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The human civilization has been struggling to attain sustainable support and also to produce high quality students. Ever since the first human society established an educational system the struggle in giving the most important lesson about critical thinking is really evident.
One of the first reformers of education is Sir Martin Luther King Jr. He was very particular in educating the young ones. He has commenced some of the monastery to become schools for children. Martin Luther also said that true education is defined as intelligence plus the character. Moreover he has also spoken about the meaning of intelligence. And that is to have a critical- thinking mindset. This is to emphasize that learning or giving education is also two way. The efforts of the educator are to give the main idea about a concept and the task of the student is to have a critical understanding of what he learned.
Basic intuition is a critical aptitude that when connected effectively can help an learners' capacity to learn in any circumstance. This can be connected to customary instruction, online training, or specifically in a vocation related part. Numerous employees discover discriminating deduction to be such a significant expertise, that they attempt to draw in understudies every day with a basic speculation question. Thinking basically can mean the distinction in "going through a course" or comprehension the material all right that it will tail them all through their vocation. It is critical for workforce to test understudies by requesting that they think enthusiastically.
So much for defining what is basic intuition or critical thinking the question is if I am the student what would I do to apply these skills? Below is a personal situational example in applying critical thinking skills.

Applying the Critical Thinking Skills

Whenever a teacher ask for a group task to be finished, I find it very challenging if I would do critical thinking most especially if the task is quite hard. But this is in general.
For a specific situation; that is when I was tasked to be the leader of our group in a subject. The task requires us to write a mini thesis about the history of American Revolution and we will report it in class. However, the topic was really broad and using my intuition I have decided that we have to divide the timeline of the topic into 3 (because we have 3 members in a group).
Additionally, I have also assigned each of us for a task in reporting the topic. I will be creating the whole slides (PowerPoint) of the whole report (including the other 2 timelines), the other member is assigned to bring the projector and the other one is tasked to introduce the topic. Nevertheless, we also need to discuss our own timelines.
During the process of making the report, basic intuition is also needed in finding reliable sources. I have found that there are ready made personal blogs about American Revolution. But in order to get the raw information I have downloaded the original book about the American Revolution. And that’s it bingo!, Citing them in my reference page would not be difficult.
Additionally, when giving the report in order to maintain the connection to the audience I have familiarized my outline and did not depend on the Power Point Presentation solely. Consequently, I have also realized that when our professor asked questions, He based it on what is my relevant understanding on the topic. Thus, the critical thinking skills were maximized at this point.
I have answered enthusiastically based on what I have understood. I have given some arguments about what was the cause of the 13 provinces in seeking independence. I have given some social rights reason about the topic. I have answered it thoroughly but in the end, my professor applauded my thoughts and also added his understanding about the topic.
The situation has demanded me to have the character in leadership. I have also not given harsh commands to my group mates but we have agreed on the division of the workload. Additionally, basic intuition really plays a good role in achieving good results on the task given. Basically, I have realized that it is a combination of the two; intelligence and character. Although I’m quite impatient in finding resources I have managed to relax myself and handled the situation well.
All in all, I have exercised critical thinking in school daily. But to say that I have fully grasped the whole aspect of having intuitive thinking is an overstatement. I have so many things to learn and I believe it is the part of the process. Education is not just by taking as seat in the classroom just listening to the teacher but also need an effort that is outside of the box. More importantly to have enthusiasm in learning is the best asset that I could have in grasping the lessons in class.

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