Example Of Campaigns Against Domestic Violence: Essay

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Published: 2020/12/21

Antiviolence campaigns for African American Young Adult and Caucasian Youth.

Domestic violence has always been an important issue. Nowadays people become more individualized and reticent that's why they are not likely to reveal their domestic problems to anyone except the closest friends. Young people and early adults due to their age features care a lot about relationships with opposite gender. That is why there must be made a great campaign to raise literacy about healthy relationship among different age groups. In our work there will be two campaigns regarding domestic violence among African American youth and Caucasian young adults.
Nowadays there are about 42 million African American urban citizens in USA. They usually have some specific cultural and social features. And of course they undergo some problems. Among those are low level of education and future payment, high criminal level. Moreover they undergo a family values crisis which is the reason of high rate of divorces, illegitimate births, large number of single-parent families, etc. In addition, according to statistics African American women are highly prone to violation in relationship. That is why it is very important to prevent violence in young couples to make contribution into future healthy families. The campaign is targeted for young African Americans and it is made to provide new knowledge from latest researches about aggressiveness.
Caucasians are ethnic groups inhabiting the Caucasus region. This ethnic group can be divided into 50 specific unions. Urban Caucasians are mostly Christians but they have some cultural differences according to the region of inhabitance. The great issue of the region is radicalization of young adults. Another problem is general temperamental features which reflect in family relationship. The society Caucasians live in is patriarchy and women don't have a little word in it. That is why women should be aware of last research about domestic violence and have a support on the governmental level.
According to the latest research made, brain traumas experienced in contact sports can cause aggressiveness which can have negative influence on relationship. What is specific about both groups, they like sport. African Americans are famous as great boxers and basketball players and male Caucasians take part in different fight champs. This can lead to the traumas and effect dating and family relationships badly. That is why both male and female representatives should be aware of these factors and the way to cope with the consequences.
Young people of 13-18 years old urban African Americans can be easily contacted at schools and colleges. But to inform them effectively the message should be modern, interesting and touching. This campaign will consist of two parts. On the first step there will be created an app with a brochure (this format will arouse interest). There will be some posters at school titled “No to black violence in Black couples” with a QR code with a link to the app. The interactive brochure will ask users to answer some multiple choice questions (Do black women die of domestic violence? Can brain injuries cause aggressiveness?). Each question will be answered by a picture with data. At the end of this brochure will be an invitation to the corresponding event. The second part will be an event with a celebrity. It will be supported by local sport organizations. The basketball player LeBron James will be invited to this event. After neuron psychologist provides information about an issue LeBron will describe his vision about healthy relationship, avoiding traumas in sport and coping whit aggression.
Young urban adults as well as teenagers are attracted by outstanding information. But the only place to contact this audience is the street. That is why we have chosen posters and flyers as a communicative method. Due to this fact the posters should be bright and catchy. All around the city there will be big posters with big photos of crying eyes of women with slogans “Don’t let your man be too passionate – call 2323” and “If you think that “If Your Boyfriend Hits You, It's A Sign Of Love” – call 2323”. The flyers will have some information about what is love and what can't be considered as love: “Love is: kissing, caring, tenderness; love is not: hitting, shouting, offending. If something is different in your relationship - call 2323”.
The communication strategies of these two campaigns differ a lot. The first factor is place where the message meets a person. Unlike teenagers who can be found at school, young adults rarely meet in one place. According to the fact that younger population watches TV rarely the best ways to get tell them something are placing posters and giving flyers. The second factor is nationality. It is obvious that words “domestic violence” sound to African Americans and Caucasians. The main aspects of this issue which have been already described underpin this statement. And of course the fact that both groups are urban means that methods of communication must be more modern, bright and appealing to them as to modern citizens. On contrary to people from rural areas who has completely other life values and a slower pace of life.
The project table


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