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Discussion Replies

HelloI agree with you that oral health is an emerging health problem in the country. The statistics you have included in your discussion forum are very compelling. Even more compelling is the number of people seen in your institution presenting with various oral health issues. Your discussion forum also highlights the problem of underutilization of dental care, even when it is evidently important. The recommendations you make are both curative and preventive. I especially identify with the preventing measures that you recommend, because they are sustainable and deal with the underlying and basic causes of the problem (Institute of Medicine, 2011).


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Hello,I agree with you that obesity and conditions that are associated with obesity such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke is an enduring health problem in the country. The statistics presented in you discussion forum show that the problem is growing in the young generation, with an estimated prevalence of 16.2%. If this remains unabated, there is the potential for a serious health problem, especially considering the fact that the prevalence of obesity in adults is already at 34%. Your discussion forum also looks at the racial disparities regarding the statistics obesity. The fact that the white majority has the lowest prevalence is very telling (Smith, 2009). The recommendations you have made do not have economic barriers of access.
Smith, P. K. (2009). Obesity among poor Americans: Is public assistance the problem?. Nashville, Tenn: Vanderbilt University Press.
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HelloI agree with you that a finger of blame has been pointed the way of cigarette manufacturing companies for the increasing prevalence in some of the respiratory diseases. As highlighted in your discussion forum, tobacco use is problematic because it causes a wide array of health problems that are becoming an increasing burden to the health care system. The statistics adduced in your discussion forum regarding the deaths attributed to tobacco use are compelling, but obviously not enough because the prevalence rates keep increasing. It is for this reason that I laud your recommendations because they attempt to delay the initiation of young children into tobacco use (York & Prevost, 2012).
York, N. L., & Prevost, S. S. (2012). Tobacco control. Philadelphia: Saunders.
Discussion 6 Question 2
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Helloone of the recurring themes in your discussion forum is the importance of strategic nursing leadership (Grohar- Murray & Langan, 2011), especially in the face of health care reforms. You attribute this to sustained high populations due to the increased life expectancy as a result of changes envisioned in health reforms. There are professional implications for the nursing institution, especially the need to provide quality care and also meet the standards resulting from the changes. I also agree with you that education is important for the nursing staff. This is in order to provide care with competence.
Grohar- Murray, M.E., & Langan, J. (2011). Leadership and Management in Nursing (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc
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Helloyour discussion forum highlights some of the inadequacies in the health care system resulting from the health care reforms. For instance, your discussion forum highlights the abuse of the system, sometimes deliberately while at other times it is the result of the ignorance of the users. In agreement with reports from the Institute of Medicine, your recommendation is the participation of nurses in enhancing reform (Institute of Medicine, 2010). I agree with your position that nurses are in a good position to assisting in initiating or sustaining reform efforts.
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Helloyour discussion forum explores the various benefits that that the population enjoys since the enactment of the health reforms. This is important, especially because it sets the backdrop upon which the rest of the discussion forum is based. I agree with you that health reforms have also benefited nurses, by giving them a vantage point from which they can influence policy change.
Feldman, A. (2013). Understanding Health Care Reform: Bridging the Gap Between Myth and Reality. Boca Raton. CRC Press

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