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Research Question: How does the satisfaction of the consumer influence their loyalty towards their team?

The Survey Question
Question: Please state which team, from which sport, you support.
Participant: the Lakers from Basketball
Q: Into what age bracket do you fall?
P: I am aged between 20-29
Q: What is your gender?
P: I am male
The Attendance of Fan to Matches
Q: How often do you watch Lakers through any means possible i.e. live, TV, stream, highlights etc?

P: Most games

Q: Do you have a season ticket/card?
P: No
Q: IF NO, what reasons prevent you from purchasing one? (Please state)
P: Due to tight schedules, I do miss some of the games. I consequently do not have the reason to purchase a ticket that goes long season. I watch some of the matches in the house and this make me feel the reluctance to get to the pitches everywhere the team travels to.

Q: How often do you attend home matches?

P: Most games. I regularly attend the home matches based on the close proximity of the home pitch to my residence. Out of all the matches played at home, be they friendly or league matches, I attend 95%.

Q: How often do you attend away matches?

P: Some (50/50)
Q: Who do you attend matches with?
P: My fiancé

Q: What is the main contributor for your own attendance at games?

P: Team success and support cost.
Q: Would anything prevent you from attending matches?
P: yes of course. I give my job and family the best time and my team comes third. This implies that anytime my family request we go out when there are matches involving my team, I do abscond going to the pitch. Secondly, emergences are unexpectations that affect our lives as humans. Have always missed going to matches due to emergencies.
Q: Could Lakers do anything extra to maintain or increase your attendance to matches or other club events i.e. player awards dinner or academy fixtures?

P: Yes

Q: If yes, what could they do?
P: improving security in matches more so when playing in derby or rowdy opponent fans
Q: On a scale of 1 and 10, 10 being the highest, how satisfied do you feel, personally, with your clubs attendances both home and away?
P: High, my satisfaction level lies at 8 which indicates the frequencies in which fans attend matches. In very rare occasions do funs attend less than 80% of those who attend the home games

Performance of Lakers

Q: How well do you think Lakers are performing this season?
P: Lakers perform exceeding the expectations.
Q: Has Lakers’ performance affected your attendance and if yes has it positively or negatively?
P: yes, the performance of the team has positively affected my attendance to the game. Having proved to be champions even in the most difficult games both in the previous seasons and this season, Lakers have made me a proud fan and always want to be associated with the team as frequent as possible. Positive performances give me the motivation to attend matches as much as I can.
Q: If Lakers achieved a promotion or a trophy, win or exceeded expectations in their table finish, would it affect your attendance the following season?

P: Yes

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how satisfied are you with how Lakers treats you on a match day? (note, if answer to Q7 and Q8 earlier in survey was “none”, move on to section 3: Pricing beginning Q21)

P: High

On scale 7.5, I believe the team and its management is doing well in making the fans happy. I am satisfied with the ways in which the team handles fans; security provision, surety of tickets, offering transport alternatives when travelling through rail proves undependable to the fans.
Q: What areas do you think the club does well in on a match day? (Please pick one if more than one apply)

P: Fan segregation

The team also does it perfect in involving the fans in team activities.
Q: If Lakers treated you badly and left you feeling unsatisfied with the overall service, would you have second thoughts about attending again?

P: yes

Pricing of Club Services
Q: Do you think Lakers current home ticket pricing is fair and ‘value for money’?
P: yes, the team considers the fans’ economic abilities as well as the contribution to its success in the market.
Q: How much do you spend on average supporting Lakers monthly? (merchandise, match day, tickets etc)
P: £50-£99
Q: How important is ‘value for money’ to you as a supporter?
P: Not Particularly
Q: Which factor is most important to you so you feel you have received value for money? (note- if answer to Q25 was “not at all”, discard question and move on to section 4: involvement/contribution.)
P: Success on the pitch leaves me devalue the money I spend on match days. If the club puts the best performances on most games, then I do not see a reason to complain over the money I spend. The experiences I get during match days give me the passion to always support the team.
Q: If Lakers did not meet your expectations in regards to (name factor(s)) named in Q26, would it affect your loyalty and expenditure in the future?

P: yes

Involvement and Contribution to the Team
Q: Are you part of any supporters club and if so, how long for?
P: yes. I have been in the supporting club for the team for a period of two years.

Q: Are you a member of Lakers and if so, how long for?

P: yes. I have been a member for the last three years.

Q: Do you follow your club through any social media platforms or contribute to online club forums?

P: yes
Q: Are you satisfied with what Lakers does to get you involved and to feel a greater part of the club?

P: yes

Q: How well do you think Lakers communicate with its fans on the whole?
P: Very Well, the communication is professional and effective through the right channels.
Q: More so, how well do you feel they communicate with yourself?
P: Extremely Well, I feel I am an esteemed fan in the game.
Q: If this became worse, could it potentially impact your loyalty?
P: yes


Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how satisfied are you with the following:
Team success, highest being that the team has been on the highest ranks in basketball league in the US.
Clubs general pricing policy, high based on consideration of the fans’ economic capabilities and the financial position and requirements of the club.
Clubs contribution to its community, high, the club focuses mostly in improving the welfare of its community for it is from them that new players arise.
Clubs ambition and future goals, highest, the club visions to have the best NBA team in US with ability to win the best trophies in the basketball world


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