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Published: 2020/11/22

The injustice between men and women exists in many aspects. Consequently, in terms of crimes too, the injustice can be witnessed. The crime, which is committed, by either men or women is the similar in its intensity and severity. However, the rules and regulations of the both gender differ in many ways.
The police officers cannot arrest the women after sunset and before sunset. This law is devised for the protection of women because the policeman can misuse the woman who is arrested for committing a crime (Vadackumchery, 2000). Moreover, some policemen used to arrest the prostitutes at night hours and misuse them sexually. Hence, this law, which forbids the arrest of women during night hours, is valid keeping the nature and hunger of policemen for the women. Conversely, this gives rise to gender inequality between men and women. This is because a pickpocket, which is a woman, cannot be arrested red handed if she is committing the crime during the night hours. The policeman would have to chase the criminal until morning to get her arrested. This leads to the escape of the criminal from the hands of the policemen. On the hand, if the police officer accompanies the women police then the women can be arrested for the night hours. It also restricted to not to arrest the women if only men are present in the police. The male police cannot abide by the law, therefore, cannot arrest the women conducting crime and let the criminal escape just before their eyes (Self, 2003).
On other hand, the bail issue has a leniency towards the female criminal as compared to the policeman (Slack, 2012). Bail is often provided to the women offenders as compared to men. This law can be equalized between the men and women because the bail can give to the male offenders too, excluding those certain conditions where the bail has to be refused. Women have many powers of gender justice, which is considered as the benefit for the female criminal. The crime law shows very lenient attitude towards the women. In order to provide, gender dignity and the gender-based justice, the criminal law has produced the certain leniency. This leads to gender discrimination among the men and women. Hence, women commit crime without the fear of the law since, every common person is aware if the rules of crime.
The fact is that not in all cases women are at the positive side in an offense against a man. However, the women have no trust in the male dominant justice system. Therefore, it is demanded that women police should investigate the women and women lawyers and judges should handle the case. The women tend to think that they will not attain justice if men are incorporating the case. The women think that in the men based justice system will always give verdict in the favor of men only. Women are not taken into the job of investigators, prosecutors, and judges for the female offenders because the manner of the job is not suitable for them. Women are thought to be indulged in raising children and looking after the house chores (Vadackumchery, 2000). The women have taken this negative as gender discrimination in the justice system against the women. Likewise, it's noted that as females have no trust on male justice system, then men do not have the trust on the prosecutors and investigators who are females. Women require respect to their gender during prosecution and investigation of the offenders. Furthermore, they require respect when they are engaged in the trial of any offense. Subsequently, women gender respect and gender justice can be provided if the men and women officers are selected by examining their gender values. A crime is a crime no matter who is responsible for the crime. Similarly, the crime should be considered as its intensity if the women or men commit it. Moreover, the victim gender should also not affect the crime and justice intensity. The criminal should be punished according the crime committed. The police itself do not hold any enforcement against the crimes committed. Therefore, if the male commits the crime, police officers must not treat the male criminals badly and dignity should be maintained as the gender dignity of women is taken into consideration. Moreover, if the male officer can mistreat the women during an investigation, then it is a fact that the female officers might misbehave men offenders. Hence, both genders must be considered equally in the regard of punishment and no leniency against the female offender must be provided extra. Women offenders must undergo all tough punishment and shall not be given sympathy.
Although the female offenders could have faced the male police officers mistreatment, that is why such laws for women are formed. However, the fact must be taken into consideration that female criminal can take advantage of this laws. Therefore, gender-based justice should be formulated.

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