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Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) is a prestige university in the country of United States of America, in the state of Michigan. It was founded in 1963 and then, it was known as Saginaw Valley College in Saginaw County (Nelson 2). In addition, it was a private college. However, in 1965 it became an institution fully supported by the State. It has seen its name being changed thrice. It was first changed in 1974 to Saginaw Valley State College, then again changed to Saginaw Valley State College in 1987. It is the youngest of Michigan’s public colleges and universities.

Civil leaders in the region met to plan and prospect for an establishment of a local higher learning institution in 1955. In the preceding year, a committee of 300 members recommended an expansion of the institution into a four-year college. This later got voters’ approval in 1958 and officially opened in 1961, and it was known as Delta. Thus, it was known as Delta Senior University.
In 1963, incorporation articles were drafted in a bid to establish Saginaw Valley College (Gilbertson 32). Subsequent to this, the institution was to become a privatized liberal arts developed to run on a four-year basis. Delta College, President Dr. Samuel Marble was maintained as the president of the new institution, but he later resigned after four months. The first ceremony ever was held in 1966 where only ten people graduated. In addition, a site for a perpetual campus was picked in Koch Ville Township, and groundbreaking was done in summer, the next year.
In the year 1974, as mentioned earlier, the name changed to Saginaw Valley State College (Devereaux 11). During the same year, the college president, Dr. Marble resigned, and Jack M. Ryder was appointed as his replacement. A lecture hall was named after former president to honor his contributions as the president during his tenure. The year 1980, it marked a milestone in the history of the college. The college was granted the accreditation to offer Master’s Degree programs by the Higher Learning Commission. In the same year, two students from Japan attended Saginaw College for two weeks, pioneering the international student admission. However, the year 1985 marked a disaster in school. A fire occurred and destroyed important files and school assets.
The institution became Saginaw Valley State University in 1987. The resignation of Dr. Ryder was on 1989, and Eric succeeded him. R Gilbertson. The former president of the United States, Bush came to the institution for a visit, days before he was elected the President in the year 2000. Since then, the university has experienced a couple of development and interactions such as the establishment of the Michigan Campus that was the first University of Asia to be accredited in the country, Ming Chuan University.
The 50th anniversary of the school was celebrated in the year 2013. It was held on November 9th and climaxed by a gala banquet. In addition, they instigated a campaign that was entitled Talent: Opportunity, Promise meant to raise $25 million (Nelson 14).

International Events within the University

SVSU Vision: SVSU aims at providing professional, academic, and cultural programs of high quality and services; it hopes to attain the acknowledgment for these programs of distinction. The university hopes to produce graduates who can distinguish themselves from and SVSU through service, leadership, accomplishments and meritorious to the cultural, civil, and economic affairs of a diverse global society. Through an exemplary research, engagement and teaching, with the greater community, SVSU aim to be the premier intellectual and cultural resource for the region’s governments, businesses, schools and people (McMichael, et al. 25).
SVSU Mission: SVSU establishes an opportunity for individuals to attain intellectual and personal growth and development through professional, cultural and academic programs. Through fostering an inquiry environment and openness which respects the diversity of all the people it serves, SVGSU prepares graduates whose expertise and leadership contribute to the enhancement of a pluralistic society. SVSU serves as an intellectual and cultural center dedicated to the pursuit and propagation of knowledge.


The chief aim of the research is to identify international activities organized by the University organized by the university are enough? This objective is to be achieved by examining how many international universities are enrolled in the university and the number of the international activities that have been organized by the University since 2013 to date as well as how many are scheduled to take place in 2015. Further the study purposes to identify the level of participation by the Native students in these events. The Study aims at identifying how many students. The study would seek to answer the following questions in efforts to realize its objective: How many International students are at SVSU? How many International activities have been held by the University in 2013, 2014 and 2015? Are Native students interested in other countries culture? Do the natives attend any of the international activities? Have they learnt anything from these activities? Through finding answers to these questions, the objective of this study would be answered.

Initial Research

Initial research was done for a period of one week. I did interview various people within the university. Among the people interviewed were several students who were my friends. Some of these students were Natives while others were from the other origins and countries. I did also interview one of the librarians who happened to have worked with the university for quite some time (Rathkamp 47). My interview questions were mostly based on the questions stated above in the objectives. From my interview, I got varied answers though most of the people I interviewed concurred that there is a need for more international events within the university. Further, I did conduct secondary research using various reference journals and books in the resources center

International Students at SVSU

SVSU offers international students programs since 1980 when they first enrolled two students who were of Japanese Origin. The university since then took the initiative of enrolling students across the globe. This program has been very successful since then. To better advance the program, the university did set up a department for the international students. This department is missioned with the obligation of ensuring that the international students get the best service that they can be accorded as well as quality education. In this department, they first enroll all the students for English Language program where they are taught efficiency in English Language. The international students are offered opportunities in the undergraduate programs as well as graduate programs. Among the graduate programs that are of interest to the international students include; Master of Arts in Communication and Digital Media Masters Business Administration and Master of Sciences in Energy Materials. SVSU further provides financial aid to the international students in terms of scholarships. This has increased students joining the University (SVSU n.p).
Currently, the University has enrolled over 600 international students in various faculties. This is spread in all the undergraduate courses offered by the university as well as the graduate courses. In addition, this number cut across the world. That is all the continents are represented from Asia, Africa, South America to Australia. Further, SVSU has the intention of increasing this number over the years to at least 10 percent of the entire population of the university that currently stands at 10,500 students (McMichael, et al. 23). This means that the university target to increase more than 400 international students in the coming years.

International Activities

In the year, 2013 SVSU hosted only one international event that was the 14th annual international fair referred to as ‘the password to the world. The event was hosted in April 2031. It covered several activities including an exhibition of different cultures and heritages, fashion show, and the international food stuffs. The countries was attended by almost 300 students representing Australia, China, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Philippines India, New Guinea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and America (Carron 2). In addition to this, the international students attended more than ten trips to various destinations in United States. One of them was an event at which children were introduced to the foreign culture. The Second activity was the international day event characterized by sporting activities (Rathkamp 21). The third event held in November was “Culture Explore with SVSU!” this was a cultural event whereby the international students shared their cultures with the rest of the students. The major event of the year was the 5th annual international fair, this just but the same event as that of 2013 the only difference is that in 2014 more than 30 countries were represented. In 2015, the main event was hosted this in April that is the 16th Annual International Fair. The university calendar nevertheless is not yet clear has to how many international events are going to be hosted this year.

The Native Students

SVSU has enrolled several Native students in various faculties in the university. It is unclear that how many Natives have been enrolled through. The university has been strict with their statistics though in terms of percentages the University consists of approximately 26.7% when combined with the African Black American, who has a higher percentage in this according to the chart. This has seen the university ranked at 1181 in terms of ethnic balance.
In terms of active participation in various events in the university, it is not clear how many Natives participate. The Native students have been enthusiastic to learn and see the foreign cultures. From various interviews conducted it is evident that the few who attend these activities are always after learning the new cultures. Nevertheless from observation there are several Natives who attend the events especially the Annual International Fair. In addition, the cultural and heritage practices of the Natives are well represented in the event. In the three consecutive events, the Native students have showcased their culture (SVSU). They took part in a fashion show, cultural exhibition and preparation of various foods. Also, while presenting the foreign culture to the children, the Natives did take part as a local culture that had to be presented in the foreign cultures (SVSU). To accommodate the Natives the university has also considered placing one of them among the organizers of various events in the University. The impact of the foreign cultures on the Native communities could not be easily defined because most of the student’s interview reserved their comments.

Further Research

Further research should be conducted to determine the impact of these international events on both the international students and the elementary students (Carron 15). In addition to this, research should be intensively done to determine the level of participation by the elementary students in such events. This should also include the number of the cultural and heritage activities show cased by the elementary students. Lastly, research should be conducted to determine and examine how the culture of all this countries can be used to promote unity, togetherness and cooperation among the students of SVSU.


In addition, the Native students should feel accommodated by SVSU. In this regard, SVSU should increase the number of the Native students. Although the number of the Native students could not be determined through chart observation, one can tell that it is extremely low. This would also promote ethnic balance in the university. Again to increase their number in the university and attendance to the university activities, they should be engaged in most of the activities. Through history, the Natives have faced racism and oppression as their identity was deprived of them. Therefore by allowing the Natives to participate in more international events would be giving them a platform to rebuild and celebrate their culture. To them, this is a form of appreciation of their culture. In addition, it would allow them to rebuild and celebrate their culture with the entire community of SVSU.


According to the study, it is evident that SVSU is committed to it’s to its international students program. Through the developments made since the inception of the program in 1980 to date. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that the enrollment of international students has been low if within a period of 25 years the university has only managed to increase the number of international students from 2 to 600. Further the efforts of the university in promoting international culture is seen through creation and organization of various international events. This acts as a pulling factor for more students as well as promotes tolerance among the students in regard to the international students and their cultures. These events also allow the international students to share with other students what their cultures entail. Also, they can celebrate their culture away from their home countries. Nevertheless, these events are minimal. Having two, three or four events in a year to represent more than 100 cultures is not enough. Therefore, SVSU should purpose to increase the international events to be numerous in the university calendar.

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