Australia’s total area is recorded as 7,686,850 square kilometer which and in which the dedicated area for the land is 7,617,930 square kilometer. Australia has progressed much in the transport and communication infrastructure. As discussed in the article, in 1996, Australia had 913,000 Km of roads. Paved roads from the 913,000 Km were 353,331 Km (COUNTRY OVERVIEW n.p). In a nutshell road infrastructure in the country was very good at that time and hence network of the roads get vast in the modern times.
Moreover, infrastructure in communication was much better than any other progressed countries in the year 1996, however, the USA progressed more but still Australia is considered as one of the progressed countries. The following table will elaborate the infrastructure of communication.


Hence to conclude all above discussion, Australia is the country that has its own resources of power and is independent state. In addition, country is getting strong economically day by day due to its natural resources. In spite of little bit weak democratic government, Australia is still in the list of modern and developed countries.


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