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1. Write a brief statement of the purpose of the project. This should be a single sentence with no more than 2 or 3 sentences expanding the statement.
(Please read Chapter 1, sub title of the Purpose)
The purpose of the project is to establish methods to educate those in the BCFC in the best methods for utilizing conflict resolution. This is done due to the supposition that conflict resolution can help to open lines of communication and establish stronger and more lasting relationships with one another. In dealing with any issues that might arise in an efficient and accurate manner, the church leaders can help to develop personnel with skills that better fit the goals of their religious doctrines.
2. Write a concise description or summary of the project, answering the question, “How will you know that your project is accomplished and produced the results that you can evaluate for success?”
(Please read all Chapters and writer 2 or 3 pages of summary)
The paper discusses the idea of unity and strategies in order to promote effective solutions to bring the church congregation together through specific methods. The need for this is rooted in the desire to build strong communities. These needs are based on the understanding of community as an important pillar of faith and value within the process of developing the relationships between people in society. The inability to work together and create an effective means of progressing in a communal way demonstrates the underlying purpose of the study, which is to establish the most effective ways of doing so and providing the most likely ways of demonstrating these values.
The paper goes on to discuss conflict. This is not only the negative aspects of conflict, but the potential that conflict brings for change. The text suggests that conflict is “a redemptive process through which God imposes his will on human beings.” In this sense, the ability of managers to utilize the conflict present in the text's discussion in order to mitigate the challenge of maintaining unity in order to strive towards better practices. This will be an important consideration in regards to the capacity of the project to be successful. Conflict itself is not what is inherently bad, rather, it is how conflict is dealt with that determines the measure of a human being. This is an essential element that must be understood in regards to the view that the study has of its own success.
In overcoming economic, social, and racial factors, people can help to establish stronger communities, which are based in mutual respect and understanding. Success of the study will essentially be measured in the capabilities of the participants to present evidence in regards to these underlying considerations. This is important to understand in regards to the established perspectives that will be presented throughout the study. In developing ideas that are associated with the challenges that are faced by these ideas a more cohesive management capacity can be developed that can be equipped to better deal with the challenges of resolving specific conflict issues.
Through the application of transformation leadership techniques, which help to unify the communities surrounding leaders in order to create an overall more cohesive environment, the study will hope to develop an effective means to promote the underlying ideologies of Christian identities and work to provide them with a sense of purpose. In this sense, the study will be successful in that it “empowers church leaders to become the pastors they are expected to be according to the God’s will.” In this respect, implementing strategies that help to prioritize communication over delegation a society that is based more in the realities of Christian doctrine can be established.
This presents the importance of developing leadership styles that are based in the ideas of interpersonal trust and communal partnership. In this sense, the establishment of teachings based on the behavioral traditions of the leadership can determine the underlying conditions in which these challenges can be faced. This is important in determining how effective the study will be in basing the outcomes that are indicated within the study in reality. This is important in regards to the capabilities of those that are in charge of creating more effective strategies that can determine the potential of these important considerations. This has implications that go beyond the established understanding of those in the management positions. In this sense, it is important to develop strategies based in behavioral patterns in order to promote the cohesive strength and communal value necessary for leadership.
Overcoming anger, mistrust, and aggression are all essential elements in the development of these positive values. This is due to the need to establish an effective means of creating solutions to the issues that communities face. In this sense, the development of strategies in overcoming these negative attitudes in a positive way is essential in determining these realities. In this sense, the purpose of the study is to develop the most effective way to develop positive attitudes in the face of issues. This is important due to the fact that “their actions must be dictated primarily by the basic Biblical postulates.” The major challenge in this sense is to establish an effective means of promoting communication among those that are taking part in the educational background.
3. Write goals for the participants and director. Review the DMin Guidebook and Robert Mager’s text, Goal Analysis. Write them in bullet format.
Include the learning domain (cognitive, skill, or affective), an action verb, how you will measure the objective, and the level of accomplishment that will indicate that the goal is met by the participant or director. The Guidebook states that there should be 3 to 4 objectives for the participants and the director.
(Please read Chapter 4 and write 2 or 3 pages)
The learning domain of the study is important to consider. In regards t the cognitive, or mental skills, involved with learning these concepts it seems important to consider that there are various effective means that can help to mitigate conflict that, when the use of rational inquiry is applied, can be resolved. This presents the need to use cognitive learning in the study. Furthermore, the development of technical skills, in regards to effective methods of applying the knowledge that has been obtained, should be established through the prioritization of interpersonal skills, which can be assessed in an objective, skill-based, way. Finally, the realities of effective, or emotional, skill will be essential to the goals of the study. In developing the ability for leaders to utilize empathy in order to better mitigate potential conflicts, the goals of the study can help to effectively manage the moral priorities of the church through promoting these capabilities.
Categorization, appraisal, and analysis of these issues are important action verbs to be considered in regards to the study. These ideas are important in order to understand the fundamental motivations. This presents the reality of the needs of those that are being considered as well as the effective means to develop more rational approaches towards their problems. The idea of categorization is important in developing the most efficient means of analyzing the issues at hand. Furthermore, appraisal of those issues can help to provide insight into the implications of the strategies that are being implemented. Finally, the use of analysis can help to provide further insight into how these priorities can be effectively applied in the future towards a more rational approach to these leadership duties.
I will measure the objective by analyzing the effect that the study has on the ability of church leaders to more effectively assess and develop newer goals towards the implementation of these methods. The objective is the positive assessment of interpersonal relationships among the church community and its leaders, therefore, it is important to assess the objectives of the study in relation the principles that are outlined by the objectives involved. For this purpose, the objectives contribute to the necessities of the basic considerations that are given to one another within the community. These considerations provide important examples in showing the aspects of the study that are considered to be the most important. These aspects are established in regards to the perceived importance of the rationales that are being implemented by the leaders to those that they are in charge of.
The main purpose stated in the text is to “benefit me as the project leader and those church leaders involved in the project.” For this reason, the level of accomplishment for the project can be measured by simply developing a positive relationship with those involved. Furthermore, the accomplishment of the task will be predicated on the effective development of interpersonal skills. In this sense, the development does not have to be absolute in any sense, as this would be a lofty goal to reach. Instead, the level of accomplishment can be understood in regards to the capability of the study to allow for positive development of some kind. This development can promote the underlying considerations of the Christian values that are being implemented and the risks associated with conflict that are inherent in the capacities of those invovled.
4. Develop a detailed calendar of the project activities from development of materials and enlistment of participants, through the project activities, to assessment of the project. Include dates, times, duration, locations, topics, activities, resources and materials, and participants. Be sure to include when you will administer the evaluation instruments for the participants, the director, and when you will complete the final evaluation of the project.
(Please read Chapter 5, 6,7, and 8 and writer 1 page)
Development of materials will be based on the application of particular techniques involving breathing, critical thinking, group discussions, and other positively associated methods of achieving the desired results. These practices can help to develop an appreciation for the resolution of interpersonal participation in conflicts. This is important in regards to developing skills that prioritize the necessary values.
Enlistment of participants will be based on the assessment criteria. Those that are enlisted will be challenged through the need to participate in the ongoing activities of the learning environment that is provided. These activities are essential in developing the motivation for promoting these communal values. In this sense, the enlistment will be on the basis of those that are participating in the training program. This will be the most crucial factor, although participation is itself of fundamental importance to the program. This is due to the underlying circumstances involved in the study.
Project assessment will include participation in activities such as group counseling and discussions. Throughout these activities, those in training will be monitored in order to ensure their success and effective application of learning strategies. These strategies will be promoted through the application of the mentioned techniques. Assessment will, therefore, be determined based on the ability of these individuals to meet specific criteria. The activities include the participation in learning strategies regarding the most effective means of dealing with conflict within the congregation.


A Practical Strategy for Equipping Selected Burmese Ministry Leaders For Resolving Conflict', Central Baptist Theological Seminary. 2015.

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