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The Brahmanical Tridad or Trimurti, the Hindu equivalent of the Christian Holy Trinity comprises of the three members Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Hinduism also believes in one God. The members of the Trimurti are but three different attributes of the one almighty God or the Supreme Isvara. Brahma or the creator forms the first attribute of God. Vishnu is believed to be the one who preserves the entire cosmic system and Shiva, the most powerful, is considered to be the destroyer, and thus the one who ultimately maintains the whole cosmic system (“Holy Trinity”). Unlike Christianity, Hinduism believes in death and rebirth. Unless one dies from the cosmic system rebirth cannot occur; it is through death one is born again, thus helping the cosmic system to rotate on its own.
The three Gods of Hinduism can be better understood through the analogy of a same person doing different tasks. Just as someone becoming a different person while doing different tasks mentally if not in his physical plane, God who is present in numerous planes simultaneously performs three distinct roles (Jayaram). Though from human perspective the Gods appear different by virtue of their responsibilities, at a supreme plane the three appear to be a mighty energy-flow branching into three distinct streams. The God of creation Brahma also signifies the creative energy. Academic excellence, arts and crafts and all other skills take inspiration from the creator. Vishnu, the preserver, inspires people to maintain universal Dharma or order. Thus those who wish to pursue the holy order or path worship Vishnu. Even though Shiva is known as the God of destruction, his power is not destructive. Destruction is essential to create anything new (Jayaram). Conversely, destruction and creation are only two sides of the same coin, and both complement each other. For example, a seed has to be destroyed to enable a new plant grow out of it. Similarly, one cannot reap success without sacrificing something.
Contrary to the three persons of the holy Christian trinity who in fact are one and the same with same roles but in different forms, the three persons of the Hindu Trimurti are three persons with entirely different roles though primarily all emerge from a single supreme source or the Supreme Isvar.

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