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The article that will be analyzed in this paper is “The Positive Impact Of Social Networking Sites On Society” written by Dave Parrack. As the name suggests, this article discusses the positive impact of social networking sites on the social relationships of an individual. The author has been able to make a solid argument in favor of social networking sites and how they are able positively to impact the life of people who are actively interacting via the social networking medium. The article makes an argument that social media massively impacted the lives of everyone, and the tremendous impact this social networking medium has made cannot be ignored. There are multiple areas where social media have positively impacted the lives of others. There are several claims made in this article that will be discussed along with how these arguments are made effectively.

The audience

The audience for this article is a specific audience who is able to relate to the communication on social media network and have prior knowledge and experience in using social media sites. This is the audience that can relate and feel the importance of social media and how it can negatively and positively impact the user of these networking sites.


There is a specific set of chain of logical explanation presented in this article that leads the readers to the conclusion of the article. The article starts with the positive impact of social media on how friends are made and maintained via social media. Making friends is the easiest now. Decades ago, it was really tough to make friends or to connect with people unless, an individual was outgoing and party type. When the mobile phones shifted from being a luxury to a necessity, it became relatively easier to connect with people, but then the concept and access to social networks erupted and the entire concept of making friends transformed completely. Now one can have hundreds of friends over Facebook and even though they may not be friends, but can be acquaintances or people who share the same interests, thoughts, and likes. There may be many people who one never meets but still is connected to via social network.
Since there are so many friends and people connected on Facebook who share similar interests and likes there is nothing wrong with sharing some part of one’s personal life, a little twist and turns or ups and downs with them. It is good to know that people care in general or feel good to read about you even if they are not in regular contact with you. The closest friends are able to read the status or one’s message and call right away or provide solutions to the problems being faced. This is the way new friends are made as they share the same issues and concerns. These are the best of all the friends who do not have any personal relationship with you but share the same interests and thoughts. The main point here is that by sharing experiences some amount of empathy can be developed with each other. Hence, social media acts as a therapy or counseling session for people.
Not only therapy session, but a speedy medium of communication with others. Since people lack time to communicate with others all the time and the time is being stretched due to work and commitments, the social networking sites offers a way to contact anyone in a speedy way and in an efficient manner. It hardly takes 20 seconds to write a status update on Facebook or leave a message on Twitter along with using different social media networks simultaneously. These updates are reaching people, whoever is online or access these sites in no time. One reason the trend of making phone calls has reduced because it results in unnecessary discussion. It is not that one can say whatever one wants to and disconnect the line. It leads to more conversation and more time utilization as compared to Facebook and other social media sites. Hence, social media networks provide an opportunity to keep the conversations simple and short with less wastage of time and the message being received in no instant.
This leads to staying in touch with the world all the time. This not only make people stay in constant contact with their families and friends, but also to communicate with each others in an effective manner. The world is a small place when one is connected via social media, and it has never been easier than before. There are no geographical barriers or time restrictions. This makes it easier for the family who are living abroad to stay in connection with other family members and as quickly or even more easily than the neighborhood friends. The relationship developed is strong, and even friends who have not met since ages come in contact with each other. The location, geographical barriers and everything else hold no importance in front of social media networking sites.
This means that strong relationships are developed, at times some are broken, but mostly there are moments when new ones are made. With the help of social media, one can come in contact with people who share common issues, common grounds to stay in contact, which can eventually result in long-lasting relationships. Hence, social media help in fostering new relationships besides the one an individual already has.
This means that people are connected due to common grounds and issues that they face. Initially there were meeting groups that were formed when people who shared common issues used to meet up, but now due to Facebook, groups and pages are formed where people can like and join the page or group respectively based on a topic of their interest, connect and discuss their issues with others.

Work Cited

Dave Parrack (2011) The Positive Impact Of Social Networking Sites On Society,

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