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The topic of my presentation is “Effective teamwork and leadership styles”. Basically, I have been given an opportunity to conduct a knowledgeable session for University students. Since, I have completed my Bachelors in business administration and Masters in industrial Management, and working as operational manager at an Engineering firm, The University called me to present the topic. The speech is held in the main auditorium of the City University; the hall is full of audience. The audience is the undergraduate students belonging to various fields of Engineering. The purpose of the session is to give Engineering students the understanding of leadership and teamwork to be implemented in the future. In this session I will discuss with them how a team can work effectively, what are the different styles of leadership, how to take hard decisions in management and recognize the connotation behind them, comprehend management skills and qualities of leadership and how to influence people. After this session, the audience may be able to understand and apply the skills of efficient leadership.
I take my dress code very seriously. I would wear Gray shading suit with tie in light of the fact that Suit looks many experts and moral in a professional environment. I would prefer boots in place of shoes. I wear a short hair cut and wrist watch in my right hand. I would enter the auditorium with clean and shiny shoes, and recently pressed suit.
I come into the hall filled the audience that is applauding me. I will make a firm handshake with the presenter who is there on the stage and would express gratitude toward him for calling me. I would hold on for few minutes before starting my presentation. With a long breath, I will say hello to my audience. I will thank my crowd in answer to their warm welcome; I would likewise commend the University organization for providing me a chance to direct a persuading session for understudies. I would put one of my hands in pocket of my cover to be easygoing with the audience. I would connect with the audience while introducing myself to the audience after greeting them; the introduction will include a few of things such as my designation, my experiences, and my educational background. I would focus on facial gestures as much as possible. During the introduction session I would keep fingers of my hands joined together; also, I will move to the stage to focus on the whole audience sitting on either side (Helpguide.org, 2015).
I would terminate the introduction section and move towards the Rostrum to switch on the laptop and reconnect to my audience; at this point I need to use the power point and multimedia because the topic of my presentation requires visual aids. I would use visual aids because they would keep me and audience involved in the session. As the topic implies, the inclusion of the audience is necessary for this presentation. While taking a sip of water from the glass, I will start-up the desktop of my laptop which is connected to multimedia projector. While opening the presentation on a laptop, I will keep communicating with the audience. I would start presentation with a brief introduction of the terms “leadership”, “management” and “teamwork”. While keeping a continuous smile on the face, I will give illustrations to my audience regarding leadership styles and teamwork.
I will use anecdote approach for the session, in order to illustrate various examples and keep the audience interested and active. Engineering students are active listeners but taking a continuous lecture can be boring for them. Throughout the presentation, I would keep a congenial environment in the hall so that the audience can interact with me. As it is a motivational session, I will tell stories and my personal work experiences because examples are best illustrations (Helpguide.org, 2015).
An individual's real stance imparts much around an individual's viewpoints. These nonverbal practices can demonstrate presenters' sentiments and state of mind. These postures can be utilized to focus level of inclusion, and the level of affection the presenter has for the other audiences, contingent upon body openness.I will nod my head in agreement with arguments and responses. While keeping my palms up confidently, I will take responses of the audience one by one. While the audience is giving answers, I would keep constant eye contact with the person, and as he or she finishes, I would say thank you for giving response. I would be perceptive of my hands and other non-verbal communication that may send a mistaken message (such as, putting my hands on the back of my head, putting my fingers on my button, collapsing my arms, fiddling with something, and swinging or tapping my feet) (Argyle, 1972).
During the presentation, I would try to look interested in the topic which I am delivering, and also, in the audience to which I am speaking. I would be presenting calmly.and relaxed outside. I would precisely read the students, including the sentiments they're feeling and the implicit messages they're sending. I would speak in such a way that I captivate their attention.Throughout my speech, I maintain direct eye contact with the audience during the speech. I try not to move my eye contact which can convey a meaning of distrust to students (Argyle, 1972).
I would prefer not to exhaust my gathering of people with tedious, dreary substance. Have a go at fitting in sensible and relevant silliness as it invigorates the gathering of people, constrains them to consider the subject and improves their receptivity. Along these lines, comic drama is a persuading component in influencing swarm. I would utilize generous proofs, delineations, insights, citations, or genuine stories all through the discourse, yet I would not mug those (Andrews.edu, 2015).
As it is a motivational session, it would be important to keep up positive outward appearances. I will keep a steady eye contact with my audience. Manner of speaking is one of the fundamental elements of nonverbal communication (Andrews.edu, 2015). All through the session I would keep a warmness, delicacy and benevolence in my voice tone. I would exhibit an open posture to impart an amicable and inspirational state of mind. With the feet spread wide and the head straight forward and raised I will address the gathering of students while taking a gander at them. I will be communicating through the palms of my hands to give a motion of open posture, especially with a relaxed head.
In between I will break the jokes and stories related to the subject, in order to maintain a casual, interesting, and motivating environment throughout the session. Stress often hinders in effective communication (Helpguide.org,. 2015), so, I would try to relax myself. After the interval, I would remove my coat and ask for a chair to hang it over the chair. While folding up my sleeves, I will initiate a group activity for the illustrating example of team work during the session. I would motivate them up so that the audience may effectively take part in the activity. I would also, conduct an activity in which audience will be asked to jot down leadership traits they discovered in them on the basis of their brainstorming. At the end of activity, I would conclude interesting results for few of the candidates.
In the end, I would conclude the session while shutting down the visual presentation. After that, I would request to switch on the lights of the auditorium and deliver a motivational message in the end concluding the essence of the presentation. Before departure, I would say:
“Thank you audience, you are the future leaders; don’t rely on others but get admiration from present leaders and discover future leader in my inner being.”
These words will be my closing statement. Holding my laptop, I will exit the stage confidently, tapping my shoes, looking straight forward.


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