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The product under discussion is the cell phone I use daily; Nokia Lumia 930. The phone was internationally acclaimed last year and serves my varied needs in many ways. It is effective and has a wide variety of features that make it suitable for use. Some of the notable characteristics that make it an incredible product include an extremely powered camera, video recorder, sound, interesting color and fast internet access. I consider the cell phone a good purchase because of its functionality, physical appearance, fun factor and usefulness as will be highlighted in the essay below.


The first thing that would make anybody purchase Nokia Lumia 930 is its appearance. The phone has many bright colors that are fascinating. It comes in yellow, white, green, black and red. Such colors are good for the eye and break the monotony of what usually characterizes phones. One can change their casing when they are bored with a particular color, and they are sold at affordable prices. Such colors are especially suitable for ladies who can handle the boldness. On the same issue of appearance is its slim size and sleek look. The phone is attractive and easy to maneuver or carry. The slimness makes it ideal for carrying around, and the sleekness makes it look classy. It is a phone that is meant to give a sophisticated impression when it is used. Also, the manner in which the menu bar is arranged is unique and excellent looking. One can have different backgrounds for the menu and arrange each bar in a different color. The result is a beautiful phone that looks stylish.


On a more serious front, Nokia Lumia 930 can serve a number of functions that are important in the daily life of an individual. For instance, it has a feature that enables one to access lists with the different types of activities that run through the day. A user can have a shopping list reminder that updates itself for daily needs; it has a gym roster, hair day appointments, meetings and so forth. It is impossible to forget about an activity when one uses this phone. The automatic updates are useful to people who take medication. The updates are different from daily reminders because they do not have to be set all the time. Furthermore, the phone has an incredibly fast internet accessibility rate and automatically connects itself to any Wi-Fi available environments. For people who eminently rely on the internet, this could be the right choice of phone. Lumia 930 also has Microsoft Word features that make the life of students like me easier. One can access all documents in word from their emails, read them and even make changes to them. All that is substantially required is the download of a pdf viewer. In the same manner, documents can be downloaded from the internet and be saved directly in the phone memory. Many people would love to have phones that have big storages and can accommodate a lot of information. Nokia Lumia 930 can store up to 32GB of information in its internal memory. Also to consider is the high sensitivity of the touch screen that makes the phone a delight to use. For instance, typing messages during chats is made easier by the super sensitive screen.

Fun factor

Now, this is the most exciting and intriguing part when it comes to this cell phone. The feature I adore the most is the fact that it can tap into any music around and give information on the title and artist. There are times when people hear songs that they like but do not have information about them. The phone above provides a feature that enables users to tap any music around them. It provides details of the song such as the artist name, title and sometimes, where it can be found. The feature makes this phone ideal for young people who are enthusiastic about entertainment. Moreover, Lumia 930 has an HD camera with 1.2 MP ranges. What this denotes is that it can take pictures in a high range with a clear distinction. The pictures are always beautiful and bright. They make the phone ideal for taking images that are meant to commemorate happy times. The pictures can also automatically form slides, which make them good for documentation. They can be turned into videos or motion pictures. The camera is good for parties, family dinners, and graduations and so forth. The images it produces are so bright and clear that they do not warrant editing. The age of young people and self-taking pictures makes this phone ideal for the youth. It has a front camera that warrants it easy and fun for such an endeavor. In fact, one can post a picture in social media while it is being taken. There is also the feature that enables peer to peer sharing without having to connect the phone to Bluetooth. All it takes is placing the phones together and one can receive a picture, video, and applications. The sound system is good and ideal for headphones; one can watch movies, chat across many different platforms and so forth. In essence, this phone is perfect for a young person that is in constant need of excitement.


The phone is useful for the varied functions that have been discussed above. The other useful aspects that make it stand out include the long battery life and sustainability. Most phones that are characterized by many applications tend to run out of battery quickly. However, most Nokia phones are different. The battery has the life of up to one day when the phone if fully functional. For a touch screen, that is a lot of battery life. Therefore, a user can have it for a whole day, play music, chat with friends, but the battery would still last. It can save a user from a lot of inconveniences because of its ability to maintain battery use. Besides, Nokia Lumia can sustain a lot of adversities. For instance, it may fall and would still function albeit a few cracks. The screen has been made to sustain significant falls without breaking or losing sensitivity. These are some of the reasons that make Nokia Lumia 930 an excellent phone for use.


The above reasons make Lumia 930 a good phone. I have no regrets in buying the phone that has served me for one and a half years. However, if I were to even remotely change something about the phone; it would be to make it easy for use. The phone is hard to operate and would sometimes require a user to consult the manual. Before an individual gets used to it, it can take a while. I would not recommend it for a person without patience of who is attracted to simplicity.

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