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The aim of writing this paper is to get a better understanding of the Asian culture through interviewing one of my friends from the Middle or South East Asian regions. For the purpose of this paper, I interviewed Abdi Rashid Abu-Bakr, who hails from Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East. His responses were used as the basis for writing this particular paper. The paper will give an overview of the challenges and opportunities that my interviewee (Abdi) faces in his country of origin. Also importantly, it shall aid in understanding the respondent is experiencing in a foreign country. Lastly, the paper shall seek to understand the current activities in Saudi Arabia, and he interviewed background as well.

Saudi Arabia Background

Most Muslims, as well as Abdi, believe that Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of the Islam religion. Saudi Arabia is a nation idolized for its tradition and deep knee on its culture. Also importantly, the country brags of its amazing architecture that is classified as the best. Abdi revealed that Saudi Arabia capital city was Riyadh, and it is one of the largest cities in the Asian Middle East region. Saudi Arabia is estimated to have an average population of twenty-eight million with nine million being from other foreign countries. The country’s official language is Arabic. Saudi Arabia has a monarchical kind of government that is currently led by King Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud after the death of King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Bin Rahman Bin Faisal Bin Turki. From our conversation, Abdi revealed that most of Saudi Arabia social, political, and economic lifestyle is influenced Sharia laws. Majorly because the country is predominately or exclusively Muslim. Saudi Arabia is the most politically and economically stable countries in the Middle East region enjoying relative peace and tranquility. In addition to that, the country is economical wealthy due to the natural resources.

Respondent background

Abdi was born and bred in Saudi Arabia until the age of ten years when his dad moved and settled in US. They moved and settled in US in 2002 after his father got a lucrative job in the United States. Abdi makes one annual visit to Saudi Arabia to be with his family and friends. However, he admits that he still misses Saudi Arabia, and he looks forward to resettle in Saudi Arabia in a few years. Abdi reveals that, He comes from a family of five with two brothers and parents. His mom is a homemaker while his dad works as a chief executive in a multinational organization. He shares with me that his experience in the US has been life thrilling. He believes that United States individuals are sufficiently dignified and quite hospitable individuals with so much love to share with foreigners. He appreciates that, initially he did struggle communicate but with the onset of time, he managed to communicate fluently.

Respondent’s American Experience

He enjoys school as well as loves playing American football. He enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering in various social initiatives that addresses the fate of the underprivileged in life. He enjoys the American education system because he can study while at the same time concentrate on his areas of strength. Also importantly, he enjoys the freedom of expression that exists in the US.
Abdi looks forward to being a businessperson just like his dad in the future. Lastly, he detests what is happening currently in the Middle East especially on the rampant militia groups in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and other minor terrorist cases.

Current issues in the home country

Over the past years, Saudi Arabia has been confronted with various political, economic, and social issues. Abdi believes that Saudi Arabia is in a quagmire as it strives to achieve all aspects of modernity without messing its faith, heritage, and culture in the long run. He admits that in the process of achieving modernity some of the beliefs and cultures might be eroded.

Political issues

Saudi Arabia is currently working hand in hand with other NATO forces to curb the encroachment of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The Saudi current Air campaign against the ISIS is a gamble for peace and stability in Saudi Arabia in the long run. Saudi Arabia government is also keenly following on the instability issues in the middle east region. In addition to that, Saudi Arabia is bitter over the Iran negotiation over the nuclear bomb program that could jeopardize its influence in the Middle East region. Al-Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS, which are designated as militia and terrorist organization by the Saudi Arabia monarchical government pose a threat over the success of the Kingdom.

Social issues

Unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia currently standards at 12%, which is increasing at an alarming, rate which could further heighten the social unrest in Saudi Arabia. The current literacy levels in Saudi Arabia are 79%. Currently, The Saudi Arabia government is striving to provide quality and availability of education is there for all its citizen. The lack of perennial sources of water and renewable sources of water proves to be a social threat in the region. The country is the under threat from radical religious leaders who might disagree with the country’s King over the rules and policies that govern them.

Economic Issues

Almost 90% of all Saudi Arabia exports are oil related. With the increased oil exports from countries such as the United States and Russia, there is the risk of losing a huge share of the oil market. Abdi mentions that Saudi Arabia is affected by the current oil low prices since one of its core products that drives the country is oil. He notes that this might result in social unrest in the future if oil prices do not stabilize in the near future. A huge dependency of the oil money is a threat to the country to the future. The country should diversify into other investments.

Opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

The government has enacted laws that encourage foreign trade and tax breaks to firms that with to carry out their business in Saudi Arabia thus lowering the cost of doing business. Saudi Arabia government sponsors the education system thereby lowering the cost of living. Also importantly, there is low competition in the food and beverage sector from the locals since most of the region lies in a desert.

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