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The paper looks at how ISIS came to power, its purpose and how it is able to create terror and spread at a steady speed. The Islamic terrorist group is now dominating the Middle East and makes headlines every other day. The essay probes at the different aspect that led to its development, what can be done and what will happen if they are not stopped.


ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or ISIS and is based on the ideology of violence. The extremist movement is attracting militants from all over the world and intends to build the new caliphate. The rise of ISIS has become a significant security threat for the world. The Middle East region has become very volatile because of the new Sunni extremist group. As ISIS makes rapid advances in Iraq and seizes territories beyond Syria, it continues to make headlines. Al Qaeda looks squeamish in front of the ISIS. The prime target for the ISIS is likely to be the United States (Smith & Abdul-Hussain, 2014).
The withdrawal of the army by Obama administration in 2011 and the anti-Sunni policies that surfaced in Baghdad by the Shiite-dominated government simplified the strategy of Awwad al-Badri, who is the leader of ISIS. The Syrian uprising in March 2011 that led to killings of hundreds and thousands of Sunnis further sustained its project.

The US government is blamed for the situation that prevails in the Middle East after the complete destabilization of Iraq. The US invasion of Iraq created a power vacuum here and the militia groups such ISIS were quick to take advantage of the situation. ISIS began as a small rebellious group in 2006, but during those times, it was hardly looked like a threat as it had no real funds or the ability to recruit. In 2009, the civil war in Syria became the first focus of the ISIS, which alter shifted to Iraq (Smith & Abdul-Hussain, 2014). In order to gain a stronger foothold in Syria, it had to compete with al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army.
Awwad al-Badri, the leader of ISIS, Awwad al-Badri, is from the Iraqi city of Samarra and is a self-proclaimed jihadist. Earlier he joined Al Qaeda and worked with the tribes led on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border. The ISIS project was powered because of the Syrians uprising in 2011.
ISIS was successful in establishing an Islamic caliphate even with relatively few fighters because of the group’s ability to use strategic tools to project its economic, military and informational power to the community at local and global level. It gained support by exploiting the sectarian divide and influenced the political and social media to show its strength and made successful use of technology (Vitale & Keagle, 2014). Moreover, the worsening political conditions in Syria and Iraqi has further empowered ISIS’s expansion. Another reason what led to the fast expansion of ISIS is ignorance of the United States over what the militia group was up to all these years. Today, the extremists group is further rising and getting wealthier. The tribal politics too have played a major role in the success of ISIS operations.

The aim of ISIS

The aim of ISIS is to build its own state with a well-defined territory. It seems to get powerful every day leaving the Middle East region in chaos. The militia group wants to establish a caliphate in Iraq and Syria, and with government and political structure complete with military, police force and public works projects. The ISIS works freely between Syria and as there are no distinct boundaries between the two nations. Currently, it controls about 35% of Syria and 33% of Iraq, and millions of Syrians and Iraqis are living in ISIS controlled areas (Sprusansky, 2014).
The ISIS believes that all Muslims should live under one Islamic state that is governed by the sharia law. The Sunni-majority areas in Syria and Iraq creates instability in the region, and this gives the group an opportunity to expand its caliphate. It plans to expand its rule across the Middle East and North Africa and has already threatened the governments of Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Funding for ISIS

ISIS looted Syrian banks to support its operations and the gaining of U.S. military equipment in Iraq gave it the logistical and technological capabilities. It has grabbed a large number of American weapons from the Syrian and Iraqi rebels. Suicide bombings, lootings, kidnappings, and beheadings are common with the group. One of the major sources of cash for ISIS is selling oil in the black markets. Thousands of barrels are getting sold every day in Iraq and Syria. It is still working at half the capacity and has the potential to raise to raise the sale of oil and can make about $2 million a day. ISIS also receives money from foreign supporters, ransoms, taxes and sale of antiquities. Even after being bombarded by the richest nations in the world, the ISIS is still able to maintain a well-armed military. Clearly, the militia group has an efficient financial system running behind, and its currencies are comprised of crude oil, cash, and contraband.

The spread of power

ISIS shows off its power and military wealth in plenty of videos that get released on web. The main aim is to humiliate the Western Allies and show off the American and Western-made weapons in its hold. It can preserve its political power because of its claims for an Islamic caliphate under Sharia law. Its military might and technological savviness as well as the skill to work with local Sunni tribes and militants are some of the reasons behind tis steady expansion.
ISIS’s political power to stems from its capability to declare its claims for an Islamic caliphate under Sharia law in its occupied territories. It might have taken over those regions because of its technological savviness and military might, it has the skill to work with local Sunni tribes and militants (Vitale & Keagle, 2014).

ISIS Members

Individuals who join ISIS are not religious, and these young m buy popular books like Islam for dummies. The members of ISIS speak of social and political protests and talk more about moral courage rather than religion. Another incentive for these members are economic reasons as they are the highest paid in Syria (Sprusansky, 2014). ISIS makes extensive use of social media to recruit its members, and targets the disillusioned young via Twitter and Facebook, and especially those who are looking for a sense of community. ISIS glorifies its extreme violence on channels such as YouTube.
How to control ISIS The rising crisis because of ISIS is not likely to get rid of without the coordination between the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. However, US and Iran hold conflicting views on the issue of ISIS, as their interests and views vary regarding the threats posed by ISIS. If the spread of ISIS continues at the same pace, it is likely to become the victim to its military triumph. Extending too far would mean placing strain over its control and becoming too thin. The Western and Europeans countries live in constant fear that that the Islamist terrorism might make them the next targets, especially if the growth of radical Islam remains unchecked. Today, both Tehran and the Saudi monarchy feels threatened by ISIS and are gradually coming to terms with the stance of coordinating with the West, as they cannot afford to ignore ISIS. However, there are strategic disadvantages for ISIS as its personnel are Sunni Muslims, and they enslave Shi’ites simply for being Shi’ites. Shi’ites form a majority of the Iraqi population and the non-Sunni religious sects and smaller ethnic groups in the region see a strong enemy in ISIS.


The real fault of ISIS lies not its brutality, but its claim to be a true Islamic group. The United States and its associates must look at other instruments to degrade ISIS and bring to light its criminal enterprise under the garb of religion. It is essential to spread education on Islam that teaches the love of humanity and brotherhood, and is strictly against the violence of any kind. It is essential to dissipate the idea that jihad is obligatory for Muslims. The current crisis affects both Muslims and non-Muslims alike and if not checked, the Muslims will gradually turn the whole world against Islam itself.


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