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Global warming can be defined as the increasing temperature on the earth’s surface. This climatic change on earth is continuous and is produced by the manmade chemicals. The major cause of the global warming is the carbon dioxide in excess and chlorofluorocarbon CFCs along with some other pollutants. These pollutants increase the temperature on the earth by trapping the heat energy and retaining it on earth. However, in the absence of these pollutants, this heat energy would have escape from the earth. Consequently, the elevated temperature can cause serious consequences for the economy, health, physical and biological life of earth. Hence, the following essay is devised in order to determine the main causes of the global warming effects and the possible methods to reduce it. Keeping the ill-effects of the global warming into consideration, it is very important to avert the causes and adapt preventive measures to get rid of this issue.
Subsequently, the causes of global warming are the gases formed from the burning fossil fuels. These gases are constituted of the greenhouse which makes many changes in the climate. The major effect of the global warming is the increase in temperature. Extreme heat becomes intolerable to live, and living beings cannot tolerate the high temperatures. The high temperatures greatly affect the lifestyle routine of the people, in particular; their health is affected. The elevated temperature becomes the reason for the onset of other problems. Natural disasters are among such problems. The precipitation changes occur during the global warming. This precipitation change and the temperature elevation can lead to drought. Drought can further bring devastations by causing the forest and peats on fires (Bonan, 2008). The humidity increases as the warm climate can hold the humidity in the atmosphere hence the increase in humidity can result in the severe rainfall, snow, ad flood in some of the regions. Moreover, the sea level rises due to the melting of the glacier and the sea level get warmer due to increasing in temperature. The warmer ocean water can be the cause of the serious hurricanes and typhoons. Furthermore, the ocean cycle changes due to temperature change which in turn makes the cyclones frequent. The accumulation of the combination of water, burning fossil fuel gases and sunlight causes the air inappropriate and unhealthy to be a breath in. In addition to this, the warmer temperature and carbon dioxide in excess enhance the growth of plants which produces allergen. Hence, the allergens increases in the atmosphere and causes allergen associated diseases. It is also observed that in the warmer climate the diseases which are widespread through the vectors are increased because the vectors presence is increased in high temperatures. Thus, the spread of diseases is faster than in the cold climate.
The ecosystem is badly affected by the global warming. The ice from the oceans is melted and mixed with the fresh water. The aquatic life of fresh water is disturbed by the addition of saline water into fresh water. Moreover, the introduction of saline water into the fresh water changes the characteristics of fresh water. Hence, the ecosystem as a whole is affected because the living beings are dependent on this fresh water. Moreover, the oceans are frozen, and the aquatic life lives under the frozen oceans. The melting of ice in oceans changes the living environment of this aquatic life. Thus, the aquatic life is affected the most along with the other r living beings.
The effects of global warming on the ecosystem exist in polar as well as the terrestrial, marine environments. The flora and fauna of both regions are affected by the species to the level of living communities (Walther et al., 2002). The last 100 years on the earth witnessed the rise in temperature by 0.60C and this is the rapid rate. The species throughout the history has responded to the climatic changes in the evolution. However, the rapid change in the life of wildlife and their ecosystems is observed. The significant alteration has already been caused in the plants and animals due to the global climate changes. The change in temperature leads to destruction of habitat of animals and the connectedness among the species is lost. Ultimately, the species' communities will get reformulated, or the species would become extinct (Root et al., 2002).
In order to save the earth from the devastating global warming, several laws are devised against the emission of greenhouse gases. Moreover, the law abides by the use of the gases and pollutants which are responsible for increasing the temperature (Simpson, 2011). Technology have been concerned with this aspect and constructed the cars and vehicles which emit the gas without extensive burning. Therefore, the concentration of harmful gases can be reduced. Electricity can be generated from the non-polluting origin which can avert the release of pollutants into the atmosphere. NRDC is focused on two major actions which are to release clean energy and reduction of pollution.
Hence, if we follow the rules and cut down the use of harmful gases and pollutants which are elevating the temperature, then the global warming can be put to an end.

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