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Published: 2020/12/25

In the end of the twentieth century American society saw the big business boom followed by corruption, disease and racial prejudice. With the rise of new century, Americans decided to introduce changes in the society, thus, they started demanding changes in these spheres, but basically they demanded social equality in business and reforms in government.
As a result of creation of different organizations within the Progressive movement and organization of public strikes, the progressives achieved reforms both in business and government. Social inequality and racial discrimination were eliminated, government enacted laws protecting labor conditions, besides, the lowest possible wage for an hour was constitutional; woman suffrage was introduced and the order of elections on the state and governmental levels was changed, at least, allowing electors to vote privately and put issues on a ballot for a vote; people gained rights to participate in direct elections of their state senators. Generally, seventeen amendments to the US Constitution have been made as a result of the Progressive movement.
The positive consequences of the Progressive Era may be observed nowadays in labor industry as there is no longer racial discrimination in America, when employers hire employees; due to the results of reforms employees have the possibility to work in decent conditions and be paid according to the level of the work done; social inequality no more exists thanks to the progressive activists; women have the right to vote in elections as well as have equal rights with men when, for example, looking for a job. Also, rich and poor people are not divided into two groups anymore but are considered with equal demands to them and can count for equal prospects. Another favorable improvement which stems from the Progressive Era is compulsory education for all children. The progressives believed that the modernized society needed to be, first of all, well-educated in order to continue building democratic and progressive community. Thanks to Progressive reforms, Americans can enjoy respect, equality and prospects and on these grounds create new unlimited opportunities (Hillstrom, 2009).


Hillstrom, K. (2009). The Progressive Era. Detroit [Mich.: Lucent Books.

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