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Published: 2020/12/13

Aim of this Proposed Research

The aim of this proposal uses scholastic investigation gathering data for assessment determining methods reducing racism among fans and players in football connected to how management plays a role in resolving this sociologically based issue. In doing so, the aim of this proposal looks to gain a greater understanding of the underlying circumstances of the too often violent activity of football fans related to racist attitudes toward players as part of teams and in the games. The aim of this focus further looks to quantifying the extent of the racism and the characteristics such as directed by fans at players and among players themselves on opposing teams as well as by fans of non-whites on the teams they support. The enigma of such anti-social behaviour based on race frames the foundation of the proposal aim in determining the factors behind this type of behaviour in the 21st century.

Objectives of the Proposed Research

The array of fan and player racist behaviour connected to the game of football continues plaguing the industry for decades now. According to Markovits and Rensmann (2010, p. 249) this remains so much so proactive measures took place confronting it as exhibited at the quarterfinal World Cup 2006 Portugal – England game. Not only did the fans use nonstop profanity toward Markovits while sitting in a mainly English fan section but these same fans booing of the Portuguese national anthem along with the “ derision of England captain David Beckham when he—just like his Portuguese counterpart, Luis Figo—read a broad and rather innocuous statement before kick off in which FIFA expressed its desire to ban racism from global football.” It is this specific kind of behaviour still going on today that prods the objectives of this research proposed intends determining the nature of football fan racism toward players in the game of football by:
Reviewing the existing literature on this issue derived from expert perceptions and analysis of football fans and players alike on the issue of racism in the game of football

Assess the extent racism affects players

Gain a better understanding through studying the historical changes of racism in football
Design and use a questionnaire survey for participation by a target sampling of football fans for determining their views about racism in football

Rationale of the Proposal

The shrinking global community and the concern for the need to eliminate the social ill of racism among football fans toward players, teams, and nations the players represent continues growing in awareness and alarm (Australian Sports Commission, 2003: Cleland and Cashmore, 2013; Earl, 2013; Farenet.org., 2015; Football Task Force, 1988; House of Commons Culture, 2012; Pallade et al., 2007; Rienstra, 2010) and the violence incurred in the process puts more focus than ever on gaining a better social science understanding of the near crisis nature of the issue. Further, the global witness to racial discrimination in the game of football now stands at a critical point involving team owners, manager, players, and the government calling for measures ending racially fed behaviour across the board according to Rienstra (2010).
Aligned to the underpinnings of the rationale of this research proposal connects to the need for further analysis to the extent of football fan and player racist behaviour prodding hatred from a global perspective. In this, the situation clearly challenges any idea that indeed, racial discrimination no longer exists according to Earl (2013).

Methodology for Achieving the Objectives

Use of secondary existing literature provides the means for ascertaining the extensive history of racism in football found in books and peer-reviewed journals. These sources are available in Google Scholar and the university library. This process allows for discerning inclusionary and exclusionary material through review and assessment.
The evaluation of the effectiveness of anti-racism policies, the types of repercussions associated with punishments individuals received practicing racism in football, and the concurrent information enables understanding form a management perspective provides gains in ascertaining the best manner for addressing and eliminating racism in the game of football among both fans and players.
The research will use primary data collection methods. In using primary data collection methods, the researcher will use interviews and questionnaires to examine correspondents on racial discrimination. The reasons for racial discrimination can be understood better through primary data collection methods.
The research will also use secondary data collection methods. In this regard, documentary review will be conducted. Journals and articles will be reviewed in the course of the research as they are valuable materials in the study of racism in football.
Both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods will be used in realizing the objectives of this study. Surveys and samples will be useful in coming up with credible data about the research.


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