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Panofola d’Oro

Tennis football, an amalgam of tennis and football, is fast moving from the niche towards the mainstream. Panofola d’Oro wishes to sell its brand of tennis football in Brazil. The focus of its marketing efforts would be analyzed here.

Place or Distribution

Given that football-tennis is still a niche activity in Brazil, it is necessary to identify the areas where it is played. Football-tennis is a viable sport only on soft surfaces like beaches. Given Brazil’s abundant beaches, it stands to reason that the roots of football-tennis would be growing in the beaches.
Therefore, it would make little sense to market Panofola d’Oro through saturation marketing. It would rather make economic and strategic sense to target the beaches of Brazil and the holiday goers who would throng the beaches. The distribution strategy for the product would therefore be ‘selective distribution’ (Chand). It would make sense to market the product where it would be used the most – at the beaches, along the routes to the beaches, and amongst the prospective customers who would go to the beaches to play football-tennis.
The medium term goal of Panofola d’Oro would be to emerge as the number one choice of football tennis product to be used by the nation’s youth when they wish to relax and play in the multitude of the nation’s beaches. The long-term goal would be to promote the sport of football-tennis towards becoming a mainstream sport in Brazil.

Channel Choice

It would be prudent to make the product available at beaches and resorts, where people would tend to play football-tennis. Therefore, place utility, the concept of making a product available at the place most suitable to the customer (Mir) would be a preferred channel of marketing. In addition to making the product available where it is likely to be used, it would be prudent to popularize the concept of football-tennis. To this end, information utility (Mir) would be useful, whereby the people of Brazil would be educated about the dynamic and exciting nature of football-tennis.


Panofola d’Oro should be promoted in a targeted manner in sync with the distribution strategy. Beaches and routes to beaches should have billboards emphasizing the superior quality of Panofola. Hotels and clubs would be given free samples of Panofola to enable guests the opportunity of trying out the product and assess its qualities. Panofola could sponsor a few tournaments in popular beaches in order to meet the twin goals of product and sport promotion. The marketing budget would be restricted to 15% of the overall operating budget of the company. Because the sport is yet to reach the mainstream in Brazil, efforts to popularize the sport through word of mouth and through social media would merit attention. Thus, the promotion of the sport would be a mix of targeted billboards, event promotions and social media coverage.


Football-tennis stands at the cusp of becoming mainstream in Brazil. Brazil’s culture of love for outdoors, abundance of beaches and popularity of football and tennis combine to create a suitable platform for Panofola d’Oro to market its product as well as the promote the sport. The company has to focus equally at the medium term goal of capturing the existing football-tennis market as well as the long-term goal of nudging the sport into the mainstream in Brazil. Therefore, a prudent, practical and yet visionary marketing effort is likely to reap rich dividends for the company in Brazil.

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