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Published: 2020/10/08

The Issue of Overpopulation in the Modern Era of the 21st Century

The issue of overpopulation is attaining a global stature with the passage of time, and therefore, equally enlarged system’s thinking is required in order to manage the challenge that entire humanity has to confront before ensuring its survival into the years that are yet to come. The trend of overpopulation creates economic issues that are in turn becoming reasons for growing costs of real estate, and in underdeveloped parts of the world, people are dying because of under-nutrition and malnutrition as well. The birth control medical regimes used by the Chinese have to be implemented on a global level so that magnificent results can be achieved on an international ground. The role of international associations and institutions is going to be the most valuable one in terms of managing the abovementioned demon of population growth.
The globe has to consider the need to integrate socialistic values in order to enhance the quality of life in all parts of the world. The time is nearing when humans have to embrace the dormant concept of global citizenship behavior that impresses the individuals living in the world to consider themselves as the members of internationally integrated society. The issue of overpopulation does not appear to be of severe nature when one studies that in detail. The capitalistic mindset is killing away the residue of humanity from those who call themselves crown of creation, and their actions do not stand witness for the previously discussed baseless claim. However, the industries have sufficient financial power and strategic strength in order to change the lives of those who live in less fortunate geographical locations of the world. The executives of technological giants are reaping millions of dollars in the name of remunerations, and that kind of money can make a huge difference in the lives of the suffering humanity.
The problem of overpopulation is not a very serious (Ellis, Overpopulation Is Not the Problem), but the global authorities have made it a big deal because they have failed regarding their duties of planning economic and fiscal rescue of the world (Tal, Overpopulation Is Still the Problem). Most of the world’s theological backgrounds stand in the favor of God’s concept, and those who do not share the image of divinity cannot escape from the admission of the reality that Mother Nature does provide enough resources that managers can use in order to fulfill the needs of all humanity in general. However, the overpopulation is created due to behavioral and ethical dilemmas that are rather prevalent in the personalities of the 1% who are extremely fortunate to live dream lives on the face of this Earth.
The religious teachings of Christianity stems out of the humanistic value of sharing, but in global world of modern times, one cannot help noticing that elite economic class of the society does not want to give their fortune to troubled humanity so overpopulation is not created because of lacking resources. However, the situation is a byproduct of poor management skills of the investors who are referred as shareholders in the literature of management sciences. Investors work in order to secure their self-interest in econometric terms, and therefore, their aim in lives is to maximize the returns. In simpler words, humans have to hold their humanity dearest rather than their professionalism in order to preserve the future of humanistic race.

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