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The north park windshield survey involves the evaluation of north park community as well as the local neighborhood to collect and analyze various information. The survey majorly focus on the valuable information that could help understand the community better for example; the geographical assessment of an area, demographic characteristics, services, economical practices and the population of North Park as a community.


The north park community is situated on northern east of Balboa Park and surrounded by Interstate 805 to the east, park Boulevard to the west, the rim of Mission Valley and on the southern part of Juniper Street. There has designation of a number of areas to historic district within the survey boundary and even some are in the process of the historic designation documentation.
North Park was among the communities in the proximity to the city center that corresponded to the dynamic growth of San Diego and the consequential housing needs between1900-1930. However, this made the north park region highly populated with the largely residential area with over 95% of the contributing resources dedicated to housing. Hence, the housing styles looked good with single family residence taking approximately 65% of the total population of North Park area (Gabbert, 2011).
The multi-family resources constitute a wider variety of building types due to continued growth in popularity as well as response housing demand. In another word a number of originally single-family homesteads have been segmented into multiple units; hence improving the condition of north park area which also extended to its neighborhood. North Park `s streets and avenue majorly consist of housing and commercial types with similar sizes, setbacks, and same building sizes; thus makes the north park area look more uniform and its condition also seems well kept.


The population of North Park community, their race and ethnicity are more explained by the homeless veteran`s which was documented since the mid- 1980s about the entire region and communities that borders it. Unfortunately, many homeless veterans encounter a lot of problems dealing with security, the most basic of human needs and services. However, trend and growth closely parallel to that of the United States. However, the population growth was a primarily force in the developmental history North Park as it dramatically expanded, this to extreme ends let to an equal demand for community activities, for example, churches, schools, and business demand. Inclusively this demand makes the north park streets largely populated majorly by human beings as well as animals for business productivity. As illustrated by the City of San Diego Redevelopment Agency North Park area have analytical project that emphasize on rehabilitation and revitalization of the health centers, mixed-uses in the transit corridors formation and even the residential areas at large.
Concerning the health part of the North Park community, the domains of the vulnerable population the homeless require extensive and intensive medical and nonmedical services. For example, the constructed tower which was completed in 1924 which helps in the water supply of the area of north park and even to the neighborhood. In addition to this there are some fewer hospitals in the area of north park but majorly there are a number of clinics which are well equipped; however due to large population growth and homeless people in the area and its surrounding. These few resources undergo depletion hence making the health condition in North Park area on the average side (McDougall & Prior, 2011).
The people of North Park region are majorly Christians which is more evidenced by the presence of the Lutheran churches. The history of churches and synagogues in North Park area and its neighborhood openly elaborates the growth and development, expansion and existence of the religions in the community. Many churches present in the North Park region makes it a home of a wide variety of religious denominations, for example the presence of Harmonial Institute for reeducation, which has been reconstructed and named as Revival Time Community Church.


In the transportation sector, north park has a well expanded electric streetcar which provides convenient and affordable transportation between the city, sub estates and even to the neighborhood community. Hence, this also leads to the development of streetcar lines in the north park, which created a greater framework around which the entire community become organized. This streetcar lines continued the rectilinear grid and also contributed to the establishment of the city. On the other hand, the presence of the streetcar also influenced widely the subdivision of the rectilinear of the land and individual parcels. The streetcar lines also have delineated the sub estates for commercial and residential development as well as the majority proceeds the minority in the allocation of the commercial along the lines (Rana, 2010).
There are a number of these means of transportation in North Park a part from the streetcars and streetcar lines, for example, Spreckels` railway company. However, the spreckel which is the major railway company in the entire area of North Park and its surrounding purchased this streetcar lines and mold it to a better means of transportation. This enhances a lot of ease to other commercial activities as well as means of communication in the north park area making it easier for its development. There is also some new development in the north park which is major a new type of commercial landscape in response to the automobile, the gas stations built at a convenient intervals which helps the travelers to fill up their gas and also to help them check the air in their tires.
The public schools in North Park were majorly the elementary school according its history; these were the universities; for example Heights elementary school which located in the vicinity of EI Cajon and Park of the northern boulevard. This school was relocated to site of present day Garfield elementary schools, located at Oregon Street and Monroe Avenue, this help a larger population from the north park to be literate as many as they are highly populated. The elementary schools also have a lot of benefits to the surrounded neighborhood where they all get basic and critical education. According to ethics perspective people from north park as well as from the neighborhood gets moral ethics from these elementary schools, this more beneficial in the unity of the North Park people and also with so from the neighborhood (Easton, 2010).
Services in the North Park region are not good as compared to that of America. However the people in these zones are also well trained and offer better services to the people. For instance, there are qualified teachers who teach in the universities, in an addition to the presence of the subordinate staff employed by different institutions of learning. Fortunately, there are trained doctors and nurses in hospitals as well as in the clinical centers, who provide good services to their people with a lot of dedication and good motives as they are morally upright and adhere to the medical rules and regulation as well as medical code of conduct. The people from North Park also provide logical services to neighborhood as they are more educated compared to those from the surround; for instant major libraries were located in the street town of major zones of the area.


The establishment of business in North Park responded positively to the needs of residents of the area. There existed clustered pattern of shops mainly located on two blocks to the eastern part of the Park Boulevard on University Avenue which included a bakery, barber shop, grocery, as well as harness and saddler. These existing retail service activities typical relate to those of the early neighborhood businesses but continued to evolve along and enhance the development and expansion of the streetcar lines, the major means of transport in the North Park regions and to the entire neighborhood as well.
The economic status of the area is more defined with the type of good structured buildings situated in the major urban area, where most trading activities occur. Moreover people who are majorly concerned with the development of commercial activities and the investment of the area not the rooted people of north park. The commercial build houses were located in a town of the area with some few shops scattered on the rural areas, but these were not the only buildings present in north park region also well-built homesteads. However in town basically economical level is higher than the surrounding where businesses such as recreational, educational, clubs, tourism site and even the well known industrial business. The examples of those who developed the area to become the city of San Diegon to its present state were majorly the devotee from foreign states. For example the Ostrich farm which was initially in Coronado, opened in 1887 on the half block on the avenue that exist between the ninth and tenth streets, the owner was a foreigner Harvey Bentley who leased the ground as the only consideration for the small entrance fee charged as a way to keep on the ostriches (Narayan, 2009).
The ostrich feathers are of great benefit to the traders both local and international, where during the exchange or business transaction they get united promoting a sense motivation and ethical code conducts. On the hand just inside the North Park survey area there is a silk mill located on Adams Avenue, just to the west of Park Boulevard and the mission cliff garden, the people of north park developed more interest in silk which was more encouraged and empowered by the chamber of commerce. On motivating side the people who have no participated much and even started raising silk worms in their backyards as a source meeting their basic need, gradually they got the roots into the industry and affords being in the stable ground like others with white color jobs. These industries have a lot of positivity to the entire people of north park and the surroundings.


The windshield survey around the entire north park and its neighborhood or surround as covered a lot of valuable information to the existing population. The study majorly involve the descriptive nature of several phenomena based on the geographical assessment of an area, this include the major four geographical boundaries of North Park as whole and its surroundings areas as well, demographical characteristic which also involves; the study of ethnicity or race of in the area of survey, as well as the entire observation of the services offered in an area of study. In addition the people of north park are more involve in economic activities; for example they have more developed recreational facilities, well-developed industries, business buildings as well tourism facilities.


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