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Enhancing the functionality and working capacity of the car engine remains one of the biggest challenges that car owners and enthusiast alike face. Most car owners are on the verge of looking for ways of making their cars run faster, smoother, and cover more miles per gallon whenever they fill up. In fact, most car owners can swap their car engines for better ones or even add a turbocharger to their system in order to boost the functionality. Nevertheless, replacing or upgrading the exhaust system of a car is one of the most reliable ways of enhancing the efficiency of the car engine. It is worth noting that many manufacturers design and sell high-performance exhaust system that car owners can install to improve the effectiveness of their engines. As such, there is a need for a training guide that will help car owners and enthusiasts to understand a systematic process of replacing the exhaust system of the car. The proposed training guide targets people who may be thinking of upgrading their existing car exhaust system. It is important to mention that the exhaust system is a crucial component of the car whose functionality directly affects the efficiency of the engine. As such, changing or upgrading the exhaust of the car can positively influence the overall performance of the car. It is, therefore, judicious to provide a training guide that will enlighten the buyers and car owners on the need to replace their cars’ exhaust system.Content of the training guideThe first part of the guide provides definitions of key terms that will feature in the guide. The guide begins by providing a detailed understanding of how the exhaust system of the car works. After understanding the working of an exhaust system, the guide provides a stepwise approach on how one can replace the existing exhaust system in order to improve the efficiency of the car.The Working of the Exhaust System of a CarAn interview with an expert provided me with a detailed understanding on how the exhaust system of the car works. While many people know that, the exhaust system of a car consist of different parts assembled together to release noxious gases from the inside of the car, it is worth noting that the system serves other purposes. Some other functions include dampening of the sound of the car engine and transforming unspent fuel into spent fuel. The exhaust system of the car is under the body of the car with the tailpipe directed towards the passenger side on back or side. Although most exhaust work under similar principle, this guides uses the term exhaust in reference to the exhaust system cars. Below is a pictorial representation of the car’s exhaust system.

Most important parts of the exhaust system include the:
Exhaust manifold- collects the fumes from the exhaust port of the engine cylinder head
Exhaust Pipe- leads the fumes from the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter
Catalytic converter – transforms the toxic fumes into harmless gases. Has ceramic block coated with special metals to change or catalyze the toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, among others into other gases such as carbon dioxide and oxygen.
Muffler- receives the harmless gases from the catalytic converter. It serves the function of reducing the noise of the engine. Mufflers are of two types, namely, material packed muffler that has special soundproofing material to absorb sound and noise cancelling muffler that has a performance barrier that bounces back the sound. The muffler expels the fumes into the tailpipe.

Tailpipe – expels the fumes from the car to the air

Other than the parts identified above, the exhaust system has supplementary parts that support it. For instance, the catalytic converter may have heat shields that protect other parts from extreme heat. In addition, there are rubber exhaust hangers that help in keeping the system firmly in place.
The danger of having a damaged or worn out exhaust is that it allows waste gases from the engine to escape without passing safely to the rear of the car. As the holes get larger, the escaping gases produce chuffing noise that gets louder with time. In fact, the waste gases can be lethal and can easily cause drowsiness leading to accidents.


Below is a stepwise guide on how to replace the exhaust of the car.
Undoing the manifold joint
The exhaust manifold is connected to the engine either by a clamp or by a flange joint. Raise the car securely on ramps or axle stands in order to get to the manifold joint easily. For most worn out exhausts, the nuts are usually corroded and difficult to undo. Prior to removing the joints, clean any exposed threads using a wire brush and lubricate the fixing with penetrating oil. Leave the fixing soaked while removing the exhaust mountings.
Use a socket or a ring spanner to undo the nuts. Take caution not to round their edges as this will make it difficult to tighten or loosen them. When necessary, make sure to use a long extension on the socket to get advantage.
Once the joint is separated, remove the old pipe and use a penknife or scarper to clean away any traces of gaskets or joint compound that may remain on the manifold. Use a wire brush or medium emery cloth to finish off the cleaning.

Reconnecting the Manifold Clamp and flange joint

Clamp Joint
Use a wire brush to clean the clamp. Be careful to oil the bolts until they are free to be tightened by hand.

Use fire resistant compound obtained from motor accessory to coat the mating surfaces of the metal-to-metal joints

Consider asking a helper to press the joint firmly together while assembling the clamp around it. Alternatively, you can jack the pipe into position as you assemble the clamp.
Place one half of the clamp with the bolts attached and then fix the other half over the bolts. Caution: make sure that any extra components are attached accordingly. In some cases, the makers hook the throttle spring on an anchor attached by one clamp nut.
Add the washers and other fittings, screw on the nuts. Tighten using the hands then use the spanner to tighten while holding the clamp. Tighten until the clamp holds the pipe securely but should not be fully tight. Take caution not to tighten the nuts completely until all the parts are fitted.

Flange Joint Manifold

For a flange joint, there are studs on one surface that fit through holes on the mating surfaces secured using nuts. Such a system has a gasket that seals the nuts. When fixing the flange joint, use wire brush to clean the threads of the fixing studs. Ensure that the screws can rotate by sue of hand. It is notable that heat damages the nuts and, therefore, it is advisable to use new one ones if deemed necessary. Cleaning the threads with oil makes the steel nuts screw on easily.
Clean the surfaces of the gasket bears and fit a new gasket. When necessary, stick the flange with a thin smear of jointing compound while assembling the joint.
Tighten the fixing nuts evenly until to ensure that the flanges make contact with the gasket. Just like in the clamp joint, do not tighten fully until the whole system had been mounted.

Important Considerations When Replacing the Exhaust

The exhaust system components such as manifold, mufflers, catalytic converter need to meet specific approvals before any modifications. The following are conditions that the exhaust components must meet:

The headers can be fitted to any motor vehicle as along as the following conditions are satisfied:

The headers do not foul any part of the steering, suspension, brake, or the fuel system
It has all the necessary fittings for emissions such as oxygen sensor, pipes, E. G. R. valve in compliance with the vehicle emissions regulations of the country of operation.
The headers bear the correct markings as specified by the ADRs such as trademark, name of the component manufacturer to avoid using counterfeit products that can compromise efficiency

For the exhaust control devices such as mufflers and catalytic converters, changing can only be done if:

They bear the correct markings as in the case of the headers discussed above
It is important to ensure that the exhaust to be replaced extends at least 40mm past the furthermost outboard or rearmost joint of the floor pan that is not continuously welded or that could permit direct access to the passenger compartment but not exceeding the perimeter of the vehicle as viewed in plan.
If the exhaust outlet is to the side of the vehicle, make sure it expels fumes to the right hand side of the vehicle and horizontally or at an angle not exceeding 45 degrees to the horizontal

The muffler system needs to be free of any leaks or mechanical faults

Any replacement of the silencing components such as mufflers, manifold must be in compliance with the noise regulations of the country or with the information specified on the vehicle’s original external noise level label

Benefits of Replacing the Exhaust System

Many local, federal, and state laws tightly regulate car emissions and the carmakers have an obligation to adhere to these regulations. Most cars fail to meet the minimum requirements relating to the emissions. Replacing the exhaust not only helps in customizing the car to the owner’s preferences but also enhance the overall functionality. Switching from a non-standard exhaust to a better one increases the performance of the car. Replacing the exhaust, therefore, enhances the performance standards of the car.

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