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Mission Hill Winery is a Canadian company that deals with wine products was founded in the year 1980. Proprietor of the organization, Anthony von mandl was a European native. Winemaker of the company, John simes states that his motto is just to prepare a finest wine (Mission hill winery1, 2014). Situated on a hill side, West Kelowna, Canada Okanagan Valley is good and romantic scenery with a testing room, winery, restaurant and hotel (Veseth, 2013). Rather than wine products this company deals with tour and tasting, terrace restaurant (Mission hill winery1, 2014).
This company is one of the largest wine producer of the area has more impact on a 104 room auberge, a number of 30 cottages located near this auberge , a open headed restaurant a conference centre with a capacity of 1000 square yards(Dougherty, 2012 ).the Okanagan valley has a beautiful scenery and grape growing area. There is lots of future for the company there. The goal of the company at Mission Hill is to practice that coming generations of farmers will continue to produce the Okanagan Valley's finest grapes and visitors can enjoy the beautiful scene of the region (Aspler & Leslie, 2009).

Product Choice

Company Background
Proprietor of the organization, Anthony von Mandl was a seller of wine in the beginning and go through a study regarding growing grapes in that area. After a short study he decided that the area was good enough for investigation and in 1981 purchased the abandoned Mission Hill estate. This was the mile stone for the company. Later on the wine maker John Simes joined the organization in 1992 (Casey, 2009).
The proprietor of the company states that the mission of the company is to make great wines and to provide calm place where people can feel relief from the hustle of life. The company hopes that people will think the wine of the company as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life. The company targets the people to experience the art of life by walking softly on vineyards and soft grass. Motto of the company is not just to provide a fine drink but also to make people feel calm and solemn (Casey, 2009).
A clear passion, a managed farming technique, difference of taste and variety, the luxury collection of natural scene are the strengths of the company (Mission hill winery2, 2014). The major weakness with the company is that of the climate of Okangan valley. Though the climate of the valley is quite relevant but sometimes the lack of glaciers creates problem. The nearby only desert of Canada, Sonora desert sometimes creates natural calamities. These issues are less importance in respect to the natural beauties of the valley (Mission hill winery3, 2014).
Though the company deals with high and good quality wines, it also has a good impact in hospitability. The prosperous collection of wine includes Oculus, our Bordeaux-style wine, Compendium, Quatrain, and Perpetual. The wine tourism in the valley is growing so fast. Though the company deals with more than grape wine business, the industry sector of tourism with wine is more relevant for the company because of the beautiful scenery presented there(Dougherty, 2012 ).
The major competitors of the company throughout the world are Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Jacob’s Creek, Bodega Colome , La Rioja Alta ,Talley Vineyards (Zraly, 2009). The analysis of competitors in Chinese market shows that the biggest and most famous Chinese winery Changyu that is ranked among the top 10 wine companies of the world. (Bobik, 2014).The key objectives of the company to perform a better customer relationship that include annually wine shipments for its clients, art exhibitions and to make perfect the art of precision farming. The limitations are few and they include the size of vast competition for the company throughout the world (Mission hill winery4 2014).

Country Profile

A study has presented that dry red wines represent about 68 % of consumption in China (Chevalier & Lu, 2011). Some key factors that attract the foreign market to invest in China includes luxury market development, the third largest state after the U.S.A. and Japan in luxury, existence of foreign companies with a good success, a huge and energetic population, eight biggest wine consuming country in the world and the growing market up to 30 % per annum (Chevalier, &Lu, 2011).
There is a lot of potential for Mission Hill Winery in Chinese Market as the rapid growth of the market area in china, the increasing Chinese capital market, great human power and thirst for red wine (Kleinbrod, 2008). The foreign direct investment is an important factor for the globalization in the international market. China is one of the successful countries in the world in getting the attraction of foreign investors (Jiang, 2006).
China’s current position in the market is equal to the United States. As a part of the globalization, domestic firms specialize in the size of the product in the global economy. China has a high comparative advantage thus the foreign investment inflows to china become strong. China is attractive for low cost production and china shows some better innovation figures than any other country. China focuses on marketing and sales out sourcing (Dijk, & Trienekens, 2012).
It is described earlier in this context that there is a lot of competition for Mission Hill Winery globally and within China. With the objectives of the company it will be quite relevant for the company to work in china. The environmental effects and all other sources that are essential for the survival of the organization are presented there.
With the passing of the years, multinational companies have become acquired with the fact that opportunities for the economic scale of production and competition in the market is a prolong activity. Global marketing strategy involves the formation of strategy for a product or service (Gillespie & Hennessey, 2010).
In relation the market of China, a significant amount of data is available on internet sources and other information sources. The news articles and other sources are also quite significant to provide detailed information about the current performance of the Chinese market for the wine products and wine industry. The information sources contain significant, relevant and up to date information to meet the research requirements on the Chinese market.
In order to enter into the market of China, the company will also need to have some more additional market information through additional market research. In the new market research, the company needs to know the economic status of the country in terms of the disposal income of the customers and their living standards. In addition to this, the company should also have to conduct pre launching survey market research in order to know the persona of the customers about the wine products of the company. With the help of this kind of research the company would be able to know the favorable conditions for its products into the new Chinese market.


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