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Importance of Women in the World Religions

Religion is a significant aspect in determining the adherence of believers, through various practices that promote competency and basic ability to express free communication with a supernatural being. In the ancient days, the concept of religion was deterministic of the gender sensitivity and reliable environment for the practice. As observed in the last decades, women had a fundamental role of ensuring that the communication between their believer and family is stabilized, even though the authority did not directly come from them. This study will cover on the importance of women in the world of religions and attitudes of different religions to women. Moreover, it will highlight on the discrimination of women in world religion as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, as well as providing the facts regarding the women who changed these respective religions.

Importance of women in the of religions worldwide

Religion is the form of belief practiced by individuals for different reasons in different denominations. There have been arguments concerning various religious culture practices, that opinions raised towards the practice and the communication with different extra ordinary power, have been unique. In the light of discussion diverse religions in the cultural activities and morality of the modern society, women play a role in the making of the rules and regulations, though they are partially recognized during the appraisal and success stories for the same roles and responsibilities. A society deans on a woman for most decision making processes, as there are beliefs covering the intelligent power and communication of women, through the ideological baseline and argumentative approach they have. Religions have been covered by clergy men and women are left out during the implementation of laws and rules. However, in case of dilemma in a crucial situation, women have been expected to take up on the situation with immediate effect, as they are believed to be correctly inspired and knowledgeable in the decision making processes ( Wald 28). Understanding the ability of a woman in a particular religion will provide a clear prosperous and productive outcome, at the end of the scenario.

The scriptures from different materials in different religions outline that humankind deed on the emotional activities to carry on with life. Women signify the suffering of people from the events they go through, that include raising children most of the time, as single mothers or others that opt for full time job as mothers and quit their daily activities. Women have grown in placing the ineptest of their children at heart by ensuring that there are no causes of protagonist’s activities that may lead to certain occurrences of the behaviors and assumptions for the same reason. They consider some important outcomes that may lead to the society and the children following through the right moral behaviors and values required of them. Therefore, there are emotional outcomes that require a man to follow the traditional aspect of religion to have a peaceful mindset and the moral belief in case situations that appear to be difficult. Religion acts a reliever of pain and emotional traumas, though the content references people make from the books they believe are holy and reliable for the strengthening of their faith.

Enhancement of significance in a person

In the modern society, women are known to cause an impact on peoples’ spiritual lives through redefining their emotional instability into emotional confidence and adherence tactics that help people live for a longer period. Infinite proportions and approached us have been estimated to be as a result of the religious background people build, within themselves, and the humankind and self-image that embraces such issues. Self-flattery that is accurate in the provision of the desired outcome in the person’s emotional behavior and cultural and moral values have been entirely proven through the ability to deal with stressful situations through creating reference from the holy books. Self-motivation and confidence built in person provide growth from a spiritual aspect and assurance of a person learning different ways to deal with the emotional torture and self-value, through rebuilding on their self-image and responsible behavior change.

Social cohesion

The religious groups are mostly consisting of women who ensure that community mobilization and strategies through which religious issues are conducted, are different from the social behavior and torture for the same reason. The significance of the community based groups in the religious backgrounds creates an assurance for people to believe in the impacts of promoting peaceful movements and campaigns against immorality in the society and standing their ground to peaceful demonstrations for the amen purposes, in order to practice the actual strategy that will reunite the beavers and their God (Putnam 78). The essence of behavior change in the religion process and practices is to create a constant intersection between the clients and the religious people, in the society. Viewing anti-social behaviors that are mostly addressed by the clergy council, and the critical situations in countries such as the use of birth controls, that the societal struggles in expressing, have helped the common people to have a strategic effort in dealing with the issues coating the arguments and unresolved purposes. The main objective of religion is to unify the mentality of every person, and create an assurance of mutual understanding and suitability strategy that may help in handling future situations, without reaching a conclusion that supports morality in the process of the verdict.

Women promote social welfare

Some services practiced by women in the religious set up provide an understanding on the need to offer charitable activities and services to people who are in need, especially in orphanages, social rehabilitation centers, the struggles for abortion amongst the teenagers who sound misguided on the same aspects and accountability of the social support required for the morality to be appraised in the same level of interest. The ministry in the women who accomplish the certificates to participate in the outgoing works have been established in the accuracy to support appreciate and significance outcome, through reaching out to different groups as a way of creating peaceful negations in the events that seeks to divide the society and cause disunity in the reasoning for the same social aspirations.

Developing the spiritual, divine

The relationship of the divine intervention and the transformation of the same aspect having been known as the role of women, who pray and take into consideration the diving activities and sacred missions that help with the creation of people’s opportunities and the awareness of the scriptures and other talents within the families. Women deal with the actual issues in life and are known to articulate the desires of people at heart, thus acting on the same level and ground as people who have the desires of the heart and mutual interventions for the same reason. The reconciliation process is part of the role of women, who seek to identify the issues within the religious background and the society, and the different groups of people, through outgoing activities for team building in spiritual forums and other mind games from the spiritual aspect, that entertains people on the need to forgive and focus on discovering the opportunities in the wellness and survival of their fellow human beings, purposed to create personality understanding in a mutual way.

Building the faith in people

In history, women have been able to ascertain the prayerful strategies that seek to explain different situations in the societies, through encouraging people to pray about issues and believe in the supernatural power to obtain favors that are requested for. The faith building processes begin from the family set never there are difficult situations that may need quality assurance of faith and contents grace, to overcome. This position has been controversial since women have been wanting to lead the religious forums from the retreats, organizations to the workshops that promote constant reliance with people. It is approached to understand the effects of creating such activities and outlook the essential benefits of the same results.

Creating constant communication grounds

Women had a responsibility of creating the interactions of common ground between the social argumentative theories, through the outcomes on the moral obligation. (Wolf 45) The counselling skills for women enable constant communication and the ability of the relationship connection to have steady ground in the society, as there are constant views from the same concept. In the understanding of the communication impact in the abilities within a woman, the roles were basically to understand the viewpoints of people from the different religious concepts, and accept humanity and its behavior as it comes, through assurance of the way forward from the constant outline and results of the controversies during the decades that were forthcoming. The future prosperity and assurance on adherence and long term communication and friendship, helped people to grow in faith, as they acted as one of the people who mediated the feuds in the society and pointed for a common ground and secession in the same period. The counselling role provided an opportunity for conflict resolution and assurance of peace and favors from their creature whom was constantly worshipped. Women were active listeners and would be apprehended in case of making controversial decisions, that depended on the societal communication and understanding. The counselling process was in a serene environment that provided an opportunity for self-reflection and meditation amongst the believers and opportunity for self-reconciliation and goal orientation on the way forward in spiritual life.
There are different religions, all over the world, practicing actual theoretical perceptions and assumptions, in a sacred environment, making sure that proper systems guarding the worship processes are equipped and sustained for the laws to be reserved in the long period. The aim of such religions is to promote spirituality in the world where people are corrupt with events from the technological activities, to innovations from the media that attract the conscious mind of the individuals. Active predication in the practice of such laws will provide an accountability for the transformation of contemporary issues into a clearer view as to what should be practiced in whatever time frame set. The Satisfying feedback approach is what reveals the accurate strategy followed by the religious leaders, since the society matters when it involves such practices, not in a judgmental attitude, but option giving and suggestions to the counsel of worship leaders.
The world experiences , challenges that are covered from the religious backgrounds and worship set ups, which should be addressed to avoid controversial statements that would cause speculations of a particular religion. An example of a controversy in the doctrine today is the Muslim society, where terrorism attacks are linked to the practices and theoretical approach from the Quran to the society, causing separation from the non-Muslims and the believers have a recurrent argument on the same level of concepts. Such issue should have a time frame and sensitive observation, as well as religious back up ideas, to avoid confrontations form the other religions. Women have been linked to the terror attacks as people who lure others into participating in the activities, for the sake of earning a living, and the propaganda on the same cause stigma and uncomfortable situation for the women.

Attitudes of different religions to women

There are basic ground to consider when handling different opportunities and the religions from the outgoing cultural and moral practices. Some of the attitudes from different religions towards women include:


The value of a woman is embraced in this doctrine and the believers cover the aspects of spiritual growth, through relationships with the Bible and the overview on the factors that contain abilities to understand proper administration of responsibilities as per the Bible. The Christian perspective approach sorts to desire the proper importance of the ongoing trends in the communities (Davidoff 58). The Bible seeks to plead to a woman for submission and respect toward their husband, and proper accountability of the roles of women as at the social request. Women are therefore viewed as supernatural beings by the men, in this religion, and respected for the roles they impact in people. However, leadership qualities are a struggle to the woman and the society which creates propaganda and on the ongoing services. In Roman Catholic, a specific place has been set aside to protect the view of the mother of Jesus, Mary, who contributed to the salvation of the world through the son, and the assumptions of the forgiveness of sins. This created the attitude of forgiveness from the wives to their husbands. Mar Magdalene from the bible added an impact in the historic salvation of the views if woman, through contents prayers that have helped women in the modern society to carry on with the act.


The scared belief of a Muslim woman is articulated through the way they dress and the accountability during the religious and prayerful forum, that create an assurance of comfortable situations of upright moral behaviors in the Muslim culture. The women should be all covered and the body kept for Allah and the man ordained to them, and through the content morning, afternoon and evening prayers, the attitudes towards their roles are enhanced as to be prayerful and fearful in the process.


The Buddhists always have ancient of constant accountability and the reliance from the responsibility of the women having to assertive and obedient as per the Buddha. The husbands are also encouraged to respect their wives through this forum. The cultural practice of the religious belief comes in the advance perception of every woman bowing to the monk and respecting such approaches. The women in the religion are encouraged to be spiritual in respecting all the lessons of the Buddha readings that encourage self-respect and advance. Arjun Suharto professed on the ability of women to become leaders and obtain self-respect in the society at the same time.


This is a religion practiced in the southern Asian community that aims at resting the traditional outcomes of the same morality concepts. The Hinduism basically incorporates the ideas from the thoughts and behaviors of people that articulate proper practice of relevant activities in the religion. The Hindu community submits a woman as an object of self-respect and the community at the same time. The women however are viewed from the different social status and approach that seek to transform their daily energies into something special. Women are viewed as people who need to respect and be submissive to their men, and articulate the changes of common societal behaviors in the right position for the same reason. The husbands have a right to transform the women’s mind and provide an answer in case of answerable situations that promote constant feuds in the household activates. Some of the philosophical women who changed the aspect of religious activities in this context included the Gorge who aimed at articulating the responsibilities of behavior change in women and contributions to the philosophical approach. Mireya acted as one of the strongest women who contributed to the constitutional rights of the religious aspect.


The religious background has the diverse assurance and enriched activities that basically assures people on the ways of common accountability and situation progress, through rebuilding their ritual lives. It is vital to connect with the supernatural power in a specific denomination so as to create the relationship and content inexertion in cases of conflicts that mostly are caused by the modern social disagreements. Women have played a role in providing a mutual ground for everyone to air their opinions and assure the people on the common communication and actions from the same aspects. It is accurate to consider the accountability of some circumstances that enable the process of backs equation, on where to set goals and common understandings, in cases of social controversies and the media challenges. Women are strong people in the society and the essence on them acquiring more knowledge than men, is argued from a psychological perspective that states the mental reasoning of a women to be high compared to a man’s and the behavioral changes too.


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