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The meaning of life is a philosophical category, reflecting the long-term, stable, inner conviction of the fact that every person has public and private value of a task that is implemented in its social activities. This task is determined by the system of social relations, goals and interests of society, and the free choice of the individual.
It is impossible to find the meaning of life for all times and nations, because along with the universal, eternal truths, it includes something specific, something as the aspirations of the people of any given era. The meaning of life is opened to everyone in different ways. The content of the purpose of life is changing not only depending on the historical conditions of human existence, but also on its age characteristics: one goal in his youth, in adulthood and old age they are different. Only we ourselves, consciously or spontaneously, intentionally or unintentionally by most of our methods of life that we choose, give our life the meaning, thus, choose and build our human essence.
In the life of each typical individual at some point or another there comes a period when he ponders about the limit of his individual presence at this planet. Individual gives off an impression of being the main animal that is mindful of its mortality, and may make it the subject of theory. The certainty he could call his own passing is seen by an individual not as a theoretical truth, however causes a compelling enthusiastic stun, influences the very profundities of his inward world.(Frank, 2010)
The main response that takes after the acknowledgment he could call his own mortality, can be a feeling of misery and perplexity, even frenzy. Overcoming this feeling, man, for the rest of his life, weighed down by the knowledge of the coming of his own death.
Moreover, this knowledge, although in most situations in life, lies hidden in the depths of consciousness, it is, nevertheless, fundamental to the subsequent development of the spiritual side of any human. The existence of such knowledge in the spiritual experience of man largely explains the sharpness with which he was faced with the question of the meaning and purpose of life.(Frank, 2010)
For a lot of people opinions on this issue appear to be a starting point in the development of what is called the main "line" of life, subordinating themselves behavior at different levels, whether society as a whole, or co-workers, or family, or close friends. Deviations from this "line" often lead to painful moral collisions in the life of a person, and its loss leads to the moral, or even physical death of a person.
The reason and significance of individual existence of every individual is nearly connected with social thoughts and activities that focus the reason and importance of mankind's history, a general public in which individuals live and work, humankind all in all, its reasons, and, in this manner, the obligation on the Earth and in the universe. This obligation unmistakably diagrams the limits of what could be possible and what can not be carried out under any circumstances.(Ellis, 2011)
Find the answer to the question: "What is the meaning of life?" - means to define its target destination. Depending on what goal you are pursuing at a particular stage of life, and changing the meaning of your life. If at the age of 25 years you set yourself the task to earn as much money as it is possible, you feel life the life is full of meaning with each new major transaction growing. But if in twenty years you will find that the money were earned at the expense of harmony in family relationships or health, the past few years will seem meaningless to you, or at least will make sense only in part.(Ellis, 2011)
One thing that is clear is that human life should be meaningful. Life without sense means that a person deprived of deep inner motivation that makes him weak. Weakness, lack of goals interfere with a person to resist adverse life situations, to take their destiny into their own hands.(Klemke, 1981)
Such a person becomes easily manageable, because the lack of meaning in life deprives strong vital criteria. The person that has no meaning of life very often substitutes its goals and desires with goals and desires of strangers. As a result, suffers his personality, person’s abilities and talents remain to be locked somewhere deep inside.
Psychologists also point out that the reluctance or inability to find the meaning of life are the basis of many mental disorders and illnesses, depression, neuroses, are one of the causes of suicide, crime, alcoholism and drug addiction.
Therefore, any person always, consciously or not, seeks to find a problem in the field of life. Gradually the whole carousel of transient values and desires brings a person to answer the main question: «What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of meaning and goal of all goals?»
The answer to this question every man is doomed to find by himself both through intelligent research and based on life experience. There is even a view that the meaning of life is to find meaning in life. For sure, human life has purpose. And the secret of happiness or unhappiness of man is directly related to the extent to which his life was consistent with this purpose.


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