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Management team of bullet-proof Corporation

Bulletproof management team is geared towards creating an invariable platform of high competitive edge. The team that consists of various professionals who are drawn from various fields of experience have the objective of creating a formidable management body that will pull the whole company towards a competitive advantage through proper strategic management. As it stands right now, the management team is deemed to having a higher stance of operational efficiency due to the fact that individuals have had experience from various institutions that they had worked before (Samonas, 2015). Given the vast knowledge that they have, it is quite imperative to not that the combined efforts that the management team will input will see the company move to greater heights. One of the main concerns that the management team is quite keen on is the kind of employees that are to work for the company. it has been clearly outlined in their memorandum that the recruitment of the other employees will be purely based on merit and competence. This gives the company an upper hand for it is through this strictness in recruitment that they will come up with a qualified staff that will be able to move the company to greater heights. to this point in term, the aim of the company management team is to ensure that job description for each employee is clearly outlined and that the proposition of high quality delivery of work is of great essence here. The pertinent staff consists of;


The current chairperson of the Bulletproof Corporation will be StepheWilks. He owns different Bachelor’s Degree and Master Degree in Business Administrations. He has attained over 20 years of experiences in the Telecommunication industry in various industries as follows Hong Kong Telecom, British Telecom, and Nextgen Network. He has worked as CEO of the Australia’s first competitive wholesale DSL provider. He has also been appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Service Stream Limited and 3Q Holdings Limited. His records also shows that he has been an adviser to a number of private equity backed technology companies (Flynn, 2010).
As the chairperson of board, Stephe is mandated to deliver duties such mobilization of funds for the corporation, delegation of duties to other junior staffs and also the supervisory role in the firm. He owns an exceptional knowledge in planning, organizing, coordinating, rewarding and evaluating the business performance which he uses to the advantages of the Bulletproof Corporation.

Chief Executive Director

Anthony Woodward is to be the Executive Director of the Bulletproof Corporation. He has a bachelor Degree in computer science. He also has inborn business knowledge and a passion for exploring more in the business field. He has quoted to have participated in the development of the business strategy, management, and rapid growth trajectory.
His best area of delivery in the corporation is coordination of duties among the staffs. He also helps in linking the form to other potential international market. He was instrumental in the reverse listing of bulletproof onto the ASX in 2014, and the corporation is hopeful that he will continue to drive and execute on strategy.

COO Executive Director

Bulletproof corporation hired Lorenzo Modesto as the coo executive director. He has over 15 years of experience in the internet industry. He has worked in the capacity to oversee the growth of bulletproof to higher levels, striving for excellence in recruitment and operational improvement (Samonas, 2015).

Non-executive Director

David Peterson has an exceptional knowledge of the management and operational skills in the business. He has worked very professionally in the position of the non-executive director to the bulletproof corporation. David is known as the director of several listed exploration companies in many parts of the world. He has been very instrumental in the oversight role within the business.

Secretary and the CFO.

The management team of bulletproof corporation highly valued the contribution of women. Kylie Turner has worked with the bulletproof since 2010 on finance management. She has also scored excellent in her duties of improving key financial reporting and forecasting tools, implementation of key HR policies and company secretariat duties (Samonas, 2015).

Staffing levels

Bulletproof corporation is deemed to be a trusted firm in the continent. Several highly skilled personnel are privileged to be associated with the output products of bulletproof. It employs staffs with different qualification in different level of production. Some of the few mentioned staffing levels in bulletproof involves dedicated account manager and sales support. This dedicated account manager helps in fostering a strong public relation of the firm and other partners (Flynn, 2010).
There are also other staffs mandated with the administrative roles of the company. This leadership role is majorly delivered by the board of directors with the combined efforts of other junior staffs at different levels of management. They form the governing policy of the corporation and helps in strengthening the interaction of the firm with other interested partners.
Security personnel is another very important level of staff in the bulletproof corporation. They deliver their duties with the help of legal team of the corporation. They oversee on the security of the firm and even the welfare of other staffs (Ryan, 2014).

Growth of staffing

Bulletproof has emerged the fastest growing Australia's technology companies. It has received several awards from the state and other honorable persons in the world. The management team is for this reason firmly committed to making the corporation the best place to be. This objective has result to a constant increase in the growth of staffs.
It is true that successful persons always push for the best whereas striving for the best may affect the health of the workers. Bulletproof corporation has designed a healthy program for its staffs which enabled them to work in a healthy and cool environment with minimal stress. This has resulted in a maximum growth of staffs in the firm (Cooke, 2002).
The board of management welcome different ideologies and opinion in the company. Every employee has the freedom to air their mind freely without fear of intimidation. This has made the firm be a very good ground for the employees. Most of the staff will not wait to renew their contracts for another new term.
Members and partners of the bulletproof corporation always come up with new ideas and innovation that help them gain more experience and the career growth that they yawn for. This has made many staffs to excel in their careers thus improving the output of the company. Remarkable growth of staffs has been observed in point of production (Samonas, 2015).

Facilities and locations

The main objective of the firm in terms of location is to strategically place its products in those areas that are easily accessible by those who need shooting services, given the time. Given the proposition that most persons who require these services are those persons who live in urban centers, the city of Ontario will be one of the best places to place one of the biggest outlets. Again is essential to note that these locations would be considering the proximity will the army patrol bases where these army officers could be in need of our services from time to time (Ryan, 2014). At this point in time, it is important to acknowledge the fact the provision of shooting services is a whole new experience that most businessmen fear and hence it is quite profitable for that matter. A cost benefit analysis done that would be try to find out the real location of the place of business for the firearms would show a short term loss but in the long end, it will show a long term higher profitability stance since the initial cost might be high that cannot be recovered by short period of time (Cooke, 2002). The facility will be well equipped and offer state of the art indoor and outdoor shooting ranges complimented by a café that offers refreshments and snacks to promote a safe, friendly and comfortable environment. The café will also act as a joint where most senior people from their shooting experience would share some good moment. In this sense, the feeling of shooting experience will be punctuated by the invariable social satisfaction that the café would bring along.
The initial phase of the rollout will involve one facility with limited firearms sales with future expansion into customized firearms and ammunition. Bullet Proof will be increasing our inventory of multiple models and caliber firearms. The next step in the business journey will be to establish credible brand name and progress into franchise opportunities with the goal of penetrating the entire state of Texas. The current business model involves five partners, and the business will be started on the northwest side of San Antonio. The Bullet-Proof Corporation will own the land, and the total investment in the facility should not exceed 5 million dollars. Bullet-Proof will offer exclusive membership and military discounts. Customers can enroll our exclusive Bullet-Proof club online and receive exclusive deals and offers. We project steady growth with revenue increasing every quarter as we make our presence known in the weapons and shooting sports industry (Gong, 2013).

Production plans

Bulletproof company has projected it production run to 1000 guns semiannually. This production run is deemed to meet the market growth and demand. As it stands now, the current market growth is at 6%. This is moderately high. In this sense, the company is projecting to take this advantage and capture this market as it is still green. Hotel services at each and every shooting site are strictly aimed at increasing the demand for these respective services with a view to expanding the production runs (Cooke, 2002). Additionally, the shooting services are to be expanded even to the interior suburbs where these firearms are available. The expansion of these services coupled with increased. Given this kind of rational, the company through it production manager given out the statistics of how the production is deemed to occur for the period of 2015 till 2019. This is shown in the graph below.
Fig1.0 projection on production for the years 2015- 2019
Looking at the projection above, the company is deemed to grow in its costs of production. The plan for acquisition of more fund lies in the fact that the company shall have acquired some profit which it will plough back into the company with a view to making more profits owing to the high sense of market growth that is depicted in 6% (Ryan, 2014).
The market growth of the industry in which bullet-proof company is 6% this is expected to increase exponentially because the market is still green and at the same time has restrictive measures. In this point of reasoning, the company can monopolize the industry since it has qualified personnel who knows how to carry out their activities in a well-accorded manner (Pasavento, 2014). It is also true that the capital net worth of the company for the business venture is quite high, and this hinders many investors from investing in it yet the bullet-proof company can acquire this cash. This gives the firm the opportunity to be at a higher competitive edge.

Production capacity

The production capacity, as stated earlier, is deemed to be 1000 firearms annually. Additionally, this projection is deemed to fluctuate with fluctuations depicted by the various economic indicators of the industry. Additionally, the company is deemed to use a perpetual inventory system such that there will minimal stock out costs (Samonas, 2015). Economic order quantity analysis is quite critical here in making sure that there are no stock-out costs incurred. The graph shows the trend in which the production capacity is going to be varied tentatively over the years 2015 -1019.


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