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Hybrid electric vehicle is the combination of hybrid and electric vehicle. This type of technology possesses an internal combustion engine and electric propulsion system.the hybrid electric vehicle is significant for the saving of the fuel cost because it contains electric powertrain which is better in the aspect of fuel economy as compared to the conventional vehicle. Hybris electric vehicles have been developed in many types which include cars, trucks, buses, and tractors.
The military people have been wondering for the use of this technology in the defense vehicles in order to contribute to the economy of fuel utilization. Therefore, innovation in the armed vehicles is been conducted in which the use of hybrid electric drives is significant. Engineers from the automotive industries of defense and manufacturer fro civilians agree to the new designs of engines for the beneficial use of the military. Consequently, the consumption of new technology of engine provides less fuel usage, reliability, and a good range. According to the a report of US in 2007, the department of defense consumes 4.6 billion gallons of fuel every year for the armed vehicles. On the other hand, 12.6 million gallons of fuel gets consumed within a day. In order to reduce the economic burden due to the fuel usage in defense, the department has adopted the fuel production from plant resources but it does not help much in this regard1.
Subsequently, the technology of hybrid electric drives was tested by the US army Ground Combat Vehicle program which indicated that the BAE system on which the hybrid electric vehicles are based upon, is successful to complete 2000 miles in the test. These hybrid electric drives are wheel adopted in the world of civil people. Likewise, it can enable the defense system as well. Military vehicles are subjected to work at difficult conditions and wide environmental and
terrain situations. Therefore, the system should be innovated, in this case. For this purpose, the hybrid electric drive possessed two engines associated with the two batteries ad generator. This kind of set-up enables the working of vehicle from a single engine for more efficient usage of fuel, or it can work by drawing power from both engines. In the terrain or difficult environmental conditions, the working can be shifted to use two engines which are supplemented with the coupled two batteries. In this way, these vehicles can withstand extreme conditions during the military missions.
The BAE system is beneficial for military and if it gets adopted, the department of defense can save up to 20% of the total fuel cost in comparison to the use of the conventional vehicles lodge with ordinary propulsion system. In addition to this, the electric motor used in the hybrid electric drive provides fast acceleration, and the tanks which are converted to the electric mode can be onset within a short time. this allows the tanks to start on quietly at night, and the heat traces could be minimized from the battlefield. Furthermore, this technology in military vehicles will incorporate 40% fewer moving parts. Consequently, the time required for the maintenance of the parts decreases and the lifetime cost of the vehicle is elevated2.

Hence, the adaptation of hybrid electric drives can be advantageous for the department of defense.

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