Texting And Driving Argumentative Essay Examples

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The act of texting while driving involves the driver, the motor vehicle, and the cell phone being used to send the message. As such, it is important to define all that driving entails while texting. Motor vehicle refers to any vehicle, drawn by automated power or self-propelled, operated and designed primarily for use on a federal, state or local road. Additionally, driving refers to operating a vehicle on a road, including when on standby because of a traffic signal, traffic congestion, and a stop sign. Equally, text messaging refers to sending, entering or reading of information on any handheld device. Similarly, handheld devices include laptop computers, navigational tools, cell phones, and various electronic devices. In addition, most drivers use Short Message Service (SMS) to send instant messages, e-mailing, and electronic retrieval of information. As such, texting while driving is the act of sending, writing, viewing, or reading text messages on a cell phone while driving a vehicle. Equally, texting and driving at the same time is a moving violation of the traffic and in particular jurisdictions it could be a criminal offense.

Causes and Effects of Texting while Driving

In the current world text messaging has become prevalent because it is the convenient way of sending a text message. Equally, it is easier and faster to send an individual a text message that is brief rather than making a call. Similarly, contemporary handsets can receive and send texts, making it a suitable communicating method. Furthermore, most people use their handsets while driving as a result of peer pressure, age, and culture. For instance, when a teen receives a text message from a fellow teen there is a high probability that he/she will answer the text while driving. Equally, when an individual is texting and driving at the same time, he is automatically distracted from driving. Similarly, texting while driving can cause serious accidents on the roads leading to injury and the loss of many lives.
Distractive Driving manifests in different forms depending on what the driver is doing. First, there is the manual distraction that happens when the driver removes both or one hand on the wheel to text someone using a cell phone. Second, there is the visual distraction that happens when the driver looks at the phone to read a text instead of looking at the road. Third, there is mental or cognitive distraction that happens when the mind of the driver focuses on texting rather than driving.

Measures Taken to Prohibit Texting while Driving

Laws regarding texting while driving emanate from local and state governments (counties and municipalities). Different laws prohibit an individual from using any electronic device to read, send or write messages while driving. Consequently, it is dangerous for a driver to drive while texting instant messages, emails, and other internet based messages. On the other hand, various federal employees’ enacted federal laws to prohibit driving while texting. Similarly, the legal implication of texting while driving depends on various local and state laws. In addition, the danger that comes when drivers stop looking at the road to send, type or read a message has made driving while texting laws to multiply.
These laws are meant to punish and correct drivers that use mobile phones that are handheld. However, some states have not banned texting while driving in totality but they only prohibit young drivers below the age of 18 years. Equally, some governments do not have any laws regarding texting while driving for every driver; however, they limit public transit and school bus drivers. For example, the legislature of Washington State passed a law stating that any individual operating a moving motor vehicle; while using a wireless electronic communications device to write, read, or send a text message, is guilty of infraction of the traffic. Furthermore, punishment for driving while texting offenses differs by jurisdiction. The punishments comprise of fines that increase depending on the number of times a driver repeats the mistake. Equally, some government’s laws demand that drivers that seriously repeat the offense could face jail time. Similarly, when driving while texting is a contributing factor to an accident, the police may charge the driver with serious violations like reckless driving.


In reality, when a driver starts to text while driving, the eyes will look on the phone leaving the vehicle to move on the road without eyes. As such, various studies indicate that teenage drivers’ accidents and deaths are more because of distracted driving than drunk driving. To stem the problem of texting while driving government agencies should work with the transportation industry and other safety organizations. They should join hands in educating and informing the public regarding the dangers of driving while distracted by handsets. Equally, States should facilitate and identify innovative technologies that enhance information sharing about the risks of distracted driving. Additionally, parents should lead by example through driving without texting because children like to emulate the behavior of their parents.

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