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Vietnam War

The Quiet American novel and, movie provides a great story of the Vietnam War. The Quite American story revolves around two main characters, Thomas Fowler and, Alden Pyle. Both the movie and, the novel demonstrate the communists and colonialists ideals conflicts in the south-eastern Asian region. Both the film and movie, also illustrate American involvement in geopolitics. The book and the film assert America’s influence in foreign nation. Although the book and film focus on the same themes, there are many aspects where there are differences. This paper aims at examining the difference between the Quiet American film and, the book.
First, the way the film’s is presented by the director is in sharp contrast with what, the book described the events of the story. Specifically, the film used third person to explain while, the book presented in a first person version. This means that the film incorporated other scenes that were not covered by in the book. However, this technique is helpful in making the movie more comprehensive. Normally, the role of films is to communicate a certain message in a way that allows the targeted audience to easily understand. The film’s directors decided to go for a third person view to make the targeted audience understand what specific roles each of the story’s characters played in shaping the theme of the story. Moreover, the film provided a balanced presentation of the story’s events for purposes of making the story interesting.
In the Greene’s book, the author presents Fowler as character with sinister motives. Despite having a clear mind, Fowler is pessimistic with success of relationships. In the book, the author portrays Fowlers as a bitter and, uncaring person. For instance, Fowlers tells Pyle, he does not care about Phuong’s feelings. He claims that, he is only interested with Phuong’s body and not love. Fowler further confesses he would rather live with a woman in a house even if he does not love him. The book portrays Fowler as a chauvinistic individual with no respect for women. However, these traits are completely different in the film. The film portrays Fowler as vulnerable and does not have total control of his weaknesses. Moreover, the film does not cover the conversation involving Fowler and Pyle where fowler is supposed to explain his feelings towards Phuong. The film does also not extensively cover the complex character of Fowler. The film slightly provides the dignified character of Fowler.
In most sections of the Greene’s novel, the author tries tends to focus on America’s involvement in geopolitics. The novel does not give much attention on the love triangle involving the characters but dwells on exposing America’s foreign policy especially how it handle communism and, detaching from its allies foreign actions. However, the films shifts focus to the love triangle involving Fowler, Phuong, and his wife. The film thus dilutes Greene’s intended message and, in fact many critics believe the film was a propaganda film that wanted to hide American government foreign policies.
Character misinterpretations do not only end with Fowler but, also with Pyle. For instance, the novel portrays Pyle as a friendly and accommodating character who gets along well with other character. However, the film portrays him as a deceitful person. An example is when Pyle lies to Fowler that he does not know how to speak Vietnamese but later, Fowler comes to realize that Pyle can speak Vietnamese fluently.
In many war films, the audience do not expect love to form one of the main key themes. However, the film producers and, scriptwriters have made love a special theme for the film. Many characters have direct or indirect connection with love theme. However, this is in sharp contrast to the novel version that did not focus much on love aspects but rather on other political and war- aspects involving the Vietnamese insurgents and French military.
Although making some character interpretation blunders the, film has managed to capture and illustrate complex nature of some characters. For instance, the film producers should be commended for perfectly demonstrating Phuong character. The film has managed to demonstrate the demure character of a naïve Vietnamese woman who is dying to win the love of an American Economist.
On a positive note, the film has managed to capture the scenic look of the war-stricken Vietnam. The film has tried to find a balance in portraying Vetman as an insecure place with, a beautiful country. For instance, the film features the scenic Mekong River and, the beautiful country side. However, the novel briefly features the positive sides of Vietnam. The novel concentrates on showing how grenades and, other weapons continue to destroy the country.
Generally, the film appears more palatable than the novel. Movie analysts believe the movie intended to convey Greene’s themes by refining the novel’s mistakes to make the film interesting. Both the author and film producers should however commend for giving their candid opinions of the Vietnamese war.

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