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Many successful business entities attribute their success to good leadership. Good leaders align the operations of their firms in a manner that leads to business success. Therefore, the competence and professional expertise of a business manager determines the success of the business. Currently, there are many reputable managers who have converted poor performing firms into admirable firms. Others have managed to transform small start-up firms into becoming multinational firms that, record enormous revenues and profits. This paper aims at highlighting a high profile manager who has gained international recognition for spearheading the success of recognized firm. Specifically, the paper intends to focus on Eric Schmidt, a successful business man, and current chairman of Google. The paper will explain the personal and professional background of Eric. Finally, the paper will examine why Eric is considered one of the most effective business manager/leader in the corporate world.

Personal background

Eric Schmidt was born on 1955 in Washington; D.C. Eric is a third born child to Mr. Wilson and, Eleanor. Eric came from an academic family because his mother has Masters Degree in Psychology while, the father was International Economics Professor, who both lectured and, worked in Treasury during President Nixon Administration.
Eric completed his high school education in 1972 before proceeding to Princeton University to study Architecture. While at Princeton, Eric changed his course and graduated in 1976 with Bachelors degree in electrical engineering. Eric also earned his Mastered Degree in designing at the University of California in 1979. Eric also earned his Ph.D. Degree at the same institution (University of California) in 1982.
On marital background, Eric married Wendy Boyle in 1980. The couple lived in California and was blessed with two daughters, Sophie, and Allison. However, the couple divorced in 2011. Later, Eric started dating Lisa, and Chau-Giang, a pianist in 2012.

Professional background

Eric has an extensive working experience that stretches from the early 80s to the recent years. Eric’s earliest career record began in 1983 when he was working for Sun Microsystems as a software manager. After doing an impressive job at Sun Microsystems, Eric rose through the ranks to become the head of the software division of the company.
In 2001, the founders of Google, Larry, and Sergey hired Eric to manage their company. Eric formally joined the company’s board of directors on March 2001 and became the chief executive officer in the same year (Google.2015). As the company’s CEO, Eric was tasked with managing the day-to-day operations of the company. His other responsibilities included developing a solid corporate structure that would ensure Google realizes rapid growth. Eric’s tenure at Google made him transform the company into an international admirable company. His remarkable work at Google made him achieve a top ranking by the PC World in 2007. However, in 2011 Schmidt stepped down as the CEO of the company but announced he will continue serving as an executive chairman and, adviser to the company’s owners.
Apart from working for Google, Eric served at Apple Incorporation board in 2006 but, stepped down from the board’s position in 2009 because of growing competition between Google and Apple. Eric has also lectured in various institutions such as Khan Academy and the Stanford Graduate School (Womack, 2011).
On a political platform, Eric was a campaign advisor and financier for President Osama’s campaign. After his election, Eric worked for Obama’s transition advisory board. He has provided the President with many policy proposals that aim at addressing economical and social issues affecting the country.
Eric’s is also an author of several books such as How Google Works and, The New Digital Age. Eric continues to serve as a management trustee to various organizations both in USA and, foreign nations. Through his heavy profile and, financial position, Eric has sponsored several projects and organizations whose aim is improving the socio-economic status of the people.

Effective management

As stated above, Eric has a rich working experience and, in all the areas he has worked, the organizations have received positive benefits. For instance, when he joined Sun Microsystems he transformed the organization and, as a show of appreciation the company made him the top manager and, head of the software division. Eric’s good track record was also exhibited in Google when he helped the company earn an admirable global status.
Many scholars assert that Eric’s flexible style of leadership has been the cornerstone for this career success. Majority of people who have worked and interacted with Eric believe he has a flexible leadership skill. Eric always incorporates the views/opinions of other l other people and then peruses an ideal principle that can lead to positive benefits.
As mentioned earlier, Eric is not only a successful business manager, but also an academician. Eric has vast knowledge in many fields and, this provides him with an edge when generating solutions for business solutions. While serving as CEO for Google, Eric managed a diversified workforce of employees from different cultural backgrounds (Wiesenthal, 2009). However, he managed to create a unified working culture that integrated and appreciated the input of all employees. Eric is sociable and, accommodative. Despite holding a high position, Eric gets along well with other employees including junior staff.
Eric is also best described as a visionary leader. In any organization, Eric has contributed in the implementation of policies that help the organization achieve long-term success (Weisenthal, 2009). For instance, after joining Google, Eric crafted a strategic long-term road map that would help Google maintain consistent growth in revenues for a longer period.
Eric also believes in staying ahead of his competitors. Eric’s style of management focuses on adopting innovative business practices that ensure the organization enhance market share and continues to attract more customers. For instance, the innovative principals have helped Google develop innovative products and services that help it remain a market leader in the technology platform.


The paper has explored how Eric Schmidt, a software expert has managed to positively contribute to the growth of many companies. The paper has also provided a personal background check of Eric where it has revealed how Eric came from an academician’s family since both parents were scholars in different fields. The paper has also checked Eric’s professional background. Eric’s career began in the 1980s when he was working for Sun Microsystems as a software manager. As seen in the paper, in all the organizations he has worked, Eric has managed to gain promotions and served in the top management of the firms. His style of leadership forms the basis of success in the corporate world. Specifically, Eric combines inclusion, innovation and flexibility to help firms achieve their desired objectives.


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