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The following discussion is on a documentary film named Food, Inc. The movie explores how the corporations have taken over the food industry in a manner that is not in the best interest of the people. The information and issues in the documentary are reviewed in the following article. Personal analyses of possible solutions for the ethical dilemmas brought up by the facts discovered in the film are also discussed in the following paper.
The movie begins by showing images of farmlands and idealistic pictures of the type of place people imagine their food comes from. Maybe fifty years ago this was the case, but not today. The grocery stores now carry over 47,000 food items for consumers to purchase. Produce is even available year round regardless of whether or not it is in season. According to the filmmakers, there is an agenda to prevent the public from knowing the truth about the way food is made.
Large corporations are in charge of mass producing food. The animals are not running free in a pasture provided with nutritious meals; instead they are crammed into factories, handled by workers in an assembly-line like fashion. The fast food business may be to blame on how the industrial food revolution came into existence. When McDonald’s opened up serving fast, inexpensive meals the demand for goods could no longer be met the old fashion way, which took time and quantity was limited.
Big corporations saw opportunity and became involved, finding ways to keep up with the demands of the fast food businesses, many of which are unethical and simply not kosher. An example given in the movie reveals that birds are designed to be raised in half the time they were in 1950, yet growing much bigger. The chickens have even been made with larger breasts because white meat is so popular. Corn is another mass produced food because the use of maize in production of countless food items. Scientists have found a way to engineer new foods using corn. Corn is easy to store without spoiling, so it is a perfect ‘commodity food.' It is not only used for human consumption, but the mass-produced animals are also fed corn.
Aside from the obvious concern for mass food production, corners are cut in the regulation of the safety standards required for the manufacturers. The problem with mismanagement of safety standards raises complications in issues like bacteria in the meat that are passed on to consumers, causing illness and death. The health of the animals and people is not the only danger that the mass production of food is causing, but there is also a trickle effect on the environmental damage from the disregard for nature.
Lastly a company named Monsanto, who was once responsible for making ‘agent orange’, enters the food industry. The company found a way to own the rights to 90% of seed in the country. Any farmer who tries to modify or use his or her own seed finds themselves sued by the company. It is bullying on a massive scale by a large corporation as they get richer without any care or concern for famers, the workers, or consumers. These companies in the food industry have people in the government on their side protecting their rights while overlooking the rights of the rest of the citizens of the country, and ultimately the world.
After watching this movie, I walked away with disgust for the greedy nature of the ‘big guys on top.' The truth behind the foods we purchase and eat is troubling on so many levels. I shudder to think of the inhumane treatment of the animals, but also a complete indifference for the lives that are harmed by the selfish motivation behind these already wealthy corporations.
As much as I do not agree with the unethical practices of the big business food companies, I cannot ignore the fact that demand in our world today is a challenge to keep up with. If food were not mass produced, as consumers, we would be facing a whole new set of problems in regard to the food supply. The dilemma leads me to questions if a balanced solution is possible. I do not think that going back to simpler methods is realistic for the 21st century, however, balance and regulation is required. Biased government agents should not be involved in overseeing regulations in the food industry. The corporations should not be able to monopolize and bully the farmers who are doing the hard work to provide goods for the company to sell.
It is simple for me to sit here and judge, try to come up with solutions and give my analysis; however, the issue is complicated and fixing it will take an enormous amount of change. Food, Inc. is at least working towards creating awareness to the public, which is a necessary step in attempting to fix the problem. If I could give a basic solution, it would be less greed, more tolerance, balance, and empathy for all living beings we share our planet with. This is the solution to the unethical practices seen in the documentary, Food Inc.

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