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Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of image file format.

Advantages: PNG image file format is used for compression of images into smaller size of file as compared to the original resolution file. This compression facilitates quick loading of webpages with PNG files. PNG is a relatively new format and is expected to Replace GIF.
Disadvantages: PNG is presently not widely adopted because it a later image file type. The compression in this file type results in loss of resolution similar to the GIF .


Advantages: Similar to PNG file type, the GIF file format is also used for compression of images into smaller size which results in facilitation in quick loading of webpages. Contrary to PNG, the GIF file format is widely used over the internet.

Disadvantages: GIF is expected to be replaced by PNG because in this compression more image quality is lost than PNG.

Advantages: The BMP file format is most commonly used among the raster graphic formats for images. It offers a wide compatibility with various software programs .
Disadvantages: This file format is not considered suitable for webpages due to the reason that no compression results in high file size resulting in slow transfer.


Advantages: This is the most common image file format due to its low size and suitability for webpages. The low file size enables faster file transfers and quick response of webpages upon loading.
Disadvantages: The compression used in this file type results in loss of resolution which turn the quality of images to lower level. The decompression is not possible from JPG’s lower quality to other file formats with higher quality.


Advantages: It allows layered imaging using Photoshop because it is the default format of Photoshop. Layered imaging allows the user to work with images in each layer while editing and compiling the work.
Disadvantages: This type of files have high size due to the layered imaging technique. This file type is only compatible with Photoshop .
Advantages: The only file type for vector graphics image file format for drawings in Adobe Illustrator. Content quality is very good in this file format.
Disadvantages: This file type has very limited use i.e. only in certain set of EPS. This file type only stores limited number of drawn objects and any addition of picture results in large file size .
Create a chart (or table) of the types of images. For each format, list at least advantages and 2 disadvantages.

Describe the differences between Raster and Vector graphics, where and why you would choose one over another.

Raster Graphics
There are several image-editing software programs such as the Adobe Photoshop. These software normally save the output image file in bitmap file format. This bitmap file format is not to be taken in the context of the color mode in Adobe Photoshop with the name of Photoshop Bitmap. The output bitmap images are also known as the raster images. In these images the stored graphics are known as raster graphics. These graphics use a specific gridding technique that consist of very small squares that represent the graphics and for the image through adding together. These small squares of graphics are known as pixels. Each of the pixel in the bitmap images is stored with the allocation of its location in the graphics and it color value. The editing is carried out through changing the color of pixels rather than objects in this type of file format. The raster graphics are used in image editing software that need to store the image in its original form without compression or lowering the quality .

Vector graphics

The vector graphics are quite different from raster graphics. Unlike raster graphics, the vector graphics are stored in form of mathematical objects known as vectors. These vectors are either straight lines or curves defined by corresponding mathematical formula. Vectors graphics are used in drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator. The graphics in this type of category are stored and associated with the geometric properties of the object drawn in the image. The objects in the vector graphics can be moved, resized, and their colors can be easily changed without losing the graphic quality. Vector graphics take considerably smaller storage space as compared to raster graphics .
Describe how image file size can affect the download time of a Webpage and ways that image file size can be reduced.
The image file size depends on the resolution of the image which is measured in terms of pixels in width and height of the image. The higher resolution an image has, the larger the size of the file will be. The loading of webpage depends on the size of the content of the webpage. In most of the webpages, the textual content forms an insignificant part of the webpage size whereas the most part of the size of the webpage consists of the images. If the images are of high resolution then the webpage will be of high size resulting in slow loading of the webpage. Higher resolution of images may be needed only where more details are required by the user. The image file size can be reduced in order to make it suitable for webpage through converting the file from high resolution to lower. Another way is to change the image file format which more efficiently reduces the file size . Webpages can be included with vector graphics in order to reduce the file size and quick loading of the webpage.

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