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Personal Leadership Analysis

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Personal leadership analysis

A leader needs to have the capability to motivate others and to lead from the forefront, in desired directions. Assessments on one’s abilities and their ways appear essential for leaders to verify whether they follow the right path as well as to ensure effectiveness. Analysis of my leadership, which includes, what type of leader I am; my ways to motivate peers and colleagues and how I conduct myself as change agent in healthcare and healthcare policy were made and is presented in detail.
Type of leader - I consider myself as a visionary who have clear cut idea about what I need to acquire as well as for the organization in which I work with. I explore and research on the possibilities for developing personal as well as organizational goals and objectives. I take decisions with a long term perspective and I aim to bring about sustainability. I set futuristic goals and objectives that are achievable and try to make the path clear for accomplishing these goals and objectives in a timely manner. I encourage and support my colleagues, subordinates and the whole team to work together, better performances as well as to achieve goals. I understand change is an inevitable component in the journey and have developed skills to manage change effectively. I communicate openly with the team and convince all the members about the need for change, at organizational as well as individual levels. I am willing to try out new and innovative ideas and adopt a more flexible approach. I guide and lead people in to attaining individual, group and organizational goals. I consider serving others rather than serving my own self interests. As a leader I give top priority for empowerment and related activities as I consider it essential for building up efficient individuals. Special efforts are taken to develop and maintain perfect power relationships in the organization. I consider it important to follow certain morals, principles and to stick to the ethical code of conduct. I always made it a point to act rationally and in acceptable ways, when dealing with difficult situations in life.

Individuals and groups need to be given right levels of motivation in order to keep them on track with regard to performing their tasks and responsibilities. I consider it as my responsibility to keep the whole team motivated to function properly and encourage them to put in their efforts. I always try to spread positive energy around people who approaches me, which in turn could motivate the people to act responsibly. I have made the communication channels to be flawless and I encourage both top down and bottom up communication. I have made myself approachable and available to all my colleagues and peers at all times. I treat all employees equally well and special care is taken for avoid any form of partiality from my part. I listen to them regularly; understand their problems and takes necessary steps to bring about amicable solutions that are acceptable to the majority. I also take the suggestions from my peers, colleagues and my subordinates and try to better my efforts as well. I am always very sensitive to the issues or problems encountered by the fellow employees and help them in dealing with the problem. Efforts are taken to appreciate the good works or services done by each individual and they are rightly rewarded based on their performances. They are given opportunity for career growth and encourage them to grow and perform to their potential. Learning environment is developed in the organization and there are regular empowerment sessions for the employees in view to equip them to perform their tasks and responsibilities. I have taken special steps for actively engaging all the employees in different organizational activities including decision making, based on their expertise and experience. Developing proper relationship with the employees was given top priority and a good functional relationship was maintained throughout.
Innovative style in motivating others – I always try to set an example for others and never ever force them to do independently. That is, I would personally be doing the tasks to understand the practical difficulties that could be encountered by the employees at different junctures. Special efforts would be taken for identifying the solutions to the problems. I take it a point to be with everyone when in need and always give an ear for complaints, opinions, suggestions, grievances, etc. Each good suggestion and opinion by the employees would be rewarded appropriately. Promotes a more interactive environment and make it very informal with the view to help individuals in to expressing their needs, difficulties, etc.
Change agent in healthcare and healthcare policy – I am a leader who recognises and understands the need for change and wish to be a good facilitator of change in our organization. Healthcare industry is service oriented and so special efforts are taken to ensure that change management is effected without major upsets in the service function. I understand the inevitability of change and ensure that change management initiatives are accepted by the employees. All the employees are rightly informed of the need for change and prepare them to perform their altered tasks and responsibilities. I am always ready to find out new, innovative and easy ways for effecting change appropriately. Ensures that changes are made at the right time and helps people in to accomplishing the change management objectives. I was always right there with the employees to help them accomplish the altered service goals effectively and without fail. I provide the employees the source of inspiration to aim high and think differently and help them in their way to achieve greater heights.
Conclusion – Assessments on my personal leadership were done and it was seen that I am a leader with vision and helps the employees in to accepting and accomplishing their goals and objectives. I was considered an effective change agent who has facilitated change in rightful ways.

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