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Dear Friend,

How are you my dear friend? I hope everything is just fine. Do not worry about me, I am just wonderful. What is new in your life? I have great news for you. As far as you may know I am in dance class at the moment, and I would be glad to tell you more about it.
I have been dreaming to enter a dance class since I was 6 or 7 years old. I was very dedicated and tried to be prepared for everything. Every day, I worked out, stretched out, and practiced various moves that I have seen from other dancers. I tried to be ready for the real test, when I would be old enough to enter university and become a real dancer.
It is safe to say that with the help of my day to day practice, and dedicated work, it was easy for me to find courage and to enter the university. There is little doubt that it was a piece of cake, absolutely no. Apart from the hard and exhausting physical test that I had to pass, showing all my skills, abilities, moves, techniques, my mental and intellectual condition was also tested.
Nevertheless, due to the fact that it was me dream from the early ages, I successfully passed all the tests and started my path of dancer.
As I have already said, I did practice a lot before entering to the university. In my school, there were a lot of different CAS activities, including dance study group. Of course, I was a part of that group. And, to be honest, it was very interesting and amusing, and it was a real great opportunity to first of all improve my skills, second of all to see how other people dance and how they see me dancing, and at last it was interesting for me to be surrounded by people who share the same interests with me and have same common ground. With the help of this group, I was able to fully focus on my dance practices and befriended a lot of great people.
Another great thing about this class was that those people who had some previous dance experience or other skilled movement training could easily help other classmates. I think it is brilliant as first of all you can practice more and which is more important you can help someone who needs assistance. I believe that this is fun and instructive to see how your classmates and friends being introduced to various dances.
It is essential for me to state that right now, I moved to an absolutely new level. For instance, the teaching here is just mind-blowing, I have never seen such talented, well-educated and understanding teachers. The materials they provide are simply perfect. We did not just sit and write something down, instead, we watch hundreds of videos in order to understand how exactly the flamenco must be danced, or what moves in tango must be sharpened. Every months, various professors, famous dancers, experienced teachers are given lectures and such valuable experience really helps as we can see that every single dancer is going through the same as we are.
We have hundreds of practice hours, and it is not rare that after long and tiresome day of practicing the only thing you want to do is just to collapse on the bed and just to rest. If you want to be a great dance, you have to work very, very hard in order to achieve something. I would say that we have such opportunity to become great dancers, as I have already mentioned, there are tons of valuable material. The problem is that sometimes there is not enough time or stamina to read or watch or even understand this material. “How I wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day. Even if there were 40 more, I wouldn't sleep a minute away.” (Presley) I could not agree more with Elvis.
I think that it is very important and essential for a new student to get as much not only valuable information, because I think every university and institute provide their students with valuable information, but also with interesting data, as only when a person is interested in learning he would be able to succeed in everything and achieve every single goal. I hope that I will be such person and with the help of the knowledge I obtain here, my wish would come true and someday I will become a professional dancer.
I really enjoy being here, and I think I did the right things choosing a dance career. It is very important and useful for a student that there will be good surroundings, friends and teachers. With the help of dedication and perseverance everything is achievable and doable. I hope my story was not very boring and you like it. Looking forward to hearing from you. I would be glad if you tell me about your study, friends and goals.
Best regards,

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