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Introductory Remarks

The word Information technology is made up with two different concepts, information and technology. It means to have sufficient information to have the technological aspects within the powers particularly. Currently, every organization of the world is now focusing over the establishment of strong significance in its technological prosperity and advancement. The thing which is common among an economically advance company of the world and weaker company of the world is their attitude towards the functionality of technology (About.com Tech, 2015).
There are certain shareholders that specifically associated with an organization, and customer orientation is very important aspect which usually defined for an organization accordingly. The management and orientation of the customers is the most productive and effective one through which an entity can enhance its performance with a positive mindset. Management of Data is one of the most important aspects that used to enhance the power of the consumers in a company. Theoretically the process used by an organization to manage the data of their customers and other important personnel is known as a phenomenon of Data management, and it is very important for an organization (McCooey, 2015).
Effective data management technique not only equips an organization to expand their operations with ease, but it also makes certain positive as far as increasing the level of satisfaction among the customer is concerned. There are certain methods and software are available through which an organization can record and retrieve the data of their customers, and among them the name of Excel Spreadsheet and Database management system (DMS) is one of them. The main functionality of both of these methods is to record the data of the customers of a company, however the utilization of the same usually subject to the operational capability of an organization. The core theme of this paper is to recommend a company’s management in recording the data of its customers. The choice should have been based upon Spreadsheet or a DMS. There are three different parts that needed to be complete in this particular assignment.

Analysis & Findings

According to the case, there are only two alternatives which have been given to the management of the retail company to use for the management of their customers data which are Excel Spreadsheet and Database management (McCooey, 2015).
Spreadsheet which usually known as an Excel Spreadsheet is basically a type of document that contains rows and columns. It is used specifically to manage the data, figures and numbers in an appropriate form. The thing that makes this particular medium eminent than any other medium is the management of data (Nrimp.dfw.state.or.us, 2015). Complex and sophisticated calculations can be done easily on the basis of excel spreadsheet. Data analysis and Data Control tools are some of the major tools that can be found in an excel sheet to strategize the data accordingly and make it in the favor of the company. Large amount of information can be managed and record in a single excel document by opening different threads of sheets in it.
On the contrary to Excel Spreadsheet, there is yet another important tool that associated with the management and transformation of data, known as Database Management System (DMS). A DMS is sophisticated process developing management system that used by the manufacturing organizations to complete their processes (Sites.google.com, 2015). DMS is a powerful data management medium, but it is very complex and not every person can use it easily. Every single data found in the DMS interconnects with the other thing to make it as a complete process.
The selection of management of data through either medium depends entirely upon its business behavior and intensity (Sites.google.com, 2015). After a critical observation of the scenario, it is found that the defined company is a retailer of the used cars, and they typically in need to manage three different types of information which are as follows

Customer information

Suppliers’ information
Sold Cars information
Excel Spreadsheet can manage this information comparatively better than that of a sophisticated DMS System because it can align the duties and effectiveness of each individual easily. The management official can make three different sheets in an Excel Document and each of the sheets can have the information related customers, suppliers and the information related to the sold cars. On the other hand, DMS can also manage this information, but the way of doing the same will be somewhat tricky and complex. Therefore, Excel document is preferable over the DMS.


According to the scenario description of the assignment, it is required to select a single medium or tool that can add a difference for the company as far as managing the data of its customers. Both of the mediums are essential and powerful, however recommendation should be given according to the need and type of the company. Spreadsheet and Database are the two mediums which have been selected for the same alignment (Small Business - Chron.com, 2015).
After reading the entire case and the type of the organization found in the case, it is found that the company is a retailer of cars and deals in old cars, therefore an option which is comparatively lesser complex should be implemented. It is recommended to the company to use the Spreadsheet function for the management of their data as it will be more convenient for the company as compared to DMS. Recording the data of customers, suppliers and the information related to the sold cars is not a complex thing, and there is no rocket science associated with it, therefore excel spreadsheet should be used over the Database management system (Small Business - Chron.com, 2015).
The recommendation has been proposed on the basis of the type of business of the company, as the company has a retailed based business, and doesn’t account for any manufacturing deal and there is no process based implementation is required in it. With the help of managing the data by this retail company, they are also able to modify any data that may be ineffective for them in the future. On the other hand, DMS can have the effectiveness to record and report the data like the same, but it will not give a detailed scenario for utilizing it. Apart from that, managing the data through the excel spreadsheet doesn’t cost much to the company, while the associated cost with the second scenario is comparatively very high, and the company should have a thorough knowledge and information relating to this particular scenario. In short, it can be said that the appetite of the company in terms of recording customer information, suppliers’ information and sold car information can be fulfilled with the help of Excel Spreadsheet and the company should use it.


Outlining the Design
After the consideration of the proposed system, it is likely to outline the design of the system accordingly that can be used by the organization to record their data accordingly. In the aforementioned two parts, it is found that management of data through the Excel Spreadsheet should be selected by the company, and the data will be divided into three different concessions. The outline of the design is as follows


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