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Sexualisation of Girls

It is a comprehensive review of the present day culture where we are allowed to analyze the true impact of the female exploitation and the industry behind its support. The girls of present times are completely engaged with the charisma which we refer as sexualized content. Together, the engagement with multi-dimensions develops a culture of charisma and hotness that silently determines the elements as an “essential” for every girl. The seductive attitude depicted in media images and commercial content leave an impression that girls are no more than a product of sexual entertainment. The very element allows the opposite gender to consider every girl as suitable prospect of sexual entertainment. The girls are being taken by the opposite gender as a pleasurable object irrespective of their age or sobriety. Hence it develops a kind of a cycle that engages the two genders into falsified activity. Further on the very impact is intensified out of media images and social networking platforms. There is hardly a commercial which could be sighted without a slim or slender female. Such mass depiction of fitness and beauty has silently altered the benchmark of recognition for girls. The girls of present times realize themselves as the reflection of their physical appearance rather than ambition. The benchmark of models keeps them too engaged with the activity of gaining the same attributes rather than pursuing their ambitions.
Even in cartoons and dramas, seduction and beautification has become the essential traits of display. For example, in the famous movie, “The Frozen”, the younger girl is a symbol of beauty and companionship. Even though initially she is shown as immature princess, but by the end, a perfect match is reserved for her depicting that companionship and sexuality is the ultimate end of life.
Likewise, all the teenage singers, who sing for teenagers, sing the kind of lyrics which aren’t appropriate morally and ethically. Likewise in elderly programs the free exposition of females, a conscious attitude toward appearance, and general attitude and sexual apprehensions has completely altered the attitudes and behaviors of the girls of present age. They have become too conscious and considerate about their appearance and even selective for the kind of the look they want to have. At the same time the girls and the role models of the girls have become ideals and media people are gaining most of the attention of these young girls. The range of clothing of such mentors or role models is easily available in girls section or for the section meant for youngsters. Thus, as a result the complete approach of young girls has become focused over the wrong dimension.
Video making and fashion has become the only pursuit and a passion which they follow wholeheartedly. Furthermore, if a girl is physically deprived of beauty or less attractive, it becomes more of a curse than anything else for her. Such a female is regarded as an inappropriate model to fix in the culture or the hotness trend. She is taken as misfit in the society. The physical beauty demands no fatness therefore the girls become too considerate about their physical beauty and slimness. Cosmetics and dermatological products for solving skin problems, hair problems etc. hence have become successful in doing business by heavy advertising. Anorexia is the common disease of present time especially in the young girls which is basically excessive diet consciousness. This in most cases also obstructs the physical strength and necessary power they need. Self-objection and demoralization in case of less competent prospects for such socialized society is the obvious attribute. Thus, it can be regarded that attitude regarding the sexualization of girls in our society today has completely ruined the concepts of morality, ethics and ambitions. Certain factors must be considered for evolving the essentials. These could be summarized into the following considerations,

Girls should be preached to recognize themselves in the terms of strength and morals.

Boys should be trained to treat the girls as humans instead of sexual objects.
It must be explained to the youth that appearance has only limited impression. The image should actually be developed on the qualities of the person.
Steps should be taken to filter the content especially for the shows and programs which are commonly watched and liked by children.
Discussion should be carried out between the parents or elders and children to explain the rights and wrongs of the personality and gender. Discussion should be made with children to elaborate the fallacies of wrong conceptions and trends especially excessive sexualization of girls in the society.

Girls should be encouraged towards decency rather than sexuality.

Constructive activities regarding the steps above should be arranged and catered to uphold the ambitions for every individual. Encouragement in regular discussion should be catered with the genre to divert them from such activities. There is the need to envision the society with information that could aid its development. It is essential that children should be preached with the true essence of sexuality not in the way in which media poses it, but in the light of spiritual and religious manners as well as ethical and moral considerations. This would definitely allow them to make rational choices on their own.
Different civilizations and eras have different problems. No doubt, today’s technological development and globalization has greatly aided the society with refined products, services and luxuries. However there are certain impacts of these features over the norms and traditions. The most obvious and the most sensitive amongst the referred is the impact that is casted upon the youth of current age. Sexualization is an element that is destructing the spiritual and mental powers of the present day’s individuals. It is greatly apprehended by the vast exposure which media has provided to everyone irrespective of gender and age limitations. The information which is forwarded to the youth is structured with the mark that doesn’t allow them to distinguish between descent and indecent stuff. Perhaps it is the reason that the youth today is more empowered than they should be. In this century, a girl of twelve years has her own choice of dresses, preferred brands of cosmetics and even a membership in saloon for regular grooming. Contrary to that, decades ago, girls of all ages knew only about books and studies. Fashion, relationship and emotional interactions were totally absent in that phase.
Even the toys made for the baby girls of present age have the kind of images which can easily be classified under the belt of sexuality. Most of the dolls have an elaborate collection of sexual outfits with an appropriate makeover to provide contextual image of the beholder. Such kinds of dolls are very common among the girls from the age of four years and onwards. A recent study of the American psychological association depicted that regular exposure of such sexualized images and content have the potential of developing the self-image and mental development of the girls accordingly.
This attribute is regarded as directly relevant to the self-confidence, self-realization, self-esteem and ambitiousness of the girls. It allows them to pursue nothing but beauty and charisma that has no absolute definition but can possibly satisfy the beholder for sufficiency. Hence the pursuit is always at the same level and in the same direction which also causes depression, anxiety and other psychological issues. The powerful influence of the sexual images and content exposed freely before the girls cannot be underestimated. It has greatly altered attitudes, behaviors and self-image of all the girls. Social media networking has further enhanced the impact of such an awful content. The sexualized information has not just affected the young girls adversely but the opposite gender as well. Thus the influence over the two sides is aggravating the fallacies in attitude and behavior. On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc. the relationships and friendships grow out of purely those instincts which get developed from sexualization. This influence not just obstructs the self-esteem of both the genders but negatively alter the psychological human factors as well. The girls remain prompt to allure the other gender. In this pursuit they attempt to look better than others and struggle to make sure that nobody ignores them. Females are also found actively indulged in sexualized messages.
This heighted competition makes them ignore the actual and real objectives of life. Consequently there is no vision for such girls who just keep wandering in the arena of beautification and sexualization out of their immature approach. By the time they realize the true meaning and purpose of life but then they are left with no time to regain the strength. Such an approach is highly negative for the personality development of the youth engaged with sexualized content. On the other hand, such an intense competition removes the feature of friendship, sympathy, transparency and purity amongst the generation. Girls become too selfish in their endeavor to be the best amongst their co-fellows. This obstructs the humanly principles of the civilization at the same time. Unfortunately the elders are also equally responsible for the mal-apprehension. The promotion of products and marketing of material that cannot be segregated from sexual context to the error material is supported by them. They purchase the materials for their young ones or allow them to purchase. This indirectly is a silent permission for pursuing sexiness at such a tender age.
This is rather a hot topic in the media as well and we can find a number of platforms really taking such activities in to consideration. According to them, Sexualization refers to the awareness of sexual acts in between the male and the female. Sexual objectification has become an element of frequent reference in media and advertisement. Females and males are used as sexual elements to pose attraction for people in general. Studies have revealed that the objects which have tang of sexualization are noted to have more attention by the public. This sexualization is achieved with the use of clothing, postures, expressions and related activities. Gestures of physical body are further used to intensity it.
Nowadays sexualization has become a common norm in media. The impact of this phenomenon can easily be identified in the culture by doing the evaluation of females. Such a mass depiction or portrayal of the images has greatly influenced the mentality of the youth particularly females. In general sex attitude has become norm of the time. The social tolerance of the excitement and related exploration is evident from the gestures and the attitudes of the younger generation.
Studies have witnessed that the element of sexualization is casting most intense impact on younger generation and mostly in negative ways. The most influential factor in spreading the impact is media, advertisement and commercial settings. Media makes successful business out of these approaches.
A detail analysis shows that the influence of the elements of sexualization has deeply embedded into the life style and living structure of present life. At one point media and advertisement create awareness, presents new ideologies and has set up a completely wrong benchmark for the present generation. On the other hand they psychologically convince the young generation to urge for such objects which include clothing, cosmetic, body posture, way of talking and so on. At the same time the operas and televisions, music shows, lyrics of songs, images of magazines, and commentary of sports and display of online shopping sites all together create the kind of environment that forcefully establishes the significance of such elements in the young generation. Female is the focus and center of all such approaches.
The females are hence getting most of the negative impact of such falsification. The fictitious benchmarks of gratifications and objectified beauty have created unnecessary pressure over girls regarding their body structure and physical beautification. This situation drives almost all of the females in a race to gain recognition by looking glamorous enough. Most of the girls hence remain too much indulged in such an intense struggle for achieving the characteristics in order to satisfy the benchmark of sexualization.
Girls are often observed having depression or anxiety because of body dissatisfaction. At the same time, in order to achieve the Barbie body, eating disorder s for example anorexia are common norm of the time. Together all the elements have exaggerated depression in the females which has deviated their attention from the real goals and objectives of life. They don’t have the tendency to pursue concrete ambitions even if they had the potential to mark great achievements.
Social media has encouraged the girls towards such activities and approach. When people like the pictures and comment nice words, they feel pleasure and satisfaction. They would not care if the comments were genuine or just the play of words. The trend of selfies has started to grow and the smart phones have caught this feature. They introduced improved front cameras and made their business in their own way.
The gestures to match the icon of sexualized doll are very common on social media networks. The intensity of the implication can be analyzed with the fact that the parents and the elders of the young girls are seemed indifferent to such activities. They are often found praising the pictures and poses. They feel proud if the picture of their daughter or relative gets considerable likes and comments. This shows that such mentality has penetrated the minds of traditional and elderly people as well and is no more limited to the younger generation. This has eventually altered the definition of innocence, youth and childhood. This cultural dilemma has been taking worst shape than ever.
Unfortunately awareness among the adults to refrain from such negative progressions is almost absent. More and more social media sites and platforms are getting introduced with new and improved features.” Instagram” is one of them which is solely meant for the exchange of pictures. Most often these popular platforms are linked with each other which attract more people to try them.
Such a mentality and trend has corrupted the fabric of culture and civilization. Steps should be taken to restore it. They must not stay trapped in such priorities and must contribute for the development of the culture and society in general. The world needs such an approach. Females aren’t objects of pleasure. They are one of the most respected creatures who have got enormous potential of doing real wonders.


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